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This month we’ll explore our versatile catalog of love songs and the many ways you can integrate them into your film projects
Love comes in many forms, and these tracks have been hand-picked to express the full spectrum of the emotion
From RnB to soul to folk to pop – no genre’s off-limits when it comes to love
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This month we’ll explore the ways in which the multi-faceted emotion of love can be conveyed in your film or project. Love stories have been at the forefront of popular culture since the Stone Age. From Romeo and Juliet to Sons and Lovers to CluelessTwilight and Marriage Story – humanity will never tire of watching love stories unfold. And artists won’t ever tire of writing songs about it either. So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s take a closer look at some of our top-performing love songs and explore the many ways in which they can enhance your narrative.

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Song: Love of Mine by The Hunts

“Love of Mine” is an epic folk song that approaches the subject of love with hope and euphoria. The indie-folk band creates texture and excitement through a versatile array of instruments including mandolin, ukulele, guitar, percussion and layered vocals. The track can be used within a film to convey new or young love alongside a sense of innocence and discovery.

In this Skoda commercial, a young, bright-eyed couple from the 50s drive their Skoda to a beautiful picnic spot with their young son. Then the film cuts to current times, and that son is now a father and gives his own son his very first Skoda. The track helps enhance the message of joy, hope, tradition and family bond.


Song: Flight of the Inner Bird by Sivan Talmor and Yehezkel Raz

This cinematic track is the perfect way to convey a growing sense of connection. With soaring, ethereal vocals and tinkering piano, the track is a real heart-opener. It’s an ideal accompaniment to a video that hopes to depict a budding romance, a new friendship or a fresh start.


NUPEC, an organization dedicated to promoting animal health, beauty, life, and productivity to nourish people’s lives, used this track in an advert for pet adoption. The joyful, optimistic track enhanced the message of companionship and connection and created a sense of positivity throughout the advert.


Song: This Blue Moon by Ian Post feat. Kama Vardi

This twist on a classic love song is designed to soundtrack a video that displays a sense of playfulness, hope and romantic love. The track’s full of uplifting instrumentals such as bells, strings, brass and woodwind, and Kama Vardi’s youthful vocals add a sense of hope and naivety.

The track was used in this Mitsubishi advert to show a young couple falling in love with their car as they speed along the streets of Thailand. The scene is saturated with romance, ease and joy, exploring the sense of optimism one feels when experiencing something new.


Song: I Promise by Ian Post

Is there anything more exciting and universal than the feeling of falling in love for the first time? This track by Ian Post acts as an embodiment of that happy, carefree feeling of meeting that special someone and falling in love without fear. This track should be on the radar of any creator looking to share a story of optimism, hope, joy and innocence.

The song was used in the above video by youth magazine Seventeen and shows brave teens having their first kiss on camera. The concept is to help other youngsters feel less anxious about the experience, and the uplifting track makes the entire video feel playful, fun and carefree.


Song: Fly With Me by Anthony Lazaro

This song is brimming with a sense of hope and joy, so it will be a wonderful addition to any video hoping to share a narrative of optimism and reconnection. Use it to soundtrack a scene of a young couple reunited after a long time, or the moment someone who was lost is found again.

Korea Now used the track in a video about a South Korean family who found their child after 44 years of searching. The slow-building, high-energy piano adds a sense of hope, relief and optimism to an already emotion-filled story. Read all about Anthony Lazaro’s emotive music on the Artlist blog.

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Song: Hope I Feel Better by Teo Laza

No love-inspired tracklist would be complete without a song about heartbreak. “Hope I Feel Better” is a melancholic pop-rap masterpiece about the thin line between love and hate. Love is never straightforward, and this track doesn’t shy away from the pain and anguish that comes along with it.

This track was used by Jan Retz for a video that won Artgrid’s edit challenge in 2021. The video depicts a story within a story, showing a photographer editing photos and reminiscing about a love triangle from 10 years earlier. It’s a heartbreaking narrative and perfectly in tune with the emotiveness of the song.


Song: Love You by Duce Williams

This sensual, passionate track by Duce Williams combines percussion, synth and sultry vocals to create a fiery love song perfect for scenes that bring the heat. Of course, RnB and soul are the genres of choice for depicting passion in a scene – so read this feature about Duce Williams to find out what inspires him.

The LGBT web series The Zero Contact used Williams’ track in a scene that shows 2 characters finally getting together after a tense storyline. Duce’s song only enhances the fire within the scene, adding extra energy and atmosphere to the passion display.

Wrap up

You can find music even faster with our ‘exclude’ feature by filtering out unwanted moods to get the perfect track to match your film. Read this article to learn more.

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