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There have been plenty of improvements and changes at Artlist recently. The most significant was the addition of the much-anticipated sound effects library, which offers a varied and exclusive catalog of high-quality royalty-free sounds that have the same universal license of our royalty-free music and footage.

Another wave of updates is upon us, and while not as significant as the last one, it does give more flexibility and increases efficiency for users looking for music for their video projects.


When you know what characteristics you want the music for your video to have, you add filters that narrow down your search until you find the right song.

But what do you do when you know what characteristics you don’t want in your music?

You use the ‘Exclude‘ feature.

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Let’s say you’re looking for a song that features an Electric Guitar. You click on the Instrument category and then on the Electric Guitar filter. After listening to a few songs, you realize that you don’t want your music to have a Piano, or you don’t want it to be sad, or maybe both.

You don’t need to manually skip all the sad songs or those that feature a Piano; you can now exclude them from your search by clicking on the minus icon next to the Piano filter and next to the Sad filter.

The ‘Exclude’ feature is another tool that will save users time in their search for the right song for your video and will help you find music that better matches what you’re looking for.

New Moods

Aiming to better match the variety of moods of songs and videos out there, four new Mood filters were added to the platform.


If your video requires music that’s larger than life, click the Epic filter. You will find plenty of Cinematic and Orchestral compositions with Powerful String sections like Kadir Demir’s latest offering – Queen’s Table.


If you’re looking to increase the sensuality levels of your video, try the Sexy filter. Expect to find funky and Latin jams as well as RnB grooves, like the latest album by Neo-Soul/Electro/Hip Hop standout ZIV’ Smoke to, Make Love to, Fall into‘.


Want to raise the intensity levels of your video and get your viewers busting out moves? Look for an exciting song. You will find anything from Rock to Pop to Electronic bangers like Yanivi’s dancefloor genre mash ‘Turn It Up (Rewind Selecta).’


Make the comedic moments in your video even more hilarious with a Funny soundtrack. A prime example is Ian Post’s ‘Detective Club,’ an EP with tunes inspired by circus music and kids animated films.

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