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Tales from the Forest album cover

Tales from the Forest

Mysterious Fantasy Themes

The Hollow Crown album cover

The Hollow Crown

Evocative Cinematic Journey

Irish Cream album cover

Irish Cream

Celtic Folk Rock

Echoes from the Deep album cover

Echoes from the Deep


Mysterious Dramatic Themes

Closer, Away and Beyond album cover

Closer, Away and Beyond

Captivating Fantasy Themes

Magnetism album cover


Polarized Electronic Flux

The Robbery album cover

The Robbery

Lawless Rock

Goldberg Variations, BWV 988 album cover

Goldberg Variations, BWV 988

Baroque Piano Solos

Come Back Alive album cover

Come Back Alive

Suspenseful Cinematic Scores

Promises album cover


Story Driven Indie-Pop

Entangled album cover


Hopeful Cinematic Soundscapes

Close Your Eyes And... album cover

Close Your Eyes And...

Limitless Cinematic Awakening

New Land album cover

New Land

Cinematic Exploration & Discovery

Moments in Time album cover

Moments in Time

Cinematic Symphonic Magic

Animal Kingdom album cover

Animal Kingdom

Expansive & Beautiful Scores

Autumn Spirits album cover

Autumn Spirits

Vibrant Celestial Dreamscapes

The Highlands album cover

The Highlands

Cinematic Musical Travels

Summer Camp album cover

Summer Camp

Refreshing Cinematic Spirit

Dreaming album cover


Orchestral, Electronic Fusion

Bedtime Stories album cover

Bedtime Stories

Classical Cinematic Themes

Diggin' Classics album cover

Diggin' Classics

Romantic Era Classics

Winter Solstice album cover

Winter Solstice

Stirring Celestial Cinematics

Yūhi (Evening Sun) album cover

Yūhi (Evening Sun)

Cinematic Japanese Themes

This Blue Moon album cover

This Blue Moon

Magical Pop Vibes

Made in Europe album cover

Made in Europe

Dramatic Film Scores

Detective Club album cover

Detective Club

Playful Cinematic Orchestra

Eternity album cover


Breathtaking Orchestral Cinematics

Made in Hollywood album cover

Made in Hollywood

Dramatic Film Scores

Helvv Kryd album cover

Helvv Kryd

Cinematic Battle Soundscapes

Electric Storm album cover

Electric Storm

Majestic Symphonic Soundscapes

Night Riders album cover

Night Riders

Thrilling 80’s Throwback

A Life in a Day album cover

A Life in a Day

Expansive Cinematic Acoustica

Home Tales album cover

Home Tales

Intimate & Familiar Memories

Odyssey album cover


Synthetic Cinematic Voyage

Made in Berlin album cover

Made in Berlin

Dramatic Film Scores

Wildlife album cover


Captivating Cinematic Experience

On the Eve of Tradition album cover

On the Eve of Tradition

Avant-Garde Christmas Classics

The Twelve Days Of Christmas album cover

The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Swinging Holiday Tune

National Anthems album cover

National Anthems

Classical National Anthems

Concerto for Pumpkin and Celeste album cover

Concerto for Pumpkin and Celeste

Classical Halloween Concerto

8 Bit Tunes album cover

8 Bit Tunes

Classic Arcade Adventure

Drum Corps album cover

Drum Corps

Military Drum Beats

Orchestrap album cover


Exotic Hip Hop Blend

DuDa - Florian Remix album cover

DuDa - Florian Remix

Electronic Reggae Fusion

Mad Crows - Captain Qubz Remix album cover

Mad Crows - Captain Qubz Remix

Eerie Electronic Hip Hop

The One Eyed Captain - Captain Qubz Remix album cover

The One Eyed Captain - Captain Qubz Remix

Powerful Scary Hip Hop

Earth & Heavens album cover

Earth & Heavens

Hopeful Cinematic Themes

Stars album cover


Soulful Indie Vocals

Hourglass album cover


Inspiring Cinematic Composition

Home Journey album cover

Home Journey


Epic Cinematic Vocals


Ian Post has established himself as a highly sought-after composer in video and film scoring. An alumnus of the Berklee College of Music, his professional career has taken him throughout the world to collaborate with artists on an extensive range of projects. He recently left his London-based studio in order to partner with Artlist with a focus on film soundtracks and exclusive production projects.

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