The Best Royalty-Free Music for Your Real Estate Videos

music for real estate videos


Music is becoming a necessary element to add to any real estate video.
Royalty-free commercial music is a terrific resource for finding a broad range of artists without the risk of a copyright strike.
The Artlist Real Estate Collection is a fantastic way to find inspiring, fun, and pitch-perfect tracks for your next real estate video.
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Video content is now considered an industry standard throughout the real estate industry. Gone are the days of paper brochures at your realtor’s office. If you’re a content creator in today’s market, shooting real estate videos is a great way to diversify your portfolio and make steady revenue.

Real estate videos are a great way for buyers to check out the next hot property, but a great video is more than the cinematography and set design. Music for commercial use plays an integral part in establishing mood, highlighting characteristics of a given property and creating content that attracts eyeballs. Knowing how to add music to your videos is crucial to getting your content to stand out. Getting the right music can be a challenge, though. Not knowing if a song is copyrighted can land you a copyright strike with publishing companies.

But legal issues are only part of the problem. Finding the right background music for your real estate video can be time-consuming with all the variety of music available at royalty-free music sites. Thankfully, at Artlist, you can find themed music collections that can help you significantly shorten the time it takes to find the perfect song for your video. You will find, for example, music for commercials, cinematic scores, royalty-free music for YouTubers and also a special collection of music for real estate videos. In this post, we’ll cover some of the songs you can find in our Real Estate Collection. This should show you a wide sample of music Artlist offers that can be paired with any type of property you have the opportunity to shoot.

Roasted by Lalinea

This short, bass-driven track mixes an assembly of sounds that make it perfect for showing off a home environment. Hearing the title right away with the campfire crackle evokes warmth and could serve well in a craftsman design home. The patter of rain, supersonic keyboards and regular bass will have the viewer’s head nodding and establish a connection with whatever residence you’re showing.

License Roasted by Lalinea now

The Observer Evgeny Bardyuzha

This drum-centered track is reminiscent of late 90s RnB mixed with Odesza. You feel like you’re in a super hip lounge or watching an episode of MTV Cribs. Play this song over a video showing off industrial or ultra-modern homes. It could also play well in new construction if your video is meant to show a multi-unit co-op.

License The Observer by Evgeny Bardyuzha now 

Sky Between by Ben Fox

This song fits the name, its energy increasing as it continues. The harmonics with the electronics and keyboard build assuredly and maintain a sleek feel throughout. This kind of song hits fast and would pair well with faster cuts, nighttime shots and drone shots zooming into properties. 

License Sky Between now

Vuelta al Sol by Tomas Novoa

Vuelta al Sol is one of those beats you can easily get lost listening to with its ethereal synth and house beat. The bridge is punctuated with a light xylophone sound that gives it texture and pop. What’s nice about this song is that it has versatility for different types of homes and is long enough to be cut at various moments. It captures the listener’s imagination without letting them wander into outer space.

License Vuelta al Sol now

Wandering by Sunny Fruit

Show off all your brightly lit homes with this track! If you’re shooting a house to rent for party spaces, a mansion on some high-end ocean bluffs or a fun place with swagger, Wandering is the track to use. What makes it unique is its undeniable pop and flare, like background music for a celebration. The synth lines are playful and exuberant with a side of chill.

License Wandering now

Thinking of You by Stefano Mastronardi

This smooth and subtle track is elegant enough to blend into the background. When it does, whatever is on the screen feels like it’s given a glossy finish. The rhythmic piano keys are teased out by a set of strings that adds class to whatever presentation you have. For this song to have its full effect, your video should focus on the house without any fast cuts. The confidence Thinking of You adds to your video shouldn’t be undermined with quick, hasty camera work.

License Thinking of You now

With Some Malice by Francesco D’Andrea

If you’re shooting an English Tudor, winter cottage or old mansion, this song is for you. Classic violins, melancholic notes and elegant staccatos make you feel like you’re in a house that has a story to tell. Save this for the top-shelf locations since the nobility conveyed would only be undermined or subverted with any other type of home. It’s a real piece unto itself, but no doubt a treasure with any regal or luxury properties you may shoot.

Download With Some Malice now

The Ballad of Orpheus by Clara Kamil

This ghostly piano track surprises you. It takes a lot of turns, giving it versatility for different locations. It could play equally well in high-end locations or for first-time sellers in the suburbs. Its playful bridge is where it has the most range, but the chorus blooms into a crescendo of whining strings. The song adds an element of intimacy that close photography would better pair with, so it might be best not to rely too much on aerial footage.

License The Ballad of Orpheus now

All for Me by 92elm

This atmospheric, fun song will be best friends with a moving camera and regularly paced cuts. The jumps in the track to successive layers of percussion and beats would be a terrific segway to the different rooms being covered in your video. The background vocals almost feel like they were meant for close-up shots as the video highlights the focal points of the home: the backyard pool, the walk-in closet and the main bathroom. Give the song a listen, and you can imagine the video for yourself.

License All for Me now

Hot Chocolate by Aves

Finally, something low-key enough to play in almost any home. What’s great about Hot Chocolate is that it’s smooth enough to blend in many canvases and poppy enough to keep the viewer engaged. Low-income, two-bedroom or mid-range homes need apply, and that’s not a dig. This song gives any seller the verve to market their home with dignity and excitement. No matter the size of the job, this track is a worthwhile option to use.

License Hot Chocolate now

The best royalty-free music for real estate videos

The Artlist Real Estate Collection is a terrific resource for all your mansion-covering needs. The range of artists and options spans your mid-range suburban homes to millionaire mansions. Through our catalog, you can download select music for your video. By pairing the right music to your video’s style, you can elevate your product and make the seller happy with the interest your content creates. So until next time, stay creative!

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