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Film scores have always been a major contributing factor to the success and longevity of movies
Artlist’s collections are designed to make it quick and easy to capture the mood of the world’s most inspiring films
From Quentin Tarantino to Wes Anderson, our catalog of music covers the full range of styles and moods to take your video to the next level
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A film needs to nail many important production aspects – script, pace, humor, cinematography. But there’s no doubt musical scores are a crucial contributing factor to the success of any film. This is why we at Artlist have curated collections based on some of the world’s most legendary and unforgettable productions. So let’s take a closer look at the movies and music that continue to impact artists, filmmakers and producers all over the world.


Kenneth Branagh’s semi-autobiographical film follows a working class family as they navigate the tumult of the late 1960’s in Northern Ireland. The film was heralded an instant classic and won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.

The soundtrack’s choc-full of Van Morrison, and for good reason: Van Morrison was born in Belfast. So his music makes the perfect accompaniment to the turmoil, anguish and confusion the young protagonist experiences throughout the film. And Van Morrison even penned an original song, Down To Joy, to open the film.

In our Belfast-inspired playlist, the uplifting and reflective Paint Beyond the Grey by Jamie Bathgate replicates the optimism within the film, while Waiting On the Sun by Kyle Cox is a crooning blues ballad that explores themes of hope, loss and nostalgia.

belfast cinematic music collection

Read our review of Belfast on the Artlist blog.


No character or film series captured the world’s hearts and imagination like 007. But perhaps just as reputable as the ever-rotating agent is the artist chosen to sing the opening track.

Paul and Linda McCartney, Bono, Adele – each Bond theme song tends to act as a zeitgeist. But did you know 007’s film score is also written by a versatile range of composers? Hans Zimmer, David Arnold and John Barry have all soundtracked this adrenaline-fuelled film series.

bond royalty free cinematic music collection

Head over to our 007 inspired collection and check out Never Die by Noa Lembersky – a subtle yet dramatic track to set the scene for a sensual and high-stakes film. Or, if you want to build tension and drama, Kill Or Be Killed Showdown by Lance Conrad is a fantastic choice.


Danny Elfman’s original scores for Spiderman continue to be cinema’s most celebrated and act as a masterclass in building tension and narrative.

spiderman royalty free cinematic music collection

Many tracks in our catalog were inspired by the marvel comics series, such as Ian Post’s “Into The Storm” – a gripping and tense production perfectly suited to the climax of a film or an apocalyptic scene. For a softer effect, Lux-Inspira’s Fragments is a compelling production best played alongside epic cinematography.


Our collection of Dune-inspired tracks is one of our most visited, a testament to the impact and influence this film had on the world of cinema. Dune’s orchestral score by Hans Zimmer harnessed distorted electronica to reflect technological advancements, encapsulating the film’s themes in one epic aural crescendo.

dune inspired music collection

Fury by Ardie Son uses a combination of strings, keys and orchestral elements to create a serious, dramatic and tumultuous production to enhance a sense of tension in a scene. Fallen by Shahead Mostafafar conjures images of a dark and epic vortex, with the artist using a choir and reverberating percussion to create a sense of impending doom and hypnotizing angst.

The Matrix

The Matrix continues to be one of the most dissected and talked about films in cinema history, and its original score by Don Davis was a game-changer in sci-fi composition. The score harnessed the power of contemporary classical music and rock to enhance its dystopic action sequences and blur the lines between reality and fantasy.

matrix cinematic score

In our Matrix-inspired track collectionRock It by Skygaze perfectly encapsulates the distorted, future-thinking sound that defined the Matrix. On the other end of the spectrum, Charlie Ryan’s Oscillating Form is a minimal, technological track that works well with computerized scenes or storylines that aim to showcase the never-ending battle between man and machine.

Space Jam

Decades from its release, Space Jam continues to delight children and adults with its blend of live-action and animation. Space Jam’s soundtrack was almost as legendary as the film itself, with Seal’s Fly Like An Eagle or Technotronic’s Pump Up the Jam capturing the energy and vibe of the mid-90s and catapulting R&B and hip hop into the stratosphere.

space jam cinematic score

In our Space Jam-inspired playlistVic Sage recreates the bouncing bass and hyper-cool energy of the film with “Big Leagues,” while Dyna Edyne captures the fun and optimism of the film in her smooth RnB track F.L.Y.

Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is every indie film lover’s favorite, and his folky and fun musical selections have come to define the sound of his particular corner of cinema. Devo’s frontman Mark Mothersbaugh and French composer Mark Alexandre Desplat usually write the scores. The exception is The Darjeeling Limited, where Anderson worked with Indian director and composer Satyajit Ray to honor the country in which the movie was set.

wes anderson cinematic music collection

Wes Anderson’s scores are as versatile as his subject matters. However, a common indie-folk thread tends to run throughout. Candy Shoppe by The Bottlesnakes, with its plucky, carefree pianos and quirky guitars, makes the perfect Wes Anderson-inspired track. And Trying Not To Be Sarcastic by Ziv Grinberg is a comedic production and a great way to frame a funny character or charming relationship. Check out the entire collection here.

Fast & Furious

Illegal street racing, heists, spies, romance, family – is there any theme this action-packed film series doesn’t cover? And the movie’s score is just as diverse, which has been inspiring filmmakers ever since its first release in 2001. Metal, punk, rock, rap – it has it all, and so does our musical catalog.

fast furious music collection

Our Fast & Furious collection includes tracks like 2020 by iamdaylight – a fast and grimy track designed to accompany high-octane scenes focusing on youth culture. If you’re looking for an extra dose of energy, look no further than Anton Vlasov’s Overdrive. This exhilarating, sensual, dramatic and moody track will take your scene to the next level.

Quentin Tarantino

The music in Tarantino’s films is instantly recognizable, and the vintage, soft-rock sounds tend to go hand-in-hand with some of the most gruesomely violent scenes in cinema history.

tarantino music collection

Our Revenge collection is inspired by the films of Tarantino, with Coming In Out by Befun bringing uplifting funk vibes alongside sensual grooves to create a track that perfectly encapsulates Tarantino’s style. 7th Heaven by Larry and the Lamplighters adds that old-school flare the director’s so well-known for. Add this track to a classic, all-American scene to sprinkle some of Tarantino’s magic into your film. And for more Tarantino-inspired music, click here.

Horror and Blockbuster collections

horror cinematic score

Our musical collections cover all sorts of topics and genres to make it quick and easy for filmmakers to find the perfect track.

If you need scary music, our horror collection features epic cinematic tracks from our vast catalog of composers, including End of the Line by C.K. Martin. This slow-building production conjures up all the eeriness and mystery of cinema’s most revered horror films.

blockbuster music collection

Our Blockbuster music collection covers the full range of cinema, from rom-com to sci-fi to fantasy to drama. Check out 1989 by Dr. Paranoid for a dose of tension and mystery or Warrior’s Tribe by Rotem Moav for dark, tense and epic soundscapes. And for more cinematic tracks that build tension, check out our Movie Trailer collection.

Wrap up

Hope these collections will help you find inspiration for choosing background music for your video. There are plenty of other music collections of high-quality royalty-free music in our Spotlight section, so check it out. And as always, stay creative!

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