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Royalty-free music for Commercials


To choose the right song for your commercial, you need to make sure it aligns with your brand, speaks to your audience, fits the type of ad you’re making and is catchy
Artlist’s music for commercials includes tons of pop, electro, hip hop, funk and blues-rock songs that are sure hits for commercial and royalty-free use
Choose from international artists whose work appears everywhere, from Warped Tour performances to film scores
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It’s well known that music can have a powerful effect in commercials. The right song can catapult your ad into virality, and the wrong song can sink it into oblivion. All commercials use music these days, and knowing how to choose the fitting soundtrack is crucial.

How to choose the right music for your commercial

When choosing music for the ad you are producing, there are a few key aspects to consider:

  •  It aligns with your brand: Are you making an ad for high-class jewelry? Hip hop might not be the right choice. Is it a sports brand? A soft ballad might not be suitable for you.
  • It speaks to the audience you want to attract. If you’re going to attract a young audience, you need to choose one of the trending genres. If you’re talking to an older generation, going with trap music might alienate them.
  • Should it be in the foreground or the background? Some commercials are driven by the music, so they need to sweep your viewers. If it features a lot of talking, you need to choose a score that will carry your visuals without creating a distraction from the message.
  • Make it catchy: Whether it’s in the front or the back, you want your viewers to instantly connect with your music (and hopefully hum it long after watching it).

Music for Commercials

Need a song that will blow up your brand? Since using popular hits are out of reach for most creators and even some brands, royalty-free music would probably be your best choice.

Artlist has The curated collection you need of tacks that are perfect for commercials. Our top commercial tracks playlist includes tons of pop, electro, hip hop, funk and blues-rock songs that are sure hits for advertisements.

If you are in corporate video production, take the time to sample from this commercial collection and be sure to search by the terms that best describe the vibe you’re going for.

music for commercials collection

Top Commercial Tracks on Artlist

Star Night By Wonderland

The poppy melody of this uplifting song makes it kind of ubiquitous for use in nearly any type of commercial. The bright electric guitars, upbeat rhythm, and percussion lend to a feeling of hope. Wonderland is an indie-pop trio from Nashville, TN whose collection spans electro-pop to inspirational acoustic folk. The group fuses loops, synths, strings, and even banjos to create epic music for commercials.

Uptown Getdown By MILANO

Milano’s Uptown Getdown will work for any commercial production that has a playful theme. Groovy synths and just a touch of background vocals lend a sexy feel to this snappy song. Artist Milano has a very extensive catalog on Artlist with a mission to “make people feel uplifted through music.” He’s got a wide selection of upbeat tracks—something for every mood.

Sugarsweet By Zach Sorgen

“Sugarsweet” is a quintessential pop hit one might expect to hear on the radio. The disco groove is overlaid with falsetto vocals reminiscent of The Bee Gees. You can take this one to the skating rink! It’s the kind of impossibly catchy track that you’ll be singing in the shower, but that can be infinitely looped as music for an advertisement.

Breath of Light by AlexGrohl

This blues-rock banger packs a punch. With its bombastic synths, pulsating drums, and gritty electric guitar, “Breath of Light” is a powerful anthem. This track would be perfect for a sports-themed video. Bring on the victory; bring on the celebration! Musician Alex Grohl is known for drawing from rock, hip hop and future bass in his royalty-free music for ads.

Papi Beat By Kicktracks

Vinyl hip hop grooves, atmospheric electronic sounds, acoustic instruments and field recordings come together to create this upbeat, glitchy electro track. It harkens back to Fatboy Slim with its layered vocals and dubstep percussion.

music for commercials collection

Best of Luck (No Lead Vocals) By Katrina Stone

“Best of Luck” is a blast of pop power. And it’s no wonder for artist Katrina Stone who performed at Warped Tour and is widely featured in commercial ads around the world. Her song has big, bright “oohs” and “aahs” and a loud-soft dynamic shift that works well for action that builds to a climax. It’s an exciting track with a hint of seriousness featuring electric guitar and percussive claps and snaps.

Mythologica By Ofrin

Original Artlist musician Ofrin looks and sounds like the lovechild of Grimes and FKA Twigs with her quirky future electro style. “Mythologica” plays with psychedelic, stuttering vocal samples and a groovy hip hop rhythm. Take a trip to the moon in your Shibuya spaceship on this wacky commercial music track.

Buss It By Yarin Primak

“Buss It” recalls the best of ’90s hip hop with its unrelenting rap samples, groovy beat and fat bass. Composer Yarin Primak is known for his dubstep influences, and this track showcases his layering of niche samples in 2 thrill-packed minutes.

Big City Lights By ikoliks

With its retro funky bass, horns, and disco strings, “Big City Lights” would make any commercial feel cool. Ukrainian producer, ikoliks, crafts powerful modern pop and rock songs for TV shows. This playful song is no exception to his groovy catalog.

Scat Life By Curtis Cole

EDM producer Curtis Cole is known for catchy top lines and rhythms with just the right amount of tension, emotion and epic drops. “Scat Life” has a fat bassline, staccato vocal samples, and a jet-propelled synth section. Funky guitar licks make this a fun, upbeat track and one of the best songs for commercials.

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Freedom By Rex Banner

This Caribbean ditty has a roller skate disco vibe, which is no surprise because multi-instrumentalist Rex Banner trained at Havana’s prestigious Escuela Nacional del Arte. The short, punchy song “Freedom” is a perfectly happy pop gem perfect as music for any advertisement.

Driving Cars onto Mars (No Lead Vocals) By MILANO

Milano has 2 pop-rock bangers on our top hits list. “Driving Cars onto Mars” is a non-stop party of a song with an insistent rhythm section, thumping drums, and crunchy electric guitars that positively erupt at the climax. It’s a powerful, exciting song with plenty of drive to sell just about anything.

No Lie (No Lead Vocals) By Niahn ft. GRP

“No Lie” opens with funky horns and trap percussion. It’s a hip-hop throwback catchier than bubble gum on your shoe. Artists Niahn and GRP both originate from East Asia but now reside in Los Angeles. You can hear the urban influences in the heavy sampling and electro beats. This track would work well to promote any commercial brand, from sneakers to tech!

Take It to the Top (Instrumental Version) By Ofrin

From its initial build to its bouncing house beat, this quirky electronic song has plenty of dynamic range and personality, and you could expect to hear it in an industrial club in any cosmopolitan city. Artist Ofrin is known for her otherworldly club-kid personality. In 3 perfect minutes, she brings a carefree sexiness to “Take It to the Top.”

DuDa By Ian Post

This groovy track harkens back to Quincy Jones in the ’60s with its funky horns, but has its footing in the future with snappy electro beats that weave their way in. Vocoder vocals make an appearance midway through the song, making this an exciting and dynamic, high-energy track. Composer Ian Post focuses on film soundtracks, and it shows in this track, which could appear in any “Ocean’s 11” film.

Wrap up

No matter what kind of songs you’re looking for, we’ve got thousands upon thousands of the best songs to elevate your video. And don’t forget, the Artlist blog has even more resources for you as a filmmaker. Whether you’re producing a spec commercial or a Super Bowl ad, you should also browse our extensive series of articles to help you visually craft a high-end commercial.

music for commercials collection

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