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Classical music is a great choice to add quality, character, and life in your next video project
Artlist is offering royalty-free selections in their Classical Collection for a flat subscription
Check out the collection for yourself to see talented artists covering well-known classical pieces and others creating new works today
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Hiring a composer for your next project can be a big financial commitment. Luckily at Artlist, you can enjoy royalty-free classical music with the new Artlist Classics Collection. Working with talented artists and orchestras across the planet, Artlist has assembled renditions of world-famous classics. Below are a few examples of what Artlist has to offer so you can use recognizable and powerful music choices for your next project.

Gnossienne No. 1 by Erik Satie

This famous piece is performed by international classical pianist Bishara Haroni, who has played with prominent names like Daniel Barenboim, Zubin Mehta and Lorin Maazel.

The sweet beginning of this classical piece quickly turns dreary and melancholic. A great track to choose if you’re shooting a period piece, intense drama or any psychological thriller focusing on the interiority of your characters. If you’re shooting commercials, the slow and stately character of the song lends well to luxury items where the product is the main focus. 

Serenade in G Major “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” – Mvt. 1 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Performed by Dover Quartet, which has become one of the most in-demand ensembles in the world since sweeping all prizes at the 2013 Banff Competition, hailed by The New Yorker as “the young American string quartet of the moment.”

For all the Amadeus lovers out there, you’ll be thrilled to hear Dover Quartet’s rendition of this world-famous classic. They nail the classicism while adding a sprightliness that bodes well for any holiday commercials, festive party scenes or short film about an English tea party gone awry. 

I. Prelude by Johann Sebastian Bach

Performed by Brooklyn Classical, a collective of world-renowned classical musicians led by Marnie and Patrick Laird, whose recordings have been streamed by millions of listeners.

The violins hit you with a wave of beauty on the opening note. Its gorgeous and hopeful texture lends well to spots about up-and-coming technologies, time-lapses of city-goers enjoying a beautiful day, or a reunion scene of two lovers meeting again. 

Etude de virtuosite Op.72 n°6 by Moritz Moszkowski

Performed by Belgian pianist Raphaël Angelini, this carnivalesque piece is loads of fun that’s straight out of a 1920s speakeasy. A great choice to play over your closely-snug crowds, showcase outdoors events or in a children’s commercial.

Turkish March by Mozart

Performed by Ohad Ben Ari, a Berlin-based pianist and composer whose compositions and transcriptions have been performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker, the Hamburger Symphoniker and the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

Few pieces can be as carefree and dramatic at the same time. This Mozart ballad fits nicely over a regal dinner, an upscale sports match or a commercial for the opening of a botanical garden. It’s at once bubbly, pristine and full of verve.

Minuet in G Major, BWV 114 by Bach

Performed by composer, sound designer and guitarist Yuval Vilner, who combines various genres to create his own unique sound.

This guitar version of the moving Bach work is both serene and wistful and a nice break from your typical orchestral instruments. It’s also genre-breaking, ranging from your typical period drama to a melancholic western. Feature it in serious work, a wedding video or any nature shoot you’re doing.

Kinderszenen, Op. 15 No. 1, Von fremden Ländern und Menschen – 1st Mvt by Robert Schumann

Performed by Bishara Haroni, this song has enough character to add dimension to your footage without overpowering it. Play it as background in your documentary, inter-scenes with characters passing to and fro or a lifestyle video of your choosing.

Carmen by Georges Bizet

Performed by Ohad Ben Ari, this operatic ballad has been played in countless movies and TV shows for a good reason. It’s instantly recognizable and plays to your viewer’s buoyant sensibility. So feel free to drop this over your drone footage, real estate videos, or intimate outdoor parties.

Habanera by Georges Bizet

Performed by Brooklyn Classical, this is another operatic classic that you can see the ballet slippers moving while you listen. Few pieces have as much range while keeping their unique quality. Add this to your latest fashion shoot, children-focused spot, or even a commercial with mischievous pets. The song has enough charm to spice up whatever content you’re creating.

Asturias by Isaac Albéniz

Performed by Alon Peretz, a multi-instrumentalist composer and producer whose unique artistic approach lends depth to characters and sonic landscapes.

This is another terrific guitar piece with a dark quality that fits well with detective stories and climactic sequences. It strums the tension throughout without ever fully releasing, giving your visuals a boost of mystery and expectation.

Capricho Arabe by Francisco Tárrega

Performed by Yuval Vilner, this serene and sexy work adds romance, desire, and gentle sadness to your story. Notably folkloric, it’s one of the few songs on the collection whose specificity doesn’t lend to a wide range of settings. Nature shoots, travel videos, romantic scenes: Absolutely. But don’t shy away from using it at all. You’ll see the payoff when married to the right mood.

Bach’s Cello Suite – Reimagined

Performed by neo-classical composer and multi-instrumentalist Ardie Son, this cello suite evokes a sense of eminence and self-assurance. Midway through, imagine soldiers taking off for the frontlines, a time-lapse of farmland produce ripening, and city-scape shots of the town coming to life. This piece could be an excellent choice for your next jewelry commercial. 

Gnossienne no. 3 by Erik Satie

Performed by award-winning cellist Romi Kopelman this piece hits a range of notes on your emotional palette. Moody, dark, and tense, it has an unsuspecting buildup that can cover the length of your rising action. Play it over a vacation shoot to gloomy abodes, slow-motion shots of downcast crowds or the moment your protagonist realizes they’re in bigger trouble than previously believed.

Prelude in C Major by Bach

Ian Post delivers with a vibrant rendition of Bach’s classical Prelude. Like a coat of glossy paint, it adds a layer of promise to whatever you’re showcasing. Whether shooting corporate videos, real estate spots in your country manor or travel shoots to misty mountains, this song will pop your content with a dose of optimism and harmony.


Classical music is a staple of Western sensibility, and all modern music owes credit to it. Having time-tested classic pieces at your fingertips is a great opportunity to show off your taste and beef up the quality of your content. With the Artlist Classical Collection, you can enjoy royalty-free downloadable music at the ready for your next project. Peruse the collection for yourself and select the piece that works for you.

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