More about Jonathan Mateer

Jonathan Mateer is a writer living in Los Angeles. Hailing from Virginia, he has traveled throughout the United States and brings with him a rounded sensibility that makes him look for nuances in characters and stories. He found movies to be a portal in his teenage years and moved to Los Angeles at age eighteen to pursue the craft of filmmaking. An alumnus of UC Berkeley, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and won a writing award there for weaving fiction into his senior research project.

After fits and starts in different jobs in production, he found his passion in writing. There, he finds the opportunity for creative fulfillment each day there is a blank page and inspiration. When he’s not working on his latest spec script, he contributes to Artlist to offer insight into the creative process. He loves having the opportunity to share his knowledge in Artlist, using it as an opportunity to appreciate the work of other creatives making their own little gems.

He writes mostly in the crime thriller genre and focuses on character-driven plot lines. His most recent feature, Tent City, is a modern-day noir focusing on the homelessness crisis in California. Apart from writing, he enjoys spending time with the love of his life Jessica and their two cats, Oliver and Contessa. He’s made it his goal to read a book a week in 2022, make it to the Grand Canyon soon, and run an ultramarathon before he dies.