The 6 Most Anticipated Cameras in 2022

most anticipated cameras of 2022


Competition between camera brands is fiercer than ever, ensuring plenty of exciting releases throughout 2022
The Panasonic GH6 is nailed on, and we’ve seen solid evidence of the DJI Mini 3
We also take a look at video options for upcoming Nikon cameras as well as Sony and Canon releases
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It’s that time again. With a new year comes the promise of new camera releases! After almost 2 years of pandemic, the market has shifted considerably. Variable factors include a chip production shortage that’s hit manufacturers hard, a booming creator economy and plenty of cash saved and stacked by the millions experiencing lockdowns. So it’s safe to say that this year could be a big one, and the camera rumors have been flying.

Chances are you found this article by typing “upcoming cameras 2022” or something similar. Then, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ve got you covered with our breakdown of the 6 most anticipated new camera releases slated for 2022, including upcoming Canon cameras, as well as Sony and DJI releases. So let’s get into it.

Panasonic GH6

We’ll start with this sure-fire, highly anticipated release. Out of all the camera rumors flying around for the past 2 years, the Panasonic GH6 was one of the most talked-about new camera releases for a long time. Finally, back in May 2021, Panasonic announced the successor to their incredible Micro Four-thirds workhorse, the Panasonic GH5.

One of the most anticipated cameras of 2022 is the Lumix GH6, whose predecessor is the gh5
Source: Panasonic

Initially slated for a Q4 2021 release, the GH6 is now expected in early 2022. Details are still to be confirmed, but we do know there’ll be a new, faster sensor that supports 5.7K/60p video and the ability to internally capture 4:2:2 10-bit 4K/60p footage…nice.

If Panasonic’s recent track record is anything to go by, this could prove to be another smash hit. Out of all the upcoming cameras for 2022, we’re most excited about this.

DJI Mini 3

Finally, after a lot of waiting, DJI went ahead and released the DJI Mavic 3, which is a phenomenal drone and will no doubt be their pro flagship for the next few years. However, rumor has it they’ve also been developing the DJI Mini 3.

DJI mini 2 drone, the predecessor of the upcoming DJI Mini 3
Source: DJI

The DJI Mini 2 was a massive hit, thanks to its palm-sized fold-away form and feather-like 249g. Released back in November 2020, it’s plausible that the upgrade is around the corner, and social media has been buzzing with these rumors, including purported leaked blueprints and sketches.

These sketches have indicated a larger sensor capable of 4K 60fps video, more onboard sensors for obstacle avoidance and follow-me functionality, as well as different arms that are angled for larger propellers. This indicates an increase in top speed and flight time. Let’s see!

Canon EOS R5c

Rumored to be launching in Q1 2022 (that’s…like, now), there’s not much more exciting than the idea of a video-focused Canon EOS R5. That model was a landmark for Canon and has really changed the game (remember how many YouTube videos there were on this one?) However, if you’re more videographer than photographer, the R5 wasn’t quite there, perhaps. Overheating issues were just the beginning of small gripes for those shooting video, and we’ve been keeping an eye on upcoming Canon cameras ever since…

canon r5 is the predecessor of the anticipated cameras of 2022 canon 5rc
Source: Canon

The EOS R5c looks to correct those issues with the following features:

  • Active cooling
  • Unlimited 8K/30p video capture
  • A Digic X processor, which is a multipurpose hot-shoe that can power accessories such as XLR mics (the same one you’ll find on the EOS R3)

The only complaint might be that it seems that the R5C still only has a micro HDMI port.

Regardless, this is an exciting prospect that sounds like it’ll be pushing even low-budget cinema cameras.

Out of all the upcoming Canon cameras, we think this is the one videographers have been waiting for. Of course, the price won’t be pretty, and you can expect high demand/low supply, but it’ll be worth it.

Sony A7R V

After the sony a7r IV comes one of the most anticipated sony cameras of 2022, the sony a7r v

When it comes to upcoming Sony cameras, there always seems to be a steady, endless supply of great products on the horizon. In recent years, the Japanese manufacturer has changed the mirrorless landscape with the releases of the a7s III and the FX3, leaving all others in their wake. This year, we’re expecting (hoping) to see the A7R V.

The A7R IV was an impressive high-resolution all-rounder released back in July 2019, so it feels about time. Details are scant, and we know more about the fact that Sony has had to push back manufacturing targets due to the ongoing chip shortage as the global economy sputters and struggles to correct itself off the back of the pandemic.

If the A7R V is going to happen, expect it to be in the latter stages of 2022. This goes for all upcoming Sony cameras.

Sony ZV-1 II

On the lower-budget end of upcoming Sony cameras, it looks like the Sony ZV-1 may be getting an upgrade. The original beginner video camera was a brilliant, simple but effective vlogging camera that made a great first choice for those just starting a YouTube Channel. Now Sony is looking to implement some of its higher-end technology into the next model.

the sony zv1 II that upgrades the sony zv 1 is the one of the most anticipated sony cameras of 2022
Source: Sony

In an interview with DP Review, senior deputy manager of Sony’s Camera division Masaaki Oshima said, “the key is to integrate our high technology in a simple, easy-to-use way. So the high-end technology that we developed for the Alpha 1 will be developed further and modified, simplified [and implemented in] ZV-1-type products.”

Given the continued blossoming of the creator economy, the demand for user-friendly budget cameras, including point and shoots that still provide high-quality results, is certainly there. Smart move, we think.

Nikon Z8

nikon z8 that comes after nikon z7ii is an anticipated nikon camera for 2022
Source: Nikon

Rounding off our list, we’ve got to talk about at least one of the upcoming Nikon cameras, right? Nikon has fallen from grace in recent years, knocked off its perch by Sony’s mirrorless revolution. Is the DSLR vs Mirrorless debate finally done? Maybe.

But in 2021 we saw the release of the Z9 – an absolute beast of a camera that confirmed Nikon ain’t going anywhere yet.

So in 2022, we expect to see a few upcoming Nikon cameras released, and there’s plenty of talk about the Z8. While still rumors, for now, it’s thought that the Z8 will replace the existing D800 series, boasting a 61mp sensor, dual CF Express memory card slots, improved image stabilization and an ISO range of 64 to 25,600. It sounds impressive. If it’s happening, expect a Q2 or Q3 announcement.

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New camera releases wrap up

So, if you’re a videographer, perhaps looking at different types of cameras and YouTube equipment, those are our picks for the 6 biggest new camera releases happening in 2022! As is the same with every year, there is an overwhelming amount of upcoming cameras to choose from – not to mention the web of camera rumors that comes with that. Of course, we can’t rely on or prove every rumor out there. Still, one thing we do know for sure is that all of the big guns are pushing the limits of what’s possible, looking to create their best video cameras yet. The competition is fierce, and for us videographers, this can only be a good thing.

We hope this article helps distill a few things, giving you clarity on your purchasing choices for the new year. Happy shooting!

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