More about Josh Edwards

Josh is a UK documentary filmmaker focused on travel and adventure storytelling. Currently based in Lombok, Indonesia, he’s spent the past two years producing the documentary series “The Lombok Life” for his YouTube Channel – a series of in-depth videos that look to uncover the stories and events of life on one tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago.

Further adventures have taken him 2,400km down the Australian East Coast, around the ring roads of Iceland, deep into the depths of Malawi, Africa, across the rooftops of Istanbul and much, much more. As he’s traveled over the years, Josh has developed an in-depth, knowledgeable understanding of what it takes to succeed on YouTube as a filmmaker. When he’s not busy shooting and editing, you’ll find him writing and sharing this knowledge and insight across the web.

To watch Josh’s films, head to his YouTube Channel.

You can also find him on Twitter (@JoshEdwardsFilm) for various musings about life in Indonesia and travel filmmaking, or on Instagram (@JoshEdwardsFilms) where he shares more about living in Indonesia, as well as behind-the-scenes photos and videos from his projects. Feel free to connect on LinkedIn, too.