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Music is a great choice for your workout videos, and electronic, hip hop and pop rank as top choices.
Artlist has a great selection of royalty-free workout music for your content and is a perfect choice for fitness influencers
The royalty-free element allows users to browse the wide selection and incorporate music into every aspect of a fitness channel

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Now that lockdowns are being lifted, it’s never been a better time to get in shape for the post-pandemic world. With more and more people working out remotely through YouTube channels or other online outlets, it’s also a great time for fitness influencers to put their creative chops to the test with addictive workout videos.

Assuming you got the routines down, now’s time to make sure the power music you choose shows off your brand in the best way and engages viewers working out with you. Lucky for you, Artlist has a Workout Music Collection full of royalty-free workout music just for you. In this post, we’ll explore what types of music for your fitness video work best and how Artlist’s catalog of royalty-free workout music (also called royalty-free power music) is great for your needs. We’ll also list some channels that stand out in today’s marketplace. You’ll find that royalty-free fitness music is the way to go!


Why music for workout videos?

Maybe you have a lot of charisma and worry that power music might distract from your engagement with viewers. Don’t be worried! Apart from keeping the energy up and making the process more enjoyable, music has also been shown to help the workout on a chemical level. Numerous studies have shown that a great playlist will assist in both stamina and mental focus. Motivational music can enhance your viewer’s mood, thus giving them better endurance to get through rough spots in their workout. Power music also allows them to focus on the beats-per-minute (BPM) in the track, giving them focus as they pay attention to their rhythm and breath.

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At this point, you may be asking yourself: Okay, what music should I choose? To answer this question, we’ll need to cover a scientific term that physiologists have observed: rhythm response. This refers to the consistent beat tempo of the music that your body will correspond to during the workout. This is a stabilizing way for your body to adjust to a flow and for your heart rate to acclimatize to higher activity rates.

For this reason, you should avoid certain types of music. For example, as much as you love RnB, the BPM is much too slow for high-intensity workouts. Conversely, while rock music can have a higher tempo, the rhythms of certain tracks can change abruptly (Bohemian Rhapsody, anyone?), and this can throw off your viewer’s body’s rhythmic setting during an intense workout.

The more reliable options for workouts would be Electronic, Hip Hop and Pop. Electronic music is super reliable in terms of high BPM and a wide selection of artists. Hip Hop typically has a BPM between 65-75, which many scientists consider optimal. Pop has similar rates and has the added bonus of you tailoring your playlist to match your personality as an influencer. This will allow you to be creatively involved in the process while also selecting tracks that will keep viewers engaged on a subconscious level.

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What music should I choose for my workout videos?

Now that you know what types of power music work best, where should you go to choose different types of music for your content? If you’ve made these videos before, you’ve probably come across power music licensing that can add quite a price tag to production. You always want to find out if a song is copyrighted; otherwise, you may incur a potential copyright strike against you. No fun!

To avoid this headache, it’s always a great idea to go with royalty-free workout music instead. Royalty-free fitness music avoids copyright licensing, and websites like Artlist allow you unlimited downloads and usage for a subscription fee. Given that power music licensing is expensive, and the public domain usually offers scarce choices for your workouts, the decision to get royalty-free workout music is a no-brainer. Artlist offers its entire library of royalty-free beats, from electronic to hip-hop to great pop, that will add pep (and pop) to your videos. Power music licensing: Good-bye!


Once you have your subscription, you’ll be able to download music for video, get your background music for video and check out the different tracks on the interface. Artlist is super user-friendly and offers the ability to create your own collection. Music is constantly added, so you’ll have refreshed stock of music for workout videos all the time.

Before you know it, you may want to start your own channel filled with videos and popular YouTube workout music. To look for inspiration from others who have done it, check out Rachel Gulotta Fitness for an example of someone taking their fitness influence to the next level. What’s great about her channel is that she blends so many aspects of fitness, from stretching to dieting, HIIT workouts to fitness plans, and workouts with equipment or those you can do at home.

What she does, which is a great option for multi-variant workout gurus, is blending different types of power music to different activities. So, while your HIIT workout videos may need something with a high BPM, you can incorporate your lower BPM tracks into informational videos. Either way, the collection of royalty-free power music will serve all your fitness and marketing needs.

Another recommended workout YouTube channel is Boho Beautiful Yoga that has relaxing background music that suits Pilates and Yoga workouts.

Final thoughts

Royalty-free workout music is your best bet for creating great content. It gives your viewers stamina, motivation, and focus in getting through the grind of a tough workout. Certain types of music are better than others, and Electronic, Hip Hop and Pop are sure bets to keep your workout energetic and on track.

Given that licensing fees are a drag for workouts and downloading music for workout videos, a site like Artlist is perfect for your royalty-free workout music needs. Feel free to browse the catalog or to download royalty-free power music for your up-and-coming channel on YouTube. Either way, let the music invigorate your workouts as well as your art. Working together, they hopefully push you to realize your creative potential and create a large following of viewers at home.


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