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Chill music in your videos is a great way for content creators to make sure their videos are engaging, relaxing, and on-brand with their intention
Free websites (public domain and Creative Commons) are typical ways of getting such music without running into copyright issues
Royalty-free websites, like Artlist, are great for making sure you have variety and security in getting your royalty-free chill music

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This past year has seen a lot of change. People’s work lives have become largely (if not entirely) remote, and the need for concentration for work tasks has increased dramatically. In addition, many have shifted their workout lives online as well, and there are few things that take the edge off a hard workday better than yoga and some relaxing background music.


For this reason, there’s never been a better time to be a content creator to service this demand. Whether you’re making videos for focusing on tasks, yoga music for your workout channel or calming background music for meditation, you’ll want to make sure you have access to such music. In this post, we’ll go over the different ways to secure such music, why royalty-free chill music is the best option, and how you can give your videos the edge needed in today’s marketplace.

Why add music at all?

The role that music has played in both human cognition and general mood has been well-documented. Researchers have found that music enters consciousness through what is called “bottom-up” processing. This is when auditory waves make their way through the brain stem into the corresponding brain waves. Their effects then make their way into the nervous system, profoundly affecting mood and relaxation.


Owing to this simple science, it’s obvious why peaceful background music in your videos provide benefits. Ranging from more concentration and reduced stress to a release of serotonin for your viewers, these benefits offer a positive recall that will make your videos both memorable and appreciated. In addition to using chill vlog music for your meditation or yoga channel, these pieces can also be used in narrative or documentary to set a relaxing mood for your given scene. Whatever the occasion, properly placed relaxing background music will resonate with your intended audience.

Where can I find free relaxing background music?

Fortunately, there are plenty of options for getting relaxing music downloads for free. You can check out public domain music, which refers to music that is not regulated by intellectual property laws. Essentially, it’s copyright-free music that has entered the public domain either due to its age or if no rights existed beforehand. While this is an attractive option because it’s free, selection can be scarce (you may not find any meditation music free downloads from the 1940s).


The Creative Commons is another popular choice to find free relaxing music downloads. This non-profit source allows artists to set different types of licenses on certain compositions. For instance, a composition might be available for attribution only, while another allows for full distribution or commercial usage. Given that Creative Commons affords greater variety, the latitude for usage is more restricted than public domain.

Motion Array, a marketplace for royalty-free digital assets, has an excellent selection of free relaxing background music great for dubbing over your relaxing videos.

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Where should I go for royalty-free chill music?

For greater variety, check out royalty-free websites, where you can find both royalty-free chill music and royalty-free yoga music. The upsides to exploring these types of sites are that you avoid getting a copyright strike, where a potential copyright owner can take down your video because of unauthorized use of their music. It’s always important to run a copyright check for possible conflict with copyright holders, but royalty-free websites cover this headache for you. Simply paying a periodic subscription will protect you when using chill vlog music, royalty-free yoga music, meditation music free downloads and so much more.

To get the best value for your money, you’ll have to check out Artlist, which has a diverse selection of relaxing music. Apart from variety, what sets Artlist apart is its comprehensive license that covers every platform and lasts forever.

Looking at the different music filters, you’ll see that no matter what type of chill content you’re creating, you’ll find at Artlist the right song for your video. On the curated meditation collection, you’ll find Cinematic soundscapes from all over the world, from Scotland to India, as well as Ambient textures, Electronic and Acoustic. What’s great is that the meditation collection doubles for yoga music or chill vlog music.

For a more upbeat type of royalty-free chill music, you can find at Artlist a Lofi-Chillhop collection. It showcases tracks that work great for your next tutorial video, as they are engaging without being disruptive and work well to stimulate focus but not distracting for the viewer. With a mix of Electronic, RnB, Soul, Hip Hop and Lounge music, this collection would do well with tutorials, commercials, personal YouTube pages and so much more.


An excellent example of using relaxing music downloads in video is in the Boho Beautiful Yoga channel. What you can tell right away in these videos is that the yoga music doesn’t clash with the instruction, but also doesn’t drain the video of its energy. Whether the video is instruction-heavy or not, these gurus do a fantastic job of incorporating chill music to ensure that it adds verve and calm to the yoga experience.

Wrapping up

The right placement of chill music in your video has immense potential. It can sustain focus for your more instructional videos, calm meditation-focused content and give relaxing vibes for any type of video you can imagine. Getting this music in your video has great potential to calm your viewers.

You’ll want to make sure that where you source your music doesn’t bite you in the future. Checking out free sites (like public domain, Creative Commons or Motion Array) are safe bets for insurance purposes. For more variety and, frankly, better music, going the royalty-free music track is the way to go. Artlist is head and shoulders above the rest, getting you meditation music, yoga music and a fantastic chill-hop page for all your needs. Making sure your video’s music uplifts the other content is key. Royalty-free chill music is the way to go in making sure that happens.

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