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Unboxing videos are a social media trend that’s grown alongside the rise of influencers and content creators.
Find out why marketers and brands value unboxing videos so much, and why it could be a great video niche to tap into.
Use our tips and tricks to create your very own high-quality unboxing videos that stand out from the crowd and grow your channel.
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Chances are that if you’re a filmmaker of any sort then you’ve watched your fair share of unboxing videos on YouTube. In fact, so far this year, YouTube estimates that there have been over 25 billion views on videos with the word “unboxing” in the title. This reflects how unboxing videos are an ever-growing trend that may well be a great niche for you to tap into.

In this article, we take a look at understanding what is an unboxing video, why they’re so popular, and how you can get involved and create your very own great unboxing videos.

What are unboxing videos?

Unboxing videos is a relatively new phenomenon that has grown directly with the rise of social media, online marketing, and influencers. Essentially, an unboxing video is a video in which a content creator (perhaps a social media influencer) films themselves unpacking a new consumer product for the very first time. It could be a new camera, a new mobile phone, new beauty products, a cycling accessory…anything that comes in a box!

During this unpacking, the best unboxing videos will have the host commenting on the product’s features, including its branding, the packaging, the feel of the product, and the accessories. Here’s an example, featuring one of the best in the business in Marques Brownlee, as he unboxes the new iPhone 15 range:

Why are unboxing videos important?

If you’re questioning “Are unboxing videos still popular”, the answer is a resounding yes. Unboxing videos are seen as a great advertising tool and a key part of many brands’ marketing strategies.

A well-executed unboxing video helps to raise awareness and discovery of a product because a content creator’s audience is potentially being introduced to the product through the unboxing video. If they already know about the product, a solid unboxing video still helps to fuel anticipation and excitement for that product.

Additionally, an unboxing video can help to establish trust in a brand, with audiences tending to trust their favorite creator’s opinions and recommendations a lot more than other, more traditional forms of advertising.

Unboxing videos can provide that little extra nudge for undecided customers, with Google estimating that 62% of unboxing video viewers developed an interest in purchasing the showcased product.

Who can create an unboxing video?

So, we know what unboxing videos are, and why they’re important. But who can post them? The answer is quite literally anybody. Whether you’re a normal user posting videos on YouTube (for example, a filmmaker who likes to review cameras), an influencer with affiliates, or even a brand, you can post an unboxing video. As this niche becomes more and more a part of e-commerce marketing, it could be a trend well worth jumping on for your own channel.

Content creators and social media influencers are realizing that unboxing videos can be a great solution when it comes to figuring out how to make money on TikTok and other social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

Great examples of unboxing videos

Below, you can check out a few different unboxing videos to get a feel for the style and genre. To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way to do this!

Casey Neistat has a unique, hair-raising style for unboxing products. A knife and some rough, brash handiwork always lead to entertaining results.

Meanwhile, Sarah Grace brings us a bit more character and entertainment with her unboxing vlogs, which include the actual purchasing experience and an editing style more tuned in to the short-form nature of Instagram and TikTok.

How to do an unboxing video

If you’re a creator with a few unboxing video ideas, there’s no time better than the present for you to get started! As you can see from the examples above, there’s not really any right or wrong way when it comes to how to do an unboxing video, but there are a few tips and tricks that’ll help you create something polished and good enough for audiences to watch.

Pick a product people want to know about

First things first, when it comes to your unboxing video, it’s a good idea to focus on a product that people will want to find out more about. For example, if Samsung is just releasing their new flagship phone, there’s going to be a lot of people searching for that. If you can put out an unboxing video in the first few days of release, it could generate a lot of interest.

Alternatively, go niche

On the flip side of this argument is the fact that something as popular as a new flagship smartphone release may mean there are a lot of unboxing videos on the topic, meaning that the competition is tougher and it’s harder to get your unboxing video seen. You could choose to find something niche where there aren’t a lot of unboxing videos and yours can rank first or second in the search results.

Film in HD

Everyone should be doing this by now, but just in case we need to reiterate, you need to film in 1080p at the bare minimum – especially for an unboxing video. People need to see all the details of the product and its packaging in crisp, clear HD. Ideally, you’ll film it in 4K for even better image results. If you’re filming at 720p or below, the chances are that your video won’t receive that much traction as people will look elsewhere for a higher-quality unboxing video.

Give your honest thoughts

It’s 2023 and people’s lie detectors are very, very good. When you’re filming your unboxing video, it’s important to give your honest opinion and thoughts. That’s what will keep people coming back for more of your unboxing videos. People want to hear your real-time thoughts about the packaging, the look and feel of the product, and the accessories that come with it.

Know your product

This one seems obvious, but it’s really important. Understand the product before you unbox it. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask yourself what they want to know. If it’s a new action camera, give them a rundown of the highlight features and new specs. Go even further by testing these features out and showing what it’s like to use the camera for the first time. If you don’t know much about the product you’re unboxing, it’s going to show and people will click off your video pretty quickly.

Unbox fast

Initially, people won’t be coming to your video for you (sorry). They’re clicking for the unboxing. So when it comes to your edit, don’t waste too much time at the start. Cut straight to the unboxing of the product and give your audience what they want. If you waffle at the intro and don’t give them the content they’re looking for, a lot of first-time viewers will bounce and click elsewhere.

Create an unboxing set

No matter what sort of product you’re unboxing and reviewing, try to do it in a great environment that compliments the item. For example, whenever Casey Neistat tends to unbox a new camera or laptop, he does so in his office where he shoots and edits all his films. This is a natural setting and it’s become synonymous with his unboxing style.

Similarly, if you were a fitness influencer unboxing some new earphones that are designed for running, you may want to unbox them with your home gym in the background. Whatever your background is, make sure it looks clean, professional, and well-lit.

Good lighting and audio are essential

In connection with creating your unboxing set, remember to prioritize good audio and lighting. If your audience can’t get a good look at your product or can’t quite hear what you’re saying, what’s the point? Invest in a good lighting setup that will show off the unboxing process and pick out a microphone that’s going to deliver clean, crisp audio.

Make use of music and sound effects

To make your videos more engaging and interesting to watch, you should make use of royalty-free music and SFX. Without this key sound design, your videos may feel a bit stale or boring to watch. To help you out, you can narrow down your search for the right music track on Artlist by selecting certain video themes. If you were reviewing a new piece of tech, it might be good to search for songs that fall into the categories of “technology” and “vlog”, which will give you results such as this:

Wrapping up

So, that’s unboxing videos unpacked for you. This is a growing trend and niche of user-generated content that’s going nowhere. Now that you understand how to create high-quality unboxing videos yourself, it could lead to a lot of views on your own channel! If you find the right niche that you’re passionate about, create a quality, professional video, and give people what they’re looking for, you’ll have the recipe for success.

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