Best Royalty-Free Fantasy Sound Effects in 2022

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Fantasy content is in great demand due to the wild success of shows like Game of Thrones and House of Dragon
Artlist is unveiling their Game of Thrones-Inspired SFX Collection for creators to download royalty-free sound effects for their next project
Check out the collection to use anything from sword fights, magic spells, or dragon roars to add an immersive quality to your fantasy-driven content

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If you’re a fantasy fan, there’s never been a better time for viewing pleasure. With Game of Thrones arguably being the biggest show of the last decade, House of Dragon pulling in millions of viewers, and Lord of the Rings banking the highest budget for a TV show ever, the demand for fantasy-driven content is palpable and getting rewarded.

In addition to great acting, direction and scene direction, the sound effects of these shows add a crucial layer to their realism. The roar of dragon sound effects, the clanging of sword fighting and the cinematic scores all make the viewing experience that much richer. It’s a crucial element you may not consider when it’s working, but definitely notice when it’s gone awry. No doubt that it’s an art for creators how to make sound effects work in their story.

Why Royalty-Free Fantasy Sound Effects

If you’re in the business of creating your first fantasy-driven video, odds are you’re not banking on HBO money to help you. Getting the production together is costly, and the last thing you want is to be broke when needing those final sound effects for editing. Here at Artlist, we understand the need for creators to have access to royalty-free fantasy sound effects. That way, filmmakers will have an array of options to make their footage immersive and cinematic.

Therefore, we’re introducing the Game of Thrones-Inspired SFX Collection. You’ll have everything from battle shouts, monster sound effects, dagger matches and any type of fantasy sound effect you can imagine. So whether you’re making a spec piece, feature-length narrative, or need sound effects for TikTok, Artlist has you covered. Below, we’ll survey the collection and hope you check these fantastic soundscapes out for yourself.

royalty-free fantasy sound effects

The Game of Thrones-Inspired SFX Collection

Adventure Awaits – War Horn, Musical Transition, Epic Crescendo

Sound by Gerald Clark Audio

License now

Need an effect for your incoming battle sequence? Your hero in the forest realizing an ambush is afoot? Or, possibly, militiamen racing to gear up for a fight with man-eating goblins? This effect has your name on it. It’s sharp, steady and creeps up in tension just so you know a big action sequence is ahead.

Fantasy Monsters – Dragon, Air Attack

Sound by OG SoundFX

License now

Capturing a perfect dragon’s roar is tricky. Who can say they’ve ever heard one? Leave it OG SoundFX to give you monster sound effects full of realism and terror. Almost a minute long, there are plenty of sounds to cut and splice into any dragon sequence you have. Whether it’s a faint approach in the distance, a thunderous swoop overhead or a full-on attack, this track gives you all the urgency and fear that dragon sound effects would bring.

Seeds and Sticks – Fire Burning, Flames Sizzle

Sound by Vadi Sound

License now

If your Night’s Watchmen are on patrol beyond the wall, they’ll need a fire to keep them warm. Medieval times didn’t lend themselves to soundless heat sources. You’ll need an effect cracking enough to make whatever’s burning a character itself. This effect gives you that, sizzling the scene into the viewer’s ear.

Force of Nature – Building on Fire, Structure Collapse

Sound by OG SoundFX

License now

For the more dramatic fire sequences, you’ll want to turn to something that shows fire’s destructive potential. Maybe you have a scene right out of 1917 with a giant building ablaze. Or perhaps one of your dragons just set an entire village in flames. With intense weather sounds, collapsing beams and the still-smoldering sound of inferno, this track is tailor-made for fiery destruction scenes.

Dungeons – Metal Gate Opening

Sound by HD Audio

License now

Such a short snippet will give you plenty of options. Whether you need to double for a drawbridge, open the entrance to your torture lair or want the doors to the king’s throne to slowly swing, this piece by HD Audio has you covered.

Battle Shouts—Swords, Shields, Screams, Firing Catapult

Sound by Soundtrack Creation

License now

For safety’s sake, please don’t try and get these sounds on set! In a pitched battle, you’ll need all the audible coverage you can, which is why Soundtrack Creation is the right choice for you. From swords clanging to shields crashing, this track also includes the screams of fevered men fighting to the death over the volley of catapults. Be sure to include this in your next climactic battle.

Momentous Transitions – Swirling Flames Whoosh into Thunderous Cinematic Impact

Sound by Ni Sound

License now

For the shorter clips needed in heavier transitions, look to this one to satisfy moments with weight. Whether it be dragon fire or a flaming ditch, include this track to make the moment of ignition count.

Medieval Foley – Sword Drawing, Unsheathe, Shing, Resonant

Sound by BOOM Library

License now

The right fantasy sound effect with a sword drawn can spell danger all by itself. This effect delivers just that. The sharpness comes across, pinging in your ear seconds afterward. Be sure to use this in your next duel to portend the danger ahead.

Suspense Logos – Attack of the Orcs, Epic, Cinematic, Musical Logo

Sound by Unrealsfx

License now

This track has more instrumentation than the others, lending itself a much more percussive, cinematic feel. Eerie, unforgivingly suspenseful and downright frightening, it’s perfect for any ambush scene, battle sequence or dangerous turn of events. As dooming as any horror movie sound effect, it comes with a lot of heft, so be sure to place it well where its power marries to a dramatic point in your story.

White Magic – Casting an Icy Spell, Low Thud

Sound by Cristian Lucchetta

License now

All this talk of battles and dragons shouldn’t leave out sorcerers and witches. Magic play is an integral part of the fantasy world, and you’ll need an effect for casting your spells. So here’s one that sings out with perfect clarity, pulling all the powers that be out of the ether and into your story.


Your next fantasy project has the benefit of being in high demand. If you’re passionate about the material, both the market and the Game of Thrones-Inspired SFX Collection at Artlist are on your side. There are plenty of more fantastic sounds in this epic collection, so check it out for yourself and see what possibilities are in store to add dimension, realism and an immersive quality to your fantasy sound effects. Until next time, stay creative!

royalty-free fantasy sound effects

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