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Artlist’s new Suggested SFX complement each clip of footage.
It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to find the perfect match.
Use it to speed up your workflow and get inspiration.

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A new way to find SFX for your footage

Finding the right sound effects can make all the difference to your video, which is why Artlist has a vast library of high-quality sound effects recorded by professional sound engineers. The intuitive search and filters help you find the right sound effect fast. But it still takes you out of your workflow. And sometimes, you don’t know what you’re looking for in the first place – you need that initial spark of inspiration.

This is where Artlist’s new Suggested Sound Effects tool comes in. When you go into a footage clip, you’ll now see recommendations for sound effects that will help you add that extra dimension to your video. So you can get that inspiration, or find the sound effect you need, all in one workflow.

Why sound effects matter

Sound effects can make all the difference to your video. They bring the viewers deeper into your story, making what they see on screen more engaging and believable. 

Sound effects also can help draw attention to certain aspects of a video, helping you focus your story. Ideally, they blend in naturally to the footage, to the extent that you barely notice them – but when you take them out, the video sounds flat and bare.

Speed up your workflow with Suggested SFX

To help you really bring your videos to life, Artlist has introduced a new way to help you find the perfect sound effects to match the footage in the catalog. Now, whenever you click on a particular video clip, you’ll see a list of recommended sound effects to match it. 

You can preview and download the SFX right there while you’re watching the clip preview. Clicking on the three dots to the right of the sound effect will offer you several more options, like adding it to a collection or browsing the whole SFX pack which it comes from.

To view related SFX for your footage, simply:

  1. Go to Artlis’s stock footage page
  2. Browse the collection 
  3. Click on the footage you want to use
  4. Browse the suggested SFX

Artlist Max subscribers can download and use unlimited unwatermarked footage and sound effects in their projects. 

How it works

The new Suggested SFX tool is a powerful combination of Artlist’s in-house video experts and the latest AI capabilities.

Cutting-edge computer vision technologies identify different objects, backgrounds, and movements in each clip and then combine them with advanced language models to be able to describe what appears in the video.

If that sounds a bit complicated, imagine that someone’s asked you to write down a description of a video. Your eye sees the video and transmits the information to your brain. Your brain translates what the eye has seen into words and then moves your hand to write down what you’ve seen.

This is exactly what the technology can do – it “sees” the video and then “writes” down a description. Those descriptions are then cross-referenced with the Artlist SFX library to identify the top 3 sound effects that would be the best fit for the footage – these then go through quality control by the in-house experts.

What this means is that instead of you having to look for the perfect sound effects, you can get the hard work done for you.

Get unlimited high-quality music for your videos

Find inspiration for your sound design

As well as helping you find sound effects that are a great fit for the footage, the new Suggested SFX can also be used as a source of inspiration. It can give you direction for sound effects to check out and explore, which you might not have considered otherwise. 

It’s also easy to jump from the suggested sound effect into the collection it comes from, where there are likely to be several other similar SFX that can also be used in your video.

It’s easier than ever to find the perfect footage/SFX combo

Thanks to Artlist’s new AI-powered footage search, you can now find exactly the footage you need fast. The AI understands natural human language, so you can search how you think without worrying about typos or trying to guess how footage is tagged or categorized.

Whether you want to search for precise shots or just get inspiration when exploring concepts or editing techniques, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. You can find footage based on descriptions of objects or scenery in the frame, lighting techniques, shooting styles, or references.

Together with the new Suggested SFX, you now have one super-efficient workflow to find exactly the footage you want and then the perfect sound effects to bring it to life.

The highest production values out there

Of course, all the footage and sound effects are produced to the highest standards to make sure that you can create exceptional videos.

Artlist SFX are created by leading foley artists and sound effects technicians from around the globe. Artlist story-driven footage is shot by top filmmakers in up to 8k and is available for download in RAW/LOG formats. Because each clip is always part of a bigger footage story, you can use it to build complete narratives in your videos.

And just like all the music and video templates in the Artlist catalog, the sound effects and footage are carefully curated by our in-house experts and continually updated so you can always get assets that are right on the latest trends.

It’s time to start creating

It’s never been easier to find exactly the right footage for your video and then pair it with the perfect sound effects to bring it to life. To try out the new Suggested SFX tool, head over to the footage catalog on Artlist and search for a piece of footage. Once you’re inside the clip, you’ll see the sound effects suggestions right there, ready to download together with the video.

It’s time to enjoy a faster, better workflow, and we can’t wait to see the results! Make sure to share your projects on social media with the hashtag #ALCreators to get them featured on our channels.

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