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Find exactly the footage you need faster than ever, thanks to Artlist’s new AI-powered search engine.
Search for complex concepts or references, and get inspiration from the results.
Get as specific as you want. Search by composition, lighting, and mood, and get accurate results.

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Introducing AI-powered search 

Have you ever searched for a specific shot but ended up endlessly scrolling? Or tried to start a project but felt uninspired? Whether you’re starting from scratch or already know what you’re looking for — our new AI-powered search engine will help you find the perfect footage to bring your vision to life. 


Why should I use AI-powered search?

Find footage faster 

We recently took stock of the creator economy in our annual creator survey, which revealed that nowadays, more than 60% of creators are earning a living from their video content. 


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Gone are the days when making money from videos was strictly for big studios or advanced professionals. Video creation is truly for everyone, and to be successful — creators need the right tools now more than ever. 

Searching for footage can be one of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of any creative or video project. For creators trying to earn a living from their content — time equals money. The new AI-powered footage search by Artlist helps you find the footage you’re looking for faster than ever before. 

Search the way you think

The AI-powered search streamlines the search process thanks to its ability to understand the complex nuances of human language. No more worrying about typos or trying to reword your thoughts. Simply think it, then search it. 

Get accurate search results the first time, every time. You can get as specific as you want and find the perfect footage for your project. You can even search by composition, lighting, mood, or content. So whether you’re looking for something simple like footage of extreme sports or something out of this world like a retro red car drifting with smoke from wheels — you can easily find the footage you need. 


Discover a new perspective

AI technology is moving forward rapidly, and it can be a powerful way to increase creativity. Nowadays, with so many creative tools at our fingertips — a unique perspective and source of inspiration might just be the magic you need to stand out from the crowd. 

AI-powered search can help you approach your next video project differently. Even if you’re searching for a specific shot, AI search can open up a world of possibilities and inspire you in a way you hadn’t considered before. Say you’re working on a project and have an abstract concept like sustainability in mind. You can type it into the new ai search and find results that take your project in a new direction or boost the quality and authenticity of the story that you want to tell. Use it to experiment, explore, and flex your creativity in your next video project.

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How does it work?

The new search’s semantic capabilities are more advanced than traditional keyword-matching search. The AI technology extracts images from footage and converts them into a language model, along with lexical tagging. You’ll see results based on the search cues you enter and contextual information that the language system has learned over time. This means that the search engine has a more sophisticated understanding of what you type into it and what you really mean. 

“The new AI-powered search engine provides users with a limitless creative landscape by utilizing cutting-edge technology for unparalleled accuracy”, says Amit Bendor, Head of AI at Artlist. “This dynamic and knowledge-intensive search experience is the best out there, encompassing artistic concepts, references, series, characters, locations, and different moods”. 



How to use AI footage search:

  1. Head to Artlist footage 
  2. Search how you think – Use your own words, cinematic phrases, or even a feeling.
  3. Get inspired and create


Supercharge your search

Now you’ve heard the benefits and learned how it works. Why not try it for yourself? Don’t be afraid to search far and wide, or get super specific with your search. You’ll see for yourself just how powerful it is. We’ve also got a vast library of music, footage, sound effects, and video templates that are ready to download for your next video project. 

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