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Discord, first launched in 2015, was designed as a way for PC gamers to easily communicate with each other while playing. Eight years on, it’s one of the biggest instant messaging platforms on the internet. Users can communicate via voice calls and video calls, text messaging, media, and files, both in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.

Whatever your reasons for using Discord, chances are you may have noticed the ability to install and use all kinds of custom Discord sound effects to respond and react to messages. This “Soundboard” feature for Discord SFX first appeared in April 2023 and has been a big hit over the past few months, with users able to tailor their Discord sound effects to very niche, inside humor and memes that are only relevant to or understood by people on that specific server. So Artlist has decided to offer a free downloadable SFX pack that anyone can access right from this blog post and use in Discord or anywhere that you might want to add some SFX. 

Download Discord SFX Pack

Artlist launches a free Discord SFX pack.

Here at Artlist, we wanted to gift you a pack of Discord SFX to download completely free! From “long aww” crowd reactions to an evil witch laugh, we’ve given you a wide range of free sound effects for Discord which are bound to generate plenty of laughs on your servers. 

Discord Sound Pack

Here are a handful included in the pack of 18:

Crowd reactions loving aww long

The classic “loving aww” sound effect is a fun way to react to sweet, heartfelt messages or, sprinkle in some sarcasm and banter.


Bathrooms fart 


No Discord sound effect pack is going to be complete without a classic fart. Yes, it’s childish, but that doesn’t make it any less funny.


Grandma reactions witch laugh

Up to no good? Let ‘em know with this devilishly classic, evil witch laugh. 


Crowd reactions big hyped crowd

Do you have something to celebrate, or do you want to hype your friends up on the back of their good news? You can use this big, hyped crowd cheer to do the job!


Big band brass 


If someone’s dropped a bomb in the chat or nobody can figure out what’s going on, this is the moment to use this Discord SFX.


To start using these sound effects for Discord, and 13 more, you can Download the Discord Sound Pack  for free today.

How to install the free Discord sound effects

Wondering how to add SFX to Discord? Installing the free Discord Sound Effect pack is easy. Here’s how to get it up and running within a few minutes

  1. Download the free Discord Sound Pack from Artlist

2. Now, you’re going to upload a new Soundboard sound. To do this, ensure you have either “Manage Server” permission or own the server you’d like to upload the sound to. With the right permissions, you can navigate to Server Settings > Soundboard.

3. Alternatively, users can upload a new sound if they’ve been granted the “Create Expressions” by the server admin. You’ll be presented with upload requirements which are as follows: 

File type: MP3

File size: 512kb

File length: Up to 5 seconds

All of the files in our free sound effects Discord pack meet these requirements, so hit the upload button!

4. When you upload, you have the option to change the file name, adjust the sound’s default volume and even assign it an emoji that will pop up when you use it. 

5. Enjoy your new Discord SFX! You’ll never have to hear that standard Discord ping sound effect again…

How to play sound effects on Discord

1. First, navigate to a server and join the intended voice channel. 

2. Go ahead and pull up the channel to see everyone’s Avatars. Providing that the Discord SFX Soundboard is enabled, you’ll see a music icon on the bottom left. Click this to open up Soundboard. 

3. With Soundboard open, you can now click play on any Discord sound effects you’ve uploaded from your free SFX Discord pack. This will play the sound for everyone in the voice channel—even the fart.

4. You can star your favorites, making it easier to find and use them in the future!

Download your Discord sound effects today

Now that you know how to install and play sound effects on Discord, it’s time to get rid of the standard Discord ping sound effect and liven up your servers with our free Discord SFX Pack.

Download and enjoy!

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