You Asked, We Listened: New Direct Download Feature & Much More

Artlist's New Direct Download Feature



The long awaited Direct Download feature is now live, so you can now download a song with one click
The Vocal & Instrumental options have been expanded and a new genre was added for creators of spiritual videos
Duration setting got easier, and you can now play a song from the waveform!

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Like any user-centric platform, we often get requests from our users for features that will improve their workflow when looking for the right songs for their videos. Just know that we take each request carefully into consideration and address it as soon as possible. One of the more frequent requests we got from our users over the years was to forego the shopping cart so they could download the songs they want directly from the song list or song page. After thinking about it long and hard, we realized this request made a lot of sense! After all, once you subscribe to Artlist, you have unlimited access to the catalog, and you can download as many songs as you like* without extra charge.

Direct Download

Between adding Exclude to the Artlist search, designing a collections page and an Aspect Ratio tool for Artgrid, making some improvements to Motion Array and adding FXhome to have our very own editing software, we somehow found the time to complete the Direct Download feature you asked so nicely for (and some others, more on that later).

direct download feature

So from now on, whether you’re on the home page, a song or album page or in front of any song list, you can just click the ⤓ icon, choose MP3 or WAV, and the song will be directly downloaded to your computer.

But that’s not all…

New filter: Vocal & Instruments

We’ve expanded the Vocal & Instruments filter, so you are now able to filter your search by:

  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Female Vocal
  • Male Vocal
  • Duet
  • Group
  • Acapella


You can find the Vocal & Instrumental filter at the top of the home page. Clicking on the  will open a dropdown menu with the VocalInstrumentalFemale Vocal and Male Vocal options and clicking on More will show you the DuetGroup and Acapella options. So go ahead, try them out!

A new genre: Worship


Do you need music for your spiritual video? With the new Worship genre filter, you’ll be able to eliminate all those inappropriate songs and save tons of time looking for the perfect song. Just click on Genre and scroll down to Worship.

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for your videos

Song durations are easier to set


The Duration filter, located on the top left side of the home page, was also improved. Now, you have 3 buttons that show you songs between 10 – 30 seconds, 30 – 50 seconds and 50 sec – 1:02, or you can manually set the duration as you please in the From and Up to boxes.

Waveform play

Last but not least is another feature that seems small but can save tons of time for editors looking for music for their videos—the waveform play. Up until now, you were only able to play a song by clicking on the play button. Now, you can also click anywhere on the waveform, and the song will start playing from where the cursor is.

We hope all these new additions helpful will make creators’ lives easier and streamline their workflow. So, until the next round of improvements, stay creative!

*You are allowed to download up to 100 songs per day.

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