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Artlist Business subscribers get exclusive access to pre-release music.
Brands can set trends with fresh music 90 days before it’s released in the catalog.
Artlist’s Business license will cover you for any project or channel.
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Fresh music, first

Artlist Business subscribers can now access exclusive pre-released music as part of the already jam-packed Business Music, Business SFX, and Business Max plans.

Access to new and original content can make all the difference in the competitive marketing and business landscape. Stay ahead of the competition and get Artlist’s newest music 90 days before it’s released in the catalog.

With access to Artlist’s exclusive pre-release music, you and your team will be able to set trends, not just join them. Get the assets you need to create showstopping content with the Artlist Business plan.

Artlist Business 

The Artlist Business plan is the ultimate all-in-one plan for creative teams. Whether you need to find high-quality, royalty-free assets for social media videos, marketing campaigns, TV ads, or anything else — the comprehensive business license will cover your company for every type of project. 

What does the Business plan include?

  • Unlimited access to industry-leading music, SFX, footage, templates, and plugins
  • Exclusive pre-release music, 90-days before general release
  • A business license for any project or channel
  • Dedicated curation services
  • Priority customer care
  • Data-based insights and content expertise

Get in good company 

Top brands are already creating outstanding content with Artlist Business.

Expedia Group, one of the world’s largest travel brands, started using Artlist and hasn’t looked back since. Michael Buell, a Senior Video Editor from Expedia Group, explained, “We needed to find a partner who could help accommodate our audio needs and improve the entire process in terms of impact.” Since using Artlist, Expedia Group has saved over 200 video production hours per year. 

Other powerhouse brands like have also discovered that Artlist has helped them produce story-driven content faster than ever.

So now it’s your turn. Discover how Artlist Business can power your team’s creativity and provide your business with the best creative assets.

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