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Highlights uses Artlist music and SFX to enhance its storytelling and connect with its audience.
“Using Artlist saves time, and it’s faster than alternatives like a custom-made score for an ad” – Aviv Divon,
Whatever idea I have, I know I’ll find it there, the exact music that I’m looking for to make my idea come to life.” -Shir Tahelle,
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About is a work operating system (Work OS) where organizations of any size can create the tools and processes they need to manage every aspect of their work. By combining building blocks, like apps automations and integrations, teams can build or customize the workflows of their dreams.

The challenge 

Over the past few years, has experienced rapid growth and has no intention of slowing down. Aviv Divon, Senior Video Creator at, explained, “We grew from a small tech company to a large enterprise company in the past couple of years. As a marketing team, not only were we fueling that growth, but we also had to keep up with it.”  The video team had to ensure that the quality of their output and the speed of their content production served the business needs. produces a wide range of content, from social media videos to customer success stories, user acquisition, creative advertising, and more. “We distinguish between video formats and channels, each with its own best practices, and we adjust as needed according to results and cumulative experience.”- Aviv. 

Shir Tahelle, Creative Manager,, explained, “Before using Artlist, we didn’t have one place from which we could take music or sound effects. I had to browse everywhere.” The content team needed a solution that could provide them with the content they needed at speed and without complicated and expensive licensing. 

The solution 

Since using Artlist, has been able to access the high-quality music and sound effects it needs to enhance its storytelling and connect with its audience.

Intuitive content discovery

Artlist’s intuitive search filters and music categorization have helped find exactly what it needs fast. Shir explained, “What makes Artlist stand out is I always feel like it reads my mind.” The team has found search filters like genre, mood, and collections particularly helpful. Shir said, “What matters for me when I look for a solution is having a platform that is intuitive, easy to use, and has a lot of options.” 

What makes Artlist stand out is I always feel like it reads my mind.
Shir Tahelle
Creative Manager,

Enhanced storytelling

 As part of Shir’s role, she is responsible for producing several audio ads to air on some of the biggest audio platforms in the world, like Spotify and Pandora. In order to stand out and be effective, the ads need to be super high-quality and tailored to the platform and story they will be featured in. 

For example, if is producing an ad to air in a true crime podcast, they need it to have a very different vibe and sound than an ad in a comedy podcast. Shir added, “For me, music and sound effects are an inseparable part of my creatives,” so having access to Artlist’s catalog of music and SFX to bring her storytelling to life has made the creative process and actual content much more effective. “Whatever idea I have, I know I’ll find it there, the exact music that I’m looking for to make my idea come to life.” – Shir.

Stakeholder buy-in needed a solution that fit their creative, fast-paced, data-driven content needs. Like many enterprise-level companies, certain creative processes require a different level of stakeholder buy-in at each point in the journey. Aviv explained that Artlist helped improve this process by improving his outputs even at the mockup or rough-cut stage. “The rough cut is the first thing you show and the worst thing to share with people. It’s intimidating and hard to really show the potential of your work at that stage.” By adding Artlist music from the start, Aviv was quickly able to see if “something works or not, by adding the feeling, rhythm, vibe, and everything.” He added, “Music is the missing puzzle piece with everything I create. Finding the right music is the difference between creating something that’s a success or a failure.” 

Accelerated workflow

Fast-paced companies need fast-paced solutions to support their needs. This is where Artlist has been a real game changer for 
“I’m working on a tight schedule. I have deadlines and want to do this as fast as possible.” “Using Artlist saves time, and it’s faster than alternatives like a custom-made score for an ad. Also, custom scores don’t add the value you would hope given the long and expensive process.” 

Aviv worked with other music providers, adding, “I would sit for two hours in front of the computer trying to match different kinds of music. It could be a real pain.” However, when he uses Artlist, “I use a lot of moods (filters). I think that’s a really smart way to categorize music.” 

Aviv and the team like to set a cracking pace and he described the time they save by using Artlist music as “a majorly more efficient way to work.” 

From a creative point of view, Aviv explains, “When you find the right piece of music, you suddenly feel like a hero. You just put a piece of music, and everything works together. That’s an amazing feeling.” However, it’s not just about that feeling. According to Aviv, is “a very data-oriented company. I run every ad that I do with a usability hub or focus group. I check all different kinds of music, and I can see the numbers and access how the music contributes to the ad.” 

Now it’s your turn

Discover how Artlist’s high-quality assets and easy-to-use platform can help your business meet its goals. 

Talk to the team today to learn more about Artlist Business.

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