The 6 Best Cameras for Vlogging in 2022

best vlogging cameras


Anyone can be a vlogger about virtually anything! Finding the best vlogging camera for you is an essential first step
Camera features such as stabilization, video and audio quality, portability and price matter most
Many types of cameras can be used for vlogging, depending on how and where you vlog. Smartphones, action cameras, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras make great vlogging cams
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So you want to become a vlogger? Great! Your most important piece of equipment is your camera. We break down for you the best vlogging cameras from price to portability. The best cameras for vlogging are not only small but function exactly as you need depending on your shooting environment. There’s really something for every type of vlogger. Read on for our comprehensive guide to the best vlogging cameras in 2022.

What is vlogging?

The word vlogging literally means “video logging.” It’s essentially creating a blog with short videos instead of the typical blog post on a website. Vlogs can be as short or as long as you want and can be posted everywhere, from Instagram to YouTube. There are various types of vloggers, from musicians to makeup artists; comedians to cosplayers. There really isn’t anything you can’t vlog about! You just need a video camera for vlogging.

Essential features of a vlogging camera

Depending on where you’re shooting, you’ll want to look for a camera with the best combination of the following criteria:

  • Stabilization
  • Video quality
  • Audio quality (although you will likely use an external microphone)
  • Portability
  • Price.

Our guide will help you find the sweet spot between all these features and explore various types of cameras, from DSLRs to mirrorlesspoint and shoot, action cams, and even phones! Finding a good camera for vlogs doesn’t have to be complicated.


If you’re moving around at all, in-camera stabilization is essential. Most DSLRs and 4K vlogging cameras have internal stabilization, but consider adding a small gimbal for extra stabilization, especially if you will be walking and talking or doing any kind of sport. Of course, if you plan to use a tripod and record in a studio, in-camera stabilization matters less.

Video quality

The top vlogging cameras will have at least 4K video output, but also pay attention to color and image quality. Image quality is measured in pixelsbitrate and sensor size.

Audio quality

You will likely use an external mic such as a lavalier or a shotgun mic, but if you plan to record audio directly into the camera, pay attention to features such as the time limit on file length.


Your vlogging environment will dictate how small or large your vlogging camera needs to be. GoPros and iPhones make for excellent vlogging cameras on the fly and are the most portable. Mirrorless DSLRs are lighter than their mirrored counterparts.

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Best cameras for vlogging

Best budget camera for vlogging

DJI Action 2

dji action 2 is the best budget camera for vlogging
Source: DJI

The DJI Action 2 is quite different from some of the other top vlogging cameras in its design. It’s tiny and can only record 5 minutes at a time, but if that works for you, so will the other features. It has an even larger sensor than the GoPro Hero 10 Black, is also waterproof and is priced at only $399. These make it one of the best cameras for vlogging!

Best vlogging camera for beginners

Sony ZV-1

sony zv1 one of the best vlogging cameras
Source: Sony

The Sony ZV-1 continues to win the hearts of beginner vloggers with its affordability and ease of use. It has a flip screen for easy viewing and makes transferring files simple with the Sony app. In addition, it has a hot shoe and 3.5mm mic port, quick autofocus, fits in your pocket and is priced at only $750.

Best action camera for vlogging

GoPro Hero 10 Black

gopro hero is one of the best action cameras for vlogging
Source: GoPro

GoPro has long been the best in the game for action cams, and the GoPro Hero 10 Black is no exception. It improves on the previous version with an easier-to-use touchscreen and 5K video at 60fps and 4K 120fps. Costing $499, the GoPro Hero 10 Black has hyper smooth image stabilization and allows for livestreaming.

Best compact vlogging camera

DJI Pocket 2

dji pocket 2 the best compact camera for vlogging
Source: DJI

The DJI Pocket 2 is the much-improved sequel to the Osmo and packs lots of features for vloggers in a tiny stick. Like its name suggests, you can pop this camera in your pocket. And with the Creator Combo kit, you get a handle, tripod legs and ultra-wide-angle lens (so you don’t have to hold it far from your body), a mic-in jack and a holster. That’s a lot of bang for the buck at just $499.

Best smartphone for vlogging

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iphone 13 is the best smartphone for vlogging
Source: Apple

The iPhone 13 Pro Max checks all the boxes for best smartphone for vlogging with its new cinematic mode, larger screen, improved low-light, and much more. Attach it to the Zhiyun Crane M3 gimbal, and you can create very professional-looking vlogs.

Best camera for livestreaming

Logitech StreamCam

logitech is the best webcam for vlogging
Source: Logitech

Livestreaming to YouTube or Twitch is a whole other ballgame, and you’ll want a camera that does best with connectivity. The Logitech StreamCam connects via USB-C, has excellent video quality, easily attaches to your computer and will set you back only $149.

Wrap up

Whether you’re launching a YouTube channel or making the most of Instagram Reels, finding the top vlogging camera is an essential step. The Artlist blog has dozens more articles to help you create content, so don’t forget to consult our expert guides.

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Frequently asked questions

Vloggers use a variety of cameras, and there’s no single right one. Consider your budget and how the camera will be used to decide the best vlogging camera for you, whether it’s a smartphone, action camera or DSLR.

The Sony ZV-1 fits in your pocket and has excellent autofocus and top-tier image quality for its size. It continues to win the hearts of beginner vloggers with its affordability and ease of use. It has a flip screen for easy viewing and makes transferring files simple with the Sony app.

They say the best camera is the one on you and that’s always going to be a phone. The latest iPhones and Androids come with pretty impressive video specs and can easily be used for vlogging these days. The best part? Not having to shell out for a second camera!

Mirrorless cameras are hands down the most popular for vloggers. They combine portability and budget and pack tons of features needed for vlogging like the ability to transfer files over WIFI, using your phone as a monitor and a remote and organizing your files in-camera.

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