The 9 Best Travel Vloggers to Watch in 2022 for Inspiration

Best travel vloggers on youtube


Travel videos are a huge genre on the YouTube platform. With so many creators out there, who do you watch?
In this post, we’re giving you a rundown of the 9 best YouTube travel channels right now
From motorcycle and sailing expeditions around the world to the unseen and unknown places off the beaten path, these are the best traveling YouTubers to help inspire you and stoke that wanderlust
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These days, it feels like everyone’s a travel vlogger, right? YouTube is a platform on which you can find just about any genre of content you want to, but travel films and vlogs are certainly one of the most popular types of video out there. In more recent years, with the pandemic, we’ve all experienced a bit of wanderlust. And YouTube has been a great way to still “see the world” while remaining at home, making our plans for when the time is right to fly again.

From Sam Newton to Beau Miles, we all have our favorite travel filmmakers, but what about travel vloggers? There’s a long, long list of binge-worthy channels out there, and it can be challenging to cut through all the noise. So who really are the best travel vloggers on YouTube in 2022? Below, we’ve put together 9 of our favorites—these are, in our opinion, the best travel vloggers on YouTube right now.

And if you’re thinking about starting a YouTube channel focused on travel, these are the best travel YouTubers to get you inspired. To get started, why not make a travel video with stock footage?

Eva Zu Beck

As we mentioned in our full channel breakdownEva is a leading light for solo women travelers worldwide. With over 1.37 million subscribers, she regularly draws in over 500,000 views on her vlogs as she shares the stories and challenges from her adventures. Not only is she highly knowledgeable about the destinations she brings to our screens, but she’s also funny and relatable. And it’s her down-to-earth attitude and ability to share the raw, lower moments that make her channel so great.

This girl is going from strength to strength. She’s hands down one of the best travel vloggers out there, and as I write this, she’s currently uploading a series of videos hiking Antarctica’s highest mountain!

Fearless & Far

Closing in on 1 million subscribers, Mike Corey has carved out a really interesting niche, focusing on adventure travel at the very limits of what we know is possible. Whether he’s spending time with the incredible hunter-gatherer “Hadza” tribe in Tanzania, eating spider cheese and mud pies, or spending time with a “death tribe” in Indonesia, Fearless and Far is a channel all about encouraging people to conquer their fears and open their minds to what’s out there. This is one of the best YouTube travel channels around.

Currently Hannah

Not heard of Currently Hannah yet? Let’s fix that for you. Hannah is an extremely underrated YouTube travel vlogger with one of the best YouTube travel channels around. She shares beautifully relaxing, peaceful vlogs about her adventures in Japan, where she’s currently living.


Most of these videos are centered around hiking and outdoor adventures in Japan, and it’s hard not to want to jump on a plane with a one-way ticket to Tokyo when you start watching. If you watch just one of her videos, you’ll probably be back for more. She’s a travel vlogger to watch over the next few years, and, just like Eva Zu Beck, she’s a great role model for female travelers in particular.

In an interview for Women’s Day 2020 she said “I think that thanks to movements like MeToo, there’s now more interest in listening to stories from women that have lived incredible lives or have done incredible things. I think the internet is a wonderful place for women to create because it’s so open to everyone.” She might be right.

Gone with the Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn represent another excellent example of traveling YouTubers who’ve carved out an interesting niche for themselves. Sailing around the world on their boat (how’s that for some wanderlust), Gone with the Wynns is one of the best YouTube travel channels that aims to cultivate a curiosity among its audience. With over 500,000 subscribers, the Wynns give an incredibly detailed, raw insight into their lives at sea.

Whether discussing how much it costs to keep the boat going every month, travel vlogging equipment, complicated maintenance or exploring remote islands, every video takes you on an adventure that’s very different from the lives of most of us. They’re the definition of traveling YouTubers.

Indigo Traveller

Want to see places off the beaten path, those that your country often advises against traveling to at all? Indigo Traveller is one of the best travel vloggers for you. With his videos, New Zealand-born Nick aims to take us to the most misunderstood parts of the world. He looks to show us what real life is really like on the ground so that we can get a sense of the humanity behind what we might read in the headlines.

With over 1.33 million subscribers, he’s producing top-quality videos that wouldn’t look out of place on a streaming site like Netflix. One of the best travel vloggers on YouTube, without a doubt.

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Flying The Nest

Since joining YouTube in 2014, Stephen and Jess have been sharing their adventures and experience traveling worldwide and bringing us along for the ride. In flying the nest, they focus on details like where to stay, what to do, what to eat and how much it costs. It gives you a really great idea of what to expect and plan for before visiting a destination. This helpful, free advice, coupled with their fun, free-spirited personalities, makes them two of the best travel YouTubers on the platform.

Itchy Boots

Some of the best YouTube travel channels focus on motorcycle adventures. Who doesn’t love an epic road trip across vast continents through stunning scenery? One of the best travel YouTubers in the game for this is Itchy Boots.

Since 2018 when she quit her job, Dutch travel vlogger Noraly has driven over 100,000km racking up almost 1 million subscribers along the way. Right now, she’s making her way down from Alaska all the way to Patagonia in the south of Argentina. It simply doesn’t get any more epic than this. Every video is a wild, adventurous ride!

Mark Wiens

When it comes to the best food travel YouTube videos, look no further than Mark Wiens. With over 8.5 million subscribers, the chances are that you’ve already heard of him. Food is a huge part of why people travel, and naturally, it’s what some of the best travel YouTubers choose to focus on.

Watching Mark’s videos is guaranteed to have you salivating in no time. Exploring all corners of the globe, Mark picks his way through markets and stalls, showing us the very best street food and local cuisine a country has to offer. It’s a joy to watch.

Karl Watson

A list of the best travel vloggers on YouTube simply wouldn’t feel complete without Karl Watson. Ever since his hit series “HK2NY,” in which he documented his epic backpacking trip around the world from Hong Kong to New York, Karl has been making incredible, long-form, TV-worthy travel documentaries. When we say TV-worthy, we mean it.

Karl’s content differs from other traveling YouTubers as his videos often have much longer runtimes. Personally, we think that’s awesome. His videos are so jam-packed full of entertainment, escapism and valuable info that you never want them to end.


Do you have any other recommendations? We’d love to hear them on our social media channels!

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