More about Daniela Bowker

Daniela first picked up a camera aged about six, when her father taught her how to focus an SLR when on holiday. Photography became a hobby that eventually became a part of her profession.

After completing two history degrees and training to be a teacher, she gradually switched her focus to educating people about photography and filmmaking. If you’ve noticed the historical references in her writing, now you know why! In 2010, Daniela was appointed as the founding editor of Small Aperture, the news off-shoot of Photocritic and expanded her photography writing career.

Since then, Daniela has written three books for the Ilex Press–Photo School Composition, Surreal Photography, and Social Photography–as well as contributing to many more. You can find reams of her writing around various different parts of the Internet, from DIYPhotography to Photocritic.

Daniela has been one of the lead educators at the immensely popular Photocritic Photography School since 2012. She has ushered thousands of students through the email and social media-based course and continues to take enormous pride in watching them develop their skills and grow in confidence with their cameras.

As well as photography and history, Daniela is interested in almost all sports from cricket to horse racing, cooking, food and its culture and policy. She maintains an allotment where she grows a wide variety of vegetables and fruit–all of which are excellent photography subjects–and has a lurcher called Oscar and a small flock of ex-battery hens. They, too, are incredibly photogenic and pop up from time-to-time on her Twitter and Instagram feeds.