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September 30, 2021

A New Way to Discover Similar Songs

By Artlist 1 min read

It's no secret that AI is becoming more and more integrated into the Artlist platform. It began with the recently launched For You recommendations page and continues with the new Similar Songs feature.

A new browsing experience

To view similar songs of a music track you're interested in, just click on the overlapping circles icon on its right. A dropdown list will open with a list of related songs that you can download directly from the list, save to your favorites, share with others or add to a collection.


Artlist's similar songs feature


This new platform improvement is an upgraded version of an existing feature. Until now, you could find similar songs only on the song's page. The feature is now also available in any song list, on the Artlist home page or in any search result.

It's a new browsing experience. Instead of using only search filters, with only 1 click, creators can browse songs related to a track that fits their video. 

Accuracy is another aspect that improves. The AI-powered system is based on both deep tagging and text tags, combining the knowledge of Artlist's musicians and music experts with advanced algorithms. All this comes together to provide more accurate suggestions of songs that could fit your video and help you find the right music for your video faster. 

The Similar Songs feature uses the same mechanism as the For You recommendations, which is a constantly-updating algorithm that improves over time. There are many characteristics in which 2 pieces of music can be different or similar: harmony, rhythm, lyrics, instruments, the feelings they evoke in the listener and many others. At Artlist, all these elements combine to music that matches the style and mood of your video.

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