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Inspired by the individuality of the creative process, this sophisticated recommendation feature provides video creators with music curated directly to their tastes.

We are super excited to announce the public launch of the new AI-powered For You recommendations. Using a specially-designed algorithm, the feature feeds personalized song and artist recommendations to users within the larger Artlist music licensing interface.

Personalized recommendations

The For You feature gives content creators sophisticated music recommendations that suit their individual tastes and styles, but from artists they might not have encountered on their own. The Artlist algorithm strikes a careful balance between catering to hyper-individualized preferences and suggesting music that is enough degrees removed from a user’s typical fare to pique their interest.

The For You recommendations feature helps creators take full advantage of the Artlist music catalog by recommending relevant songs they may not otherwise encounter in a standard search. This exposes users to new artists and new styles of music they’ve yet to explore on their own, and has the additional benefit of broadening their musical horizons. Many video creators approach the process of incorporating music into their videos with an idea of the tone they want to set, but without a specific song in mind. Using the For You feature, content creators can find the perfect song for their video faster,  even when they’re not entirely sure what they’re looking for.

This new offering caters directly to creators’ needs and artistic processes. The team conducted extensive research and testing and designed an algorithm capable of categorizing and mapping every song and every artist on the platform. The algorithm positions users on a digital map based on their preferences and recommends songs that are suited to their tastes but different enough to lead them in unexpected musical directions.

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How to get recommendations

Following extensive testing and a soft beta launch, the For You feature is now available to all Artlist users. To get your recommendations, just sign in to your account, click on the hamburger in the top left corner of the home screen and click on For you.


On the recommendations page, you will see a tailor-made collection of songs bases on your musical preferences, new songs and ones that are trending and recommendations by Genre, artist and album.


Improving user Experience

The end result is an intelligent and self-learning tool that makes the user experience increasingly smooth, rewarding, personalized, and easy to operate — a goal of every feature we integrate into our platform. After all, making the post-production process both seamless and creatively fruitful is part and parcel of the Artlist mission, and the very basis of the For You feature.

“We were very particular when designing this feature. The algorithm had to hit the sweet spot,” said Amit Ben-Dor, Head of AI at Artlist. “We’re giving users recommendations that are suited to their tastes, but nevertheless exploratory and interesting, and maybe not something they would have gravitated towards if they were just clicking around their own playlists. That’s not an easy balance to strike, but I feel confident saying we did it. Best of all, its self-learning capabilities mean the feature is getting smarter and more streamlined with every use.”

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