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Some of cinema's most-loved and legendary scenes are rooted in a sense of play and mischief
From the quirky charm of Wes Anderson to the happy-go-lucky films of Mike Leigh, music is integral to creating a sense of optimism, hope and play within film
In this feature, we explore the different ways a sense of play can be achieved, whether your scene aims to convey energy, humor, funk or freedom

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April is synonymous with fresh starts, new beginnings, renewed creativity and a sense of play. There’s no end to the musical inspiration related to this theme, and the Artlist catalog is jam-packed with energizing, happy-go-lucky tunes to accompany scenes that convey hope, romance, inspiration and new discoveries. 

Some of the most-loved scenes in cinema come from a place of play. Ferris Bueller’s opening monologue, the cake-destruction scene in Bridesmaids, every scene in Dumb and Dumber, plus there’s no end of inspiring directors – Wes Anderson, Mike Leigh, Noah Baumbach, Jason Reitman. Our artists build on this genius to create tracks that will take the mood of your playful video or project to the next level, and here are a few of our favorites…


A dose of buoyancy and energy is essential when selecting music that creates a sense of playfulness. Just think of the films of Pixar or the Home Alone Series – their bouncing, energizing soundtracks sweep the audience away on a fun and exciting ride, and there’s no doubt the music is a crucial component of their unforgettable legacies.

DuDa” by Ian Post is an uplifting, carefree track full of funky drums, upbeat brass and robotic vocals, that results in a young and modern production to accompany your feel-good film. 

This funk/jazz hybrid song was used in Dude Perfect’s Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers video. Dude Perfect is an American sports and comedy group based in Texas, and the video depicts the team pranking kids as they visit their office. Post’s accompanying music adds a sense of play and humor to the video and reinforces Dude Perfect’s light-hearted image.


There’s no better way to create a playful atmosphere than with a hefty dose of humor. “Lie in the Sun” by ORKAS is one of the Artlist community’s favorite playful tracks. Sitting somewhere between indie-rock and retro-pop, it’s a playful, groovy track with contagious and memorable lyrics about lying in the sun. There’s a lack of seriousness to the track, which is why it accompanies humorous scenes so well.

BMW used this track in their Making Every Driver a Better Driver video. The film depicts a young man in a car with a driving instructor. Just after the instructor gives him a pass, the man hops into his brand new BMW and starts driving circles around him (literally). The video promotes BMW’s improved steering capabilities, while ORKAS’ accompanying soundtrack helps sell the humor of the advertisement.

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The world of hi-tech is fast-moving, innovative and creative. That’s why playful music works well alongside videos that aim to depict new technology and innovation. “Time to Move” by VESHZA is an electronic music production that uses synths, snares and minimal beats to create a progressive feel, perfect for filmmakers who want to demonstrate technological advancements and a future-facing outlook.

Software review and selection platform Capterra used thr song in their video titled Make Your Work Easier & Faster. In the video, Rebecca Linder, founder and CEO of Linder Global Events, talks about the ways in which Capterra has helped her manage the company’s software packages. The track creates a progressive, fast-moving feel to the video, and soundtracks the ways in which Capterra has changed the way Linder Global operates and serves its clients.


Who doesn’t love a good montage scene? Filmmakers use the montage technique to depict change and progression and help move a film from one place to another efficiently. Montage scenes are often high-energy and optimistic, and music selection is one of the best ways to give it a playful atmosphere.

Anthem of a Quirky Hipster” by Rex Banner is a happy, carefree pop track perfectly suited to the energy of a scene with plenty of information and action. 

The track was used in YouTuber Zach King’s optical illusions video, showing different color illusions that might hurt your brain. Rex Banner’s track accelerates the video’s pace, adding a sense of humor and movement to the light-hearted montage.


To add a carefree element to your playful scene, look no further than MARLOE’s track “The Future Is Now.” The electro-pop production is infused with the artist’s clear, emotive vocals about coming back to life after a break-up.

The combination of keys, percussion and backing vocals creates an irresistibly upbeat track, and the Lollapalooza festival guys clearly agree as they used the song in their 2019 Highlights video. 

Watch people bounce around in banana costumes, roller-blade around a rink and dance like no one’s watching, soundtracked by the uber-talented MARLOE.

Theme music

Need to find the perfect theme music for your project? We’ve got you covered with a huge collection of exciting, playful tunes to show the very best side of your film, series or brand.

Take “Siberian Summer” by Sunny Fruit, for example. It’s a groovy, pop anthem packed with soaring synths, wavey brass and psychedelic keys, creating a track that screams summer. 

Virginia Fonseca Costa is a Brazilian influencer, YouTuber, TikTok star and internet celebrity with over 10 million followers on YouTube and 36 million on Instagram. She used Sunny Fruit’s track in a video about where her daughter was born and uses it in several videos as the ending theme. The track is an excellent addition to her general upbeat, happy vibes (and gained Sunny Fruit a few extra fans along the way!)


A funky track is guaranteed to add a playful atmosphere to any scene, especially when it’s as fun as Guesthouse’sDo Your Thing.” The hip-hop-inspired electronic track is groovy, sexy, and serious simultaneously, with a combination of synths, drums, and vocals, making it as contagious as it is unforgettable.

Basketball YouTube channel REBOUND used the track in their video about Troy “Escalade” Jackson, a 7-foot, 500-pound basketball player. The film tells the story of Jackson’s (literally) larger-than-life character and his impact on the NBA. Guesthouse’s track perfectly fits his playful playing style and adds a sense of fun and humor to the video. 

Don’t play with your food

The internet is full of food-themed videos, from cooking vlogs to recipe videos to food travel vloggers. And at Artlist, you can find plenty of foof-friendly songs, and you can filter them using the Food filter

One of our favorites is “Lemonade” by Shtriker Big Band. The jazz track has the full force of an orchestra behind it, complete with percussion, drums, bells and brass, to make the uplifting and groovy themes even more powerful. 

The tinkering woodwinds add playful elements, which go well with a video by the Italian-Argentine cook Paola Carosella, as she shows her viewers how to make an omelet.


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 Wrap up

There’s no end to how playfulness can be depicted, and there’s no doubt music plays a huge part in establishing a sense of play within a scene. So whether your video hopes to convey romance, hope, optimism or anticipation, Artlist’s musical catalog has it all.

Now you can find music even faster with our ‘exclude’ feature. Read this article to learn more about it.

And check out Mood of the Month: Love for more uplifting musical inspiration.

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