How to Add Subtitles & Captions in Premiere Pro
August 24, 2016

How to Add Subtitles & Captions in Premiere Pro

By Robert Hardy 1 min read

Premiere Pro Captioning Workflow In a world that's becoming ever more connected, having captions for your videos helps you make them accessible to as wide an audience as possible. With that said, for many of us, the process of creating captions for videos can seem difficult, convoluted, or just plain tedious. However, even though there are plenty of services for creating captions, most modern NLEs make it fairly simple to do it on your own. So, for you Premiere Pro users out there, this new tutorial from Jason Boone and the folks over at PremiumBeat will show you exactly what you need to know to become a caption master in just a few minutes. And the best part is, it's not difficult at all. Check it out:

If you're looking for a detailed written account of what Jason shares in the video, just jump over to the original blog post. I'd usually do a quick recap in this section, but in this case, it wouldn't be nearly as good as what Jason and PremiumBeat put together. So head over there, check it out, and be sure to share any of your own tips and tricks for captioning down in the comments!

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