5 ways to speed up your team’s content creation process



The world of social media is getting faster, and you need to be efficient and streamlined to take advantage.
These 5 tips are ideas and processes you can implement today, ensuring your content creation team works faster than ever.
We take a look at how using templates, organizing assets, an Artlist Enterprise plan, and utilizing AI can all speed up the process.

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In the world of content creation and social media, speed matters more than ever. With the rise of short-form video content on TikTok and IG Reels, we’re seeing trends and viral moments moving and shifting across different platforms on a scale and rate never seen previously. 

Naturally, as a marketing and content creation team, if you want to be at the forefront of this conversation and stay ahead of the game, you’ll need a well-oiled team that can move faster and more efficiently. There are plenty of tweaks and hacks that can get you there, and we’re here to break down a few top tips. 

Use templates

Creating social media content completely from scratch is a very time-consuming, resource-intensive process. If you’re working towards a hard and fast deadline, this approach can really hinder that.

Instead, consider using social media templates! Assets such as Artlist’s video templates drastically cut down the time it takes to create a piece of content. Not only do they save time, but there are many other benefits, too.

Consistency: templates offer a consistent look and feel across all of your video materials. This consistency helps in building brand identity and recognition.

Ease of use: templates come with predefined layouts, design elements, and placeholders for all your text and visuals. This makes it easier for even non-designers to create professional-looking content.

Brand recognition: templates can be designed according to your brand’s guidelines, ensuring you always have the color scheme, typography, logo placement, and other essential elements locked in.

Scaling and adaptation: because they’re so easy to use and save so much time, it’s easy to scale a campaign using social media templates. They can also be easily adapted and tweaked to work across multiple different platforms.

Collaboration: using templates that everyone is familiar with encourages collaboration. Different team members can easily work together on the same template, making changes and adjustments quickly and effectively, even if you’re in different locations and time zones.

Organize your assets

As any good content creation team will tell you, organization is key. Having your assets and files all organized in an understandable, easy-to-navigate way provides a solid foundation for everything else.

For example, one of the many features in the Artlist library is the ability to save your assets and create Collections so that you can navigate the library and find them faster at a later date. Whenever you find a song, a template, or a piece of footage that you’d like to use for later, you can favorite it with a star or click the folder icon and save it to a particular collection.

Artlist Enterprise customers also get the added benefit of having their own dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager can create custom playlists, collections, and more so you can easily find and access the perfect music for your campaigns. 

There are many benefits to staying organized:

Efficiency: organized assets and files make it much easier for your team to find the materials they need quickly. Less time searching for files means content gets produced quicker.

Collaboration: having all of your assets organized makes team collaboration easier. If the structure of the assets is universal and easy to understand, then everyone can access them easily and work together on projects even when working remotely. 

Onboarding and training: additionally, having your files organized so well can really help with the onboarding process when it comes to training new employees and hires. If they can quickly grasp how the existing materials and workflows operate, the learning curve is reduced, and they’ll be up to speed faster.

Duplication: if your files and assets are organized properly, it’ll reduce the chance of duplication. There’ll be less confusion about things such as which version of the asset or project is the most current.

Backup and recovery: additionally, an organized asset system is easier to back up and recover in the event of data loss. Everything is more straightforward when your assets are stored in a logical structure.

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Use AI

It’s no secret these days. AI is the current big thing, and if you know how to use it properly, it can really streamline your whole content creation process. 

Even navigating Artlist is easier and more efficient than ever, thanks to AI. Artlist’s new AI-powered search is extremely effective, extracting images from footage and converting them into a language model, giving you better, more accurate search results than ever before. Alongside your footage, AI will also recommend suggested SFX clips that it thinks will work well with the footage you’re browsing. 

Artlist’s AI Powered Footage Search


Automation: if you have time-consuming, repetitive tasks such as resizing images, tagging content, or formatting text, AI can take care of this for you, freeing up your team to focus more on the creative work.

Data: AI can easily analyze large volumes of data, providing you and your team with insights about your content performance, audience behavior, and trends. This can inform your content strategy, allowing you and your team to create more effective, engaging content.

Language translation: working on an international scale? AI can help with time-consuming, resource-intense processes such as translation and subtitling.

Editing: There are plenty of tools out there now that can aid an editor in creative work that was previously very time-consuming. Background removal, color correction, color grading, subtitle generation – all of it can be done with AI. 

SEO optimization: use AI to understand the best time to post, as well as relevant keywords, competition analysis, and other recommendations that can all improve your search rankings.

Repurpose content across multiple platforms 

Imagine how much time you could save if you didn’t have to create a piece of content from scratch for every social media platform. If you’re serious about saving time and being more efficient as a content creation team, then you should be repurposing your content across multiple platforms, as we touched on above when discussing templates.

While you may start off with one key “cornerstone” piece of content – perhaps a video on YouTube – you can generate a lot of further content across other social media platforms by cutting and tweaking the original content. For example, a 30-second or 1-minute clip from the original YouTube video could be reformatted into a vertical short for TikTok and IG Reels. Music and other small details can all be changed depending on the platform and your desired impact. This is infinitely faster and more efficient than if you were to start from scratch for TikTok or Instagram.

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Artlist Enterprise customers can also work with their dedicated Account Manager to create a license that covers you for any project or platform. So say you create a YouTube ad with a great song from Artlist and then want to repurpose it for social media or even in-app content. Simply speak to your Account Manager, and they will make sure you’re covered. Spend less time worrying about complicated legal licensing and more time focusing on creativity. 

Develop a recognizable brand

Having a really recognizable brand with a clear video aesthetic and signature sound can help you remain consistent and cut down on the time taken to make decisions. 

Clear brand guidelines and consistency provide your team with a framework to work within and, in the case of social media and video templates, give you a solid foundation on which to build. A clear understanding of the brand’s values, mission, and target audience will streamline the decision-making process. This defined position in the market informs exactly what the content strategy is going to be, helping your team to focus only on content that truly aligns with the brand’s unique selling points, resonating with your intended audience.


Artlist’s Head of Brand Marketing, Liran Friedman, has been working in the field of visual aesthetics for years. He shared his tricks of the trade to you can successfully build branded visual aesthetic through your video content. Read more

Wrapping up

So, those are five easy, actionable ways to help speed up your team’s content creation process today! It’s all about making use of the tools and processes available to you right now. From video templates to AI-powered search, as well as the basic fundamentals of a well-organized asset library and a clear brand identity, you’ll be surprised by how much time can be saved and just how much more efficient your team can become.


If you and your team are looking to increase your creativity and speed up the content creation process, get in touch with our sales team to learn more about how an Artlist Enterprise Plan can help you achieve your goals. 

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