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Finding the right track for your campaign is crucial. The perfect track can help you tell your story and connect with your audience.
Artlist has simplified the sourcing and licensing process. So you can find the perfect track faster than ever.
Discover how a leading car brand worked with Artlist to create their commercial.
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Are you looking to create a showstopping and memorable advertising campaign for your business or client? Need music for a social media video, webinar, or somewhere else?

Whether this is your first video project or you’re already creating world-class content, music can significantly impact the final product, help you tell your story, and connect with your audience. However, finding the right track and entering the licensing process can be costly and time-consuming.

The good news is we understand the needs of large businesses like yours, and we’ve simplified the process so you can focus on doing what you do best and leave the music up to us. One of the best benefits of the Artlist Enterprise plan is getting your dedicated Account Manager and music curation service. They combine industry knowledge and data-based insights with their Artlist content expertise to help you find the perfect track to bring your story to life.

The Artlist Enterprise Plan also includes:

  • Unlimited access to industry-leading music, SFX, footage, video templates, and plugins
  • A custom license tailored to your business needs
  • Licensing for any type of project or channel
  • Dedicated curation services and account manager
  • Priority customer care
  • Data-based insights and content expertise

How to get custom music curation for your campaign

We’ve completely changed how some of the world’s biggest brands source music for their video content. Gone are the days of lengthy sourcing and licensing processes. Instead, our Enterprise customers can browse our music catalog, get exclusive first access to tracks and work with their dedicated Account Manager to find the perfect track faster than ever.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration or have something particular in mind, our team will work with you to create a custom playlist for any project. Say you need an upbeat and bouncy track with female vocals for a social media video or a cinematic and moving score for a global ad campaign. Simply let your Account Manager know, and they’ll source our highest-quality music tailored to your needs.

If you have something specific in mind, it’s helpful to provide musical references or an explanation of the sound and feeling you are trying to convey. However, if you don’t, don’t stress. Our team will combine their knowledge of our extensive catalog, industry trends, and data-driven insights and give you plenty of options.

How a leading car brand created their commercial with Artlist

Recently one of Artlist’s Enterprise customers — a leading car brand approached their dedicated Account Manager to help create a custom tracklist for their upcoming video ad.

The car brand sent their Artlist Account Manager a few musical references of songs they like and a few words describing the feeling they were trying to convey for their upcoming commercial. The car team said they view sound as “an opportunity to emphasize the sense of attraction,” — meaning they wanted the song in their commercial to compliment the imagery and entrance their audience.

The car brand also communicated, “For the supporting track, we’re thinking something simple, light, and romantic. Something that helps drive the ‘love at first sight’ idea.”
They also provided the following musical references to give the Artlist team a clearer idea of the sound and vibe of the track they were looking for.

Power your business' creativity with Artlist Enterprise

Musical reference 1

Sebastian Teller – Roche:
Fresh and modern electronic style, with playful vocals that emphasize lust/desire.

Musical reference 2

L’Imperatrice – Agitations Tropicale:
Modern, electronic style with dreamy upbeat feeling to emphasize the feeling of being mesmerized.

Musical reference 3

Polo & Pan – Zoom Zoom:
Playful and interesting, modern tropical electronic sound. Conveys a mesmerized feeling in a playful, upbeat way.

Their dedicated Artlist Account Manager was then able to take these musical references and curate a custom playlist for their upcoming commercial. The team then chose their favorite track — Game Over, to feature in their ad.

Game Over is a dynamic and energetic track available on Artlist, composed by 2050. It combines electronic and orchestral elements to create an intense and suspenseful atmosphere. The song begins with a pulsating electronic beat and builds up with dramatic strings and synths, creating a sense of anticipation. As the track progresses, it evolves into a high-energy composition with driving percussion and powerful brass sections. Game Over is perfect for cinematic and advertising projects, as it effectively captures the thrilling and climactic moments of a car commercial or action sequences.

Custom ad campaign playlist by Artlist

Have a listen to some of the other songs from the car brand’s dedicated campaign playlist:















Artlist is here to help you create incredible video marketing content for your business. Enterprise accounts get a dedicated Account Manager with access to industry insights, data, and trends to help you get the most out of Artlist, create original content, and stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about how we can help your brand, agency, or team today.


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