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If you are a video creator, you probably need music for your video. And when it comes to music for video, royalty-free music sites are best place to find original music at an affordable price. Since Copyright is complex issue with a ton of exceptions, your search for the top royalty-free music sites left you more confused than when you started.

Fear not! We at Artlist have made it our mission to simplify all the tedious and critical details of music licensing so you don’t need to go to law school to understand our license. Here are 5 reasons why Artlist should be your go-to music licensing site:

Song Quality

While some royalty free music sites focus on building a massive library of music, this very often comes at the expense of their quality. Artlist’s Catalog Team spends countless hours before even considering to add a song to our catalog, and do that with you, the filmmaker in mind. Going through an immense library containing a few good songs in an ocean of bad ones will make your search inefficient and feeling seasick. You might settle for a mediocre track to reach a deadline and just move on.

Artlist throws you the rope and offers a hand-picked selection of tracks from different genres and moods where quality is the common thread that links them. While other platforms put higher price tags on songs they deem “Premium”, every Artlist subscriber gets full access to our entire catalog.

A License that Covers Everything

Here lies the most significant difference (we call it an advantage) of Artlist compared to the competition. If you read the fine print in the license of other platforms, limitations will stand out:

  • Some platforms limit the type of video you can use their music on and charge extra for commercial or corporate videos.
  • Do you want to use the same song on two different projects? You might have to pay more.
  • If you’re no longer a subscriber, you can’t use a song again, even if you downloaded it while your subscription was active.

We think these restrictions limit creativity, forcing creators to focus on inconvenient technicalities. That’s why we eliminated them. All of them. You don’t have to think twice before using one of our tracks because Artlist’s license gives you everything.

  • You can use a song you downloaded in any video you want, whether it’s for social media, business, wedding or even a commercial.
  • Use the same song on multiple projects for yourself or your clients.

Once you downloaded a song with an active subscription, it’s yours to use forever, even after you stop being a subscriber (hoping that never happens).

Fast and Friendly Search

Time is one of the most critical factors in filmmaking. On Artlist, one of the top the royalty-free music sites out there, you will find filters that will make your search as effective and painless as possible. After all, finding the right song does not depend on the number of songs in your library, but on the handful of quality tracks you think will be a good match.

To make your search as efficient as possible, each song is manually tagged, dividing the tags into four filter categories:

  • Mood: Ranging from Uplifting to Scary & Dark, we aimed to compile the least exhaustive list possible of distinct moods.
  • Video Theme: While this may sound a bit odd, you have to admit that a wedding film needs different music than a sports video. A track usually fits multiple themes, so don’t worry about over-filtering. This filter works best when paired with a Mood. Are you making a nature film about baby pandas (nature + happy, playful) or a cheetah on the hunt (nature + powerful, tense)?
  • Genre: In this basic search filter, you will find numerous styles like RockHip HopChildrenClassical and everything in between.
  • Instrument: If you’re looking for a song with a whistle, a Ukelele or an Acoustic Guitar, you’ll find plenty of options here.

Try out our filters and see how fast you find the perfect song

Value for Money

Artlist’s main mission is to help filmmakers find high-quality original music for their videos at an affordable price without worrying about when and where they use it. That is why permissive license, the unlimited number of downloads and quality of music, at $16.60 a month ($199 billed annually), I am positive you will conclude that Artlist offers creators the best value for money.

Get everything you need to create the perfect video


Last but not least, one of our missions at Artlist is empowering independent creators to make a living, and our musicians are no exception. We offer them a fair contract. Just like the film industry, the music industry is just as brutal. artists have been hurt the most by the technological advancements of the past two decades. We empower our artists and make sure to compensate them adequately for their work, so they will continue to pursue their passion for making music without having to work second jobs or exhaust themselves with endless tours.

Just this month, we sent out annual royalty payments to our talented musicians. Seeing their reactions made us realize we are doing it right. Here is some of the feedback we got:

In the same way that our license is permissive and has hardly any restrictions, we don’t restrict our artists to exclusive contracts with the freedom to create and work with us on their terms.

The Best Place for Music Licensing

When looking for royalty free music sites, seek one that allows you to find quality original music created by real indie artists and gives you a license that allows you to use its music in any video at an affordable rate, wherever, whenever and as many times as you want. So, check out Artlist, it one of the best royalty-free music sites out there, I’m sure you’ll like it.

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