How Video Creators Can Make Money on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook as a video creator



Making money on Facebook has never been easier with the amount of money sponsors are willing to spend.
If you’re making original content, sponsored content, branded content and in-stream ads are fantastic options.
If you’re making connections with your followers, selling fan subscriptions, getting stars, or hosting private events are also ways to make money on Facebook.

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If you’ve been wracking your head on how to make money on Facebook (or asking yourself can you make money on Instagram?), you’re in good company. Lucky for you, there is money to be had! In the past year, Facebook monetization has skyrocketed. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of content creators that have reported making more than $10,000/month has increased by 88%, and those making more than $1,000/month increased by 94% (source). This exponential growth shows that you, too, can learn how to monetize Facebook videos. In this article, we’re going to go over several different ways to do so.

Basics in how to make money on Facebook

Before you rush into the action, it’s a good thing to understand the different eligibility requirements for Facebook monetization. First, you’ll need to comply with the platform’s Community Standards. These guidelines include you don’t post content that depicts violence, nudity and hate speech. You’ll also need to have authentic content, protect the privacy of others, and make your content respects the dignity of others.

fb community standards
Source: Facebook

Second, you’ll need to make sure your status as an influencer is sufficient for Facebook to recognize you as profitable. You must have at least 10,000 followers, 600,000 total eligible minutes viewed in the last 60 days, and 5 active videos on your page. This will ensure that once your monetized Facebook videos are released, they’re likely to be viewed by a ready audience. If you’ve already got a handle on how to post a video on Facebook and are reading this article, odds are that you’re well on your way to meeting or surpassing that threshold.

Lastly, you want to avoid certain types of videos that Facebook will not recognize as eligible for monetizing. These include static videos, PowerPoint presentations, looping videos, text montages, and embedded ads. You also cannot market certain products, such as tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, firearms, animals and certain healthcare products. Being aware of these prohibited avenues will save you money and time as you’re on your way to Facebook monetization.

In-stream ads

For Beginners who are looking for ways how to monetize Facebook videos, you can’t go wrong with in-stream ads. In-stream ads, a form of native videos, are played either before, during or after a given video. These ads are like videos that you see on other platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube. A video must be at least 60 seconds long to use this type of advertisement, as the platform has its own rules governing how to monetize videos on Facebook. These ads can also be minimally invasive, as you’ll be able to insert an ad for a video over one minute 30 seconds in or place an ad 45 seconds in for a video three minutes or longer. You can also insert ads for Facebook videos if you want to diversify your Facebook video monetization avenues!

Branded content

facebook brand collabs manager

Get ready to generate your Facebook video ad revenue! With branded content, you can do just that. First, in your Creator Studio, you’ll see the “Brand Collabs Manager” tab, where brands can find creators and allow the 2 to connect. Next, they’ll go to your portfolio, where they’ll get a chance to look at your audience, your own brand and the types of content that you post. Finally, you can add a custom call-to-action button that you would add to your post and even allow brands to add content-related ads to your posts for the duration of a project. In no time, you’ll see that…

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Fan subscription

Get ready to enjoy Facebook video monetization in a whole new way! Fan subscriptions are a great way to do just that. They permit dedicated followers to support the pages they like through monthly recurring payments. They then have many benefits, ranging from exclusive content, access to your whole library or catalog, exclusive live videos, discounts, one-on-one time with you or having their own supporter badge. There are a great many ways how to make money on Facebook!

While this feature is only available for content creators in a few countries, the number of creators taking advantage is growing nonetheless. You’ll need at least 10,000 followers or 250+ returning viewers. The great thing about this option is that you receive 100% of the price consumers pay over their mobile device and 70% if paid over Apple or Google. This shows that fan subscription is a terrific way to generate Facebook video monetization.


Stars is a feature that allows you to monetize your live videos. Viewers can buy stars and send them to you during your Facebook live videos. This ensures that their comments have a greater likelihood of being seen by you. For every star that you receive, Facebook will give you one cent per star sent, and lucky for you, users rarely send a single star at a time. On average, around one billion stars are sent a month, registering $10 million of revenue for content creators. This shows that there are more ways how to monetize videos on Facebook than you thought.

Paid online events

Paid online events are a terrific way how to make money on Facebook. Set up an event, charge a fee for admission and allow guests to attend while keeping all of the revenue generated for admittance. These are fantastic options for tutorials, ceremonies, training sessions, lectures or whatever business venture you can imagine. Just have your guests log onto Facebook Live Events and find your event there. This is a terrific way how to make money on Facebook, allowing you options outside the realm of Facebook video ad revenue.

Sponsored content

The great thing about sponsored content is that you can form relationships with brands outside of Facebook and then produce content specifically for them. This means you can be hustling outside the platform and bring that partnership into your feed. Sponsored content must be properly labeled as such according to Facebook’s community standards. While this means that your followers will be aware of the partnership with your sponsor, this also means that your alliance with them will give you a chance for greater production value.

In conclusion

Overall, there are a plethora of ways how to make money on Facebook. First, make sure that you have satisfied Facebook’s requirements and standards to make sure you can begin. Afterward, try one (or all!) of the different ways how to monetize Facebook depending on your brand and followers. In no time, between the Facebook video ad revenue, live events, or sponsored content, you’ll be basking in the showering income that other creators are sitting in too.

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