Here Are the Winners of the Home B-Roll Challenge


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First, we’d like to thank everyone who took part in the Home B-roll Challenge we launched 21 days ago. It was really great and inspiring to watch all your creative ideas.

The rules were simple:

  • It needed to be no longer than 30 sec.
  • It was shot in your home.
  • Artlist music was used.
  • Bonus points went to those who sent BTS videos

As for the prizes, the best b-roll will get a lifetime subscription to Artlist, a one-year subscription to Artgrid Pro, 3 Spiffy Gear Lumiee lights and will be featured in the Spotlight section of our website.

2nd place will get a one-year subscription to Artlist and 2 Spiffy Gear Lumiee lights.

3rd place will get a Spiffy Gear Lumiee light and Artlist merch.

Our creative team has picked their favorite videos based on creativity, storytelling, song choice and technical abilities.

Check out this reaction video of our Head of Creative and Creative Director reviewing the top picks.

Before revealing our top 5 choices, I’d like to mention that we have another competition going on for all you creators at home – The Showreel contest. Check the rules and send us the most exciting showreel you can make and you could win a slick MSI Prestige monitor, a lifetime subscription to Artlist and more!

Now, without further ado, here are our 5 favorite b-rolls:

5th Place

RC Car Chase At Home by Michal Svarc

This video stands out in terms of creativity, technical abilities and storytelling. The only negative thing we have to say about it is that we’re not sure that it can be considered b-roll, even according to the broad definition we set. Nevertheless, it’s a very cool video; it’s well lit and well shot exciting, it’s funny, and I was rooting for the robovac to win.

To see how this video was made, click here

4th Place

Pizza Time by TimSpeaking

We all hate cleaning up after making a meal, especially one that takes time. In Tim’s video here, this unwillingness reaches a whole new level that involves turning back time. Using reverse footage is a highly used technique, but Tim was able to integrate it into the story organically and with humo(u)r.

Oh and Tim, thanks for the amusing and enlightening BTS video. I loved seeing each step of your process, from the pre-production and the way you chose and used the music, to the shooting stage and post-production. I highly recommend you check it out:

3rd Place

My Daily Mix by Nicolò Borgo

Great use of music here, Nico, and you really brought the music to life with the waveforms appearing with each button press. Also, the frantic camera movements really sucked me into the mind of a beatmaker.

Check out Nico’s BTS video here.

Get unlimited royalty-free sound effects

2nd Place

Stay Fresh by Squareflare

This super fun and groovy video almost made it to the top spot. The premise is simple – a man getting ready to go to work during the quarantine – but this video has everything going for it: creative transitions, a killer song, great humor and a cool Risky Business reference.

Check out their BTS here.

1st Place

The Life of a Dog in Quarantine by Sune Chee

Besides easily taking the crown in the cuteness category, this video just made us laugh so hard. The song choice is perfect, the rotating transitions are smooth and the gags are hilarious. The scenes where the dog showers and goes on a date with the stuffed unicorn killed us. Congrats, Sune Chee!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video here.

We’ll contact the winners to send you the prizes so keep your inboxes free.

With over 250 submissions, it was really hard picking only five videos. Seeing your creativity shine through these challenging times was truly inspiring.

Here are some other videos we really liked but ultimately didn’t make the cut.

Baby Coffee by Caleb Chamberlain:

Caleb and his wife (and kid) also made a very nice BTS video:

Quarantine by Amar A

Pinball B-roll by Tyler O’Neill

Stay Home by Laura & Fred

Quarantine Priorities by The Superhuman Way

Here’s the BTS.

Remember to check out the Showreel contest and until next time, stay creative!

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