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These days, as we’re all confined indoors, the term thinking outside the box has become more literal than ever. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your home spark your creativity. To encourage you to continue creating during these difficult times, Artlist is launching a Home B-Roll Challenge, a contest that could earn you a lifetime subscription to Artlist and much more.

To participate in the competition, you need to create a video with the following restrictions:

  • Make it no longer than 30 sec.
  • Shoot objects in your home.
  • Use Artlist music.
  • Upload it to Youtube with the title Artlist B-roll challenge and the hashtag #ALbrollchallenge

The submission deadline is April 16th.

If you are not a paying subscriber, you can use watermarked Artlist songs for your b-roll video.

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  • First place wins a lifetime subscription to Artlist, a one-year subscription to Artgrid Pro, 3 Spiffy Gear Lumiee lights and will be featured in the Spotlight section of our website.
  • 2nd place gets a one-year subscription to Artlist and 2 Spiffy Gear Lumiees.
  • 3rd place gets a Spiffy Gear Lumiee light and some Artlist merch.

As a special bonus to our users, Spiffy Gear is giving a 15% discount on their Lumiee products until April 17th. All you have to do is add one of the products from this webpage to your cart, using coupon code ALbrollchallenge.

Our Creative team will pick the winners based on creativity, storytelling, song choice and technical abilities.

The top 5 B-roll sequences will be featured on our YouTube channel and will get feedback from our VP creative, Liran Friedman and Creative Director, Jonathan Vardi.

We will announce the winners on April 23rd on a video that we’ll share on all our social channels.

What is B-roll

If you’re not exactly sure what B-roll means, here’s a short explanation. According to the classic definition, B-roll includes footage that accompanies your main story, like the footage you cut to in the middle of an interview. On YouTube, the definition of B-roll has expanded to include any shot that doesn’t feature you or someone else talking. So, establishing shots, transitions and montages are considered B-roll.

In our competition, we follow the broad definition of B-roll.

To give you some idea as to what we’re looking for, here are some tips:

  • Use your B-roll sequence to tell a story.
  • To get smooth transitions, try to shoot objects that relate
  • Try shooting in creative angles.
  • You get bonus points if you create a behind-the-scenes video.

We are eagerly awaiting your Home B-roll challenge submissions. Remember to stay (creative) inside!

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