Here Are the Winners of the #GetInTheLoop Challenge

getintheloop challenge winners


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Last month we launched the #GetInTheLoop contest, which challenged beginner filmmakers to create social media loop videos using (at least) 1 of 3 techniques: Lighting, VFX and sound design. 

The launch of the challenge coincided with the launch of Artlist Academy, an online source of courses built for creators.

The contest would award 3 winners prizes amounting to $8,000 worth of gear from our sponsors Nanlite, Insta360, Moment and Røde, subscriptions to Artlist, Artgrid, Motion Array and FXhome.

So after watching all your clever submissions, we are ready to announce the 3 winners, 1 in each category. Here they are: 

Lighting category

Polar Eyes

A day in the life head of a “lazy” creator is the theme of this clever looping video. The light coming through the window changes according to the time of day, and the creator remains stuck in his head. Featuring a great lo-fi electronic track by Lalinea and claustrophobic visuals, you really get the frustrating and discouraging feeling of being stuck in a creative block.

As you can see from the BTS video above, Polar Eyes built a miniature room from paper and wood and shot it with an iPhone 12 mini with the Filmic Pro app. As for lighting, he used the Nanlite Forza 60B and the Nanlite Pavotube 6c II.

Fun fact: Polar Eyes was a runner-up in our 2021 Edit Challenge with this brand ad:

VFX category

Multiversal Dice by penwinrawr

The theme of the winner in the VFX category is the adventures of a die traveling through different dimensions. Each “verse” is not only different in theme but also in look and style, including a retro Jean Jeunet-style world, a futuristic room, a gambling table and space, resulting in a rich and eye-catching video.

Sound Design category

Prince Jhun Maddela

The trials and tribulations of a skater in the town of Ketchikan, Alaska is the theme of our Sound Design category winner. It starts with a guy on the street running to his flat, saying hi to his roommate, taking his laptop and looking to buy a skateboard online. He then assembles it and goes riding… until it breaks. Bummer? No worries, he’ll get a new one in the next loop. What makes this video so much fun are the groovy sax-filled retro track aptly called Sax Party, the loud keyboard typing and the realistic skate riding sounds.


Here are the prizes each winner will receive:

  • Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition Get-Set Kit camera
  • Nanlite PavoTube II 15
  • Røde Vlogging kit
  • Røde VideoMic GO II
  • $300 store credit with
  • 1-year Artlist Music & SFX Creator Pro subscription
  • 1-year Artgrid Pro subscription
  • 1-year Motion Array subscription 
  • Licenses for FXhome software HitFilm

Wrap up

So congrats to all the winners. Hope you will use your prizes to create even better videos. And until the next challenge, stay creative!

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