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How does growing your filmmaking skills, getting creative and winning up to $8,000 of prizes for doing so sound? Well, if you enter our #GetInTheLoop challenge, that’s exactly what you could do! So if you’re a bit worried that you’re new to filmmaking and this challenge might not be for you, don’t be! The idea is that the challenge is here to help you learn new skills and showcase them. That definitely makes it suitable for beginner filmmakers, and we absolutely think you should enter.

Launching the #GetInTheLoop Challenge, together with The Artlist Academy, sponsored by Nanlite, Insta360, Moment and Røde, running from August 1 to 22, 2022.

What do I need to do?

There are 4 main steps that you need to take to enter the Artlist Academy #GetInTheLoop challenge:

  1. Download the Starter Kit, which you’ll find here. This contains a PNG you must include within the first 2 seconds of your loop video.
  2. Next, choose a skill set from the Artlist Academy tutorials to work on and show off in your loop video. You can select from lighting, sound design or VFX.

artlist academy

  1. Now, create a loop video that lasts between 7 and 30 seconds, showing off your newfound skills and including the PNG.
  2. Finally, share your video on Instagram or TikTok. When you caption it, remember to include the hashtag #GetInTheloop, mention the skill you’ve worked on and tag

We know that you’ll have more questions about the challenge. So read on, and hopefully, we’ve covered everything about #GetInTheLoop that you need to know.

What can I win?

There will be 3 winners, 1 from each category, each will get:

prizes of getintheloop challenge

  • Insta360 ONE RS Twin Edition Get-Set Kit camera
  • Nanlite PavoTube II 15
  • Røde Vlogging kit
  • Røde VideoMic GO II
  • $300 store credit with
  • 1-year Artlist Music & SFX Creator Pro subscription
  • 1-year Artgrid Pro subscription
  • 1-year Motion Array subscription 
  • Licenses for FXhome software HitFilm

Plus, your work will be featured on the Artlist social media channels.

What is a loop video?

A loop video is a repeating video that loops around seamlessly from beginning to end. So you can watch it again and again and again…

In the case of the #GetInTheLoop challenge video, it needs to be between 7 and 30 seconds in length.

What does my loop video need to include?

To be eligible to enter the Artlist Academy #GetInTheLoop challenge, your loop video must include:

  •  The PNG from the Starter Kit.
  • Music from Artlist. If you’re not already an Artlist subscriber, you can use watermarked songs. Just sign up for a free trial account and dive in!
  • If you want to include video clips from Artgrid, go right ahead. If you’re not an Artgrid subscriber, just sign up for a free trial account and use watermarked clips.
  • There are also some free motion graphics and SFX included in the Starter Kit, which you are free to use, but it’s not compulsory.
  • Bonus points if you share a behind-the-scenes video of your loop video. 
  • Be sure to hashtag that with #GetInTheLoop.

But just as important as these technical specs, your loop video is all about improving your filmmaking skills. So it needs to showcase a technique based on lighting, sound design or VFX. For example, you might use gobos to create interesting backgrounds and textures across your scene. Or perhaps you will use some awesome SFX to increase the intensity of your visuals. Then again, you might choose to give your entire video a retro Super 8mm film look. The possibilities are almost endless, and these are just 3 suggestions for you to try. The Artlist Academy videos in these categories are chock-full of techniques for you to learn and try and are free for a limited time, so why not take a look?

How do I submit my loop video?

When you’re ready to share your loop video with the world:

  1. Post it to your Instagram or TikTok account with the hashtag #GetInTheLoop.
  2. Tag and mention and note the technique you’ve worked on in the video.
  3. If you made a behind-the-scenes video, share it in the same way with the same hashtag and mentions.

While you can submit a behind-the-scenes video of your loop, you’re only permitted to enter one loop video into the challenge. If you try to submit more than one loop, you’ll be disqualified.

When must I submit my video?

You have until August 22 to share your video, so get your creative thinking cap on!

Who is judging the challenge, and what are they looking for?

The judging panel will consist of members of the Artlist Creative Team. Your video can be about anything you want, provided it’s a loop between 7 and 30 seconds and showcases a lighting, sound design or VFX skill. The judges will be looking for something creative, original and high quality.

Get filming!

You’ve until August 22 to learn a cool new skill and share your loop video highlighting it. Have fun and good luck!

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