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Mysterious instrumental music is an essential element to add to your suspense, action, or psychological dramas to give your story more intrigue
Artlist features the Mystery Collection full of royalty-free mysterious music from hyper-talented artists
Explore the catalog yourself and read below about several artists whose work you’ll be glad you featured in your next tale of mystery
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One of the best gauges of good cinema is a story that pulls you in. Whether at a script level, acting or cinematography, an aura of mystery makes for compelling viewing. The music, however, cannot be overlooked. Having the right cryptic music to play in your content is the difference between heavy-handedness and something void of enigma. The best creators always match the right music to a scene, like a sommelier matches wine glasses to the right vintage.

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This month, Artlist is introducing the Mysterious Collection, full of astonishing enigmatic melodies. In it, you’ll find both classic and modern hits alike that will infuse your work with the right noirish aura. So browse the collection yourself to see which tracks best suit your content-making needs.

Why Royalty-Free Mystery Music

We all would like the budget to make our next Chinatown or True Detective. But for content creators who want to make high-quality videos at an affordable rate, royalty-free music is the way to go. For a single annual subscription, download and use music from top artists without running afoul of licensing attorneys. Just take a look at the reviews and links below to see what kind of opportunity royalty-free mystery music can do for you.

Artlist Collection of Mysterious Instrumental Music

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Song by Oliver Michael

This track is as foreboding as it is cryptic. The running strings and thumbing piano give it the air of doom as it also strikes notes of hopeful music. Feel free to use either half in each opposing scenario your scene calls for.

Insomniac’s Dream

Song by Sémø

This track strikes both fantastical notes while also having a peaceful mood. The slumber-like quality makes it perfect for any Tim-Burton-inspired story, as well as an eerie animation short.

Blood Meridian


With the name hailing from the classic Cormac McCarthy novel, this song is far more understated than its literary antecedent. You’ll rightly notice both a spiritual and ritualistic quality to it. Its tribal and earthy sound make it a perfect match for any western or outdoors story. 

Life Must Have Its Mysteries

Song by Or Chausha

This track is tense and made for thrillers with a more electronic sound. Claustrophobic, ambient and titillating, it belongs in any chase sequence or climactic build. Whether you’re focusing on a single protagonist or have worlds coming together across many characters, this royalty-free mystery music earns its place in your piece.

Birthday Suite

Song by Morphlexis

A jazzy spin on mysterious background music, this groovy track by Morphlexis feels like it belongs in both swanky clubs and surfer films. Retro, cool and hypnotic, it sounds like it could easily fit in both a Quentin Tarantino film and a Pink Panther sequel.


Song by Yehezkel Raz

Haunting and childlike, this track has great range. It can be easily played in a period piece as well as in Harry Potter films. The steady climbing of the piano gives a great build without ever landing on a crescendo. Effects like these allow the viewer to continue their gaze free from anxiety. It will enable you, as the creator, to give a visual feast of splendor.


Song by Emmanuel Jacob

This sacred, hymn-like track builds suddenly and quickly. Very fitting for adventure stories and historical tales, it causes the viewer to grow scared while also casting them in an ancient spell.


Song by Jameson Nathan Jones

Very understated but heavy, this song by Jameson Nathan Jones is the definition of royalty-free dark music. Atmospheric and dense, it lets its ambiance and sonics do the work for it. It’s a great addition to dark psychological dramas, urban mysteries and futuristic sci-fi.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Song by Jeremy Chontow

Sounding like a dark version of Chopin, this nocturn was made for suspense. It also has a hopeful quality without ever releasing a magical and breathless thread.

Don’t Look Back

Song by Matooma

Shuttering and energetic, this song feels like it was plucked from Blade Runner: 2049. With the right amount of dripping melody and searing synths, it hits the right balance between electronic pulse and steady climbs.


Song by Out of Flux

Being both spine-tingling and soothing, this song grabs you. That combination is what makes it mysterious rather than scary, although you never quite lose the sense that danger is afoot. Use it in moments when your protagonist realizes a missing piece of the puzzle or, rather, when all the pieces come terrifyingly together.

Keeping Routine

Song by Ran Raiten, Yoed Nir

Although this track has step, it also has a sleek elegance that hints more is lurking. One feels like they’re watching a James Bond movie or some bourgeois caper.

A Town Called Dismal

Song by Josh McCausland

A harrowing and affecting track, this one has all you need. It’s long enough to cut and sample across multiple scenarios. Whether you want an eerie setup, the calm before the storm, or a melancholic denouement, this song fits easily into any part of your tale of mystery.

Haunting Memories

Song by David Morton

This song has a whimsical and baroque sound. The orchestration rings clear, which gives it an unusual mysterious element. It’s more imperious, which means that it could signal a harsh reality coming ahead.

Tomb Research (Cave Ambience)

Song by Kyle Preston

Like the jungle expeditioners in Raiders of the Lost Ark, this royalty-free mystery music has all the ambient critters to make your skin crawl. Use it to give that added dimension of suspense, shrills, and gravity to your mythical stories.

My Darkest Hour

Song by Jimmy Svensson

This mysterious instrumental music is gritty and electronic and features all the elements of dark thrillers. Its distinct character may seem to box it into hard-hitting thrillers, but you get your money’s worth when placed in the right story.

Wrap up

Mysterious instrumental music is a great element in any thriller, psychological or otherwise. Whether it’s a detective tale, murder mystery, or deep dive into character depths, royalty-free music is your best friend on a tight budget. Check out the Artlist Mysterious Collection and see which tracks will beef up your content and give your stories the added pulse of tension. Until next time, stay creative!

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