Stream the best of Artlist on Spotify and YouTube

A selection of artists from the Artlist Original label

Stream the best of Artlist on Spotify and YouTube

A selection of artists from the Artlist Original label

Stream the best of Artlist on Spotify and YouTube

A selection of artists from the Artlist Original label


Artlist Tuned offers curated playlists of music from the Artlist catalog
Find playlists to fit every mood or setting
Listen now on Spotify and YouTube
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When was the last time you listened to an album all the way through? 

It’s probably difficult to remember. In fact, for many people, the answer is never. Even looking for a specific single to listen to is no longer a typical listening experience. 

Today, the most common way to listen to music is via playlists on the most popular streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. They’re carefully curated to fit a mood, scenario or genre, such as “Songs to Sing in the Car” or “Rock Classics”. It’s the modern version of the compilation album or mixtape, always available in your pocket, with none of the filler.

The reason for this is simple. There are occasions when you want to hear a specific song. But normally, you just want something to match your mood, to be right for a certain event or to soundtrack your road trip. Where someone has done the hard work for you in finding the right music, so you can just hit play and enjoy.

Introducing Artlist Tuned

Artlist Tuned takes the best songs from Artlist’s catalog of highly curated, royalty-free music and serves them up for your listening pleasure in dedicated playlists available on both Spotify and YouTube

From “Songs for the Shower” to “Meditation Music”, “Hotel Lounge Music” to “Energy Booster”, you can find playlists for every mood, scenario and setting.

Get all you need to create the perfect video

Putting the artists front and center

What really sets Artlist’s royalty-free music apart is its quality. These aren’t just generic stock songs to put into your video project. These are high-quality, well-produced songs by really talented artists that stand on their own creative merit.

Until now, most people would only hear Artlist music in commercials by major global brands. And while the music would form an important part of the video, it’s just one part of a piece of advertising that’s been put together to convey a certain message.

At Artlist, we love seeing our artists get global exposure. But we also saw an opportunity to put them — their names, faces and stories — front and center. We believe in our music, and we believe in our artists. So as part of our partnership with artists on our Artlist Original record label, we decided to create a space for their music on the top streaming platforms.

Everybody wins

A core value at Artlist is to empower creators. By putting our artists on YouTube and Spotify we’re helping them build a name for themselves and get more exposure. Most importantly, with each play, they generate more income to support their creative work.

For Artlist it’s also a win — an opportunity to expose even more people to the quality and range of the catalog. And for your average music streamer, it’s a chance to get access to perfectly-curated playlists of quality, independent music that will really hit the spot.

What’s next for Artlist Tuned

Every week new playlists are going online so that music on the channel, just like in the catalog, will always be fresh and on-trend. And in the near future, you’ll also be able to listen to soundscapes that will transport you into a wide range of natural and urban settings.

Check out the curated playlists on Artlist Tuned’s Spotify and YouTube today!

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