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Introducing #ALCreators

Welcome to our new content series where we’re rounding up the best entries from the #ALCreators competition to bring you the freshest creators and their latest content each month. 

Whether you’re just getting started or want to add the finishing touches to your videos get inspired by music, sound effects, footage, and more from our creators of the month. 


Prepare to be wowed by Ed.it.son, he’s a visual effects artist that wows with mind-boggling stories. He uses a green screen, editing techniques, and specialist camera rigs to create fun and exciting scenes like a self-delivering parcel, a kid producing apples from his t-shirt design, and a gingerbread man coming to life.

In this Artlist collaboration, Ed.it.son runs and jumps at a glass table before dissolving into blocks and falling to the floor. The behind-the-scenes video explains how he created this effect and how imaginative and talented Ed.it.son is when approaching his films.

Artlist adds the final touch with a selection of 3 fun sound effects to highlight the moment Ed.it.son turns to blocks, starting with falling empty bottles and rummaging through lego, before finishing with the Human body falling to the floor.

Sam Newton

Sam Newton is a travel filmmaker and turtleneck enthusiast producing stunning content for brands worldwide. Sam’s Instagram gives you plenty of behind-the-scenes insight into the life of travel film creators and his love of Turtlenecks.

Sam teamed up with Artlist to give a talk at a Google Conference about content creation. In his short video, he speaks about the imposter syndrome many filmmakers feel when asked to talk about their work.

Despite working with some huge brands and having years of experience, Sam often feels like he’ll never be good enough. In this story, he gives away the secret to building his confidence — the only way to get more confident at doing something is to do it.


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Negin is a Vienna-based filmmaker and editor who produces stunning and powerful product videos. Through her Instagram channel, she shows her fans how these videos are made, with super close-up shots, extra slow-motion, and a lot of behind-the-scenes wizardry.

Set to Against All Odds by Tiko Tiko, we see Negin creating a video for coffee beans, using fish tanks of milky water, smoke machines, and a cool camera-spoon rig. The creative thinking behind how these videos are made is as extraordinary as the results.

If you’re interested in product videography, Negin is the right creator to follow. Get inspired by her incredible work, learn how each shot is constructed, and try it for yourself.


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Michele Lorenzoni is an Italian editor and content creator producing behind-the-scenes videos following his work life. As a filmmaker, Michele loves to travel, and In this short video, he shows us how he edits videos.

Featuring music and sound effects from Artlist’s audio library, the stunning visuals and fast-paced editing give insight into the life of an editor; constantly on the go and chasing deadlines, with the occasional break for a snack and fresh air.

At just 22 years old, Michele shows tremendous flair and grasp of technique with his filmmaking and editing skills. Artlist is currently working on a dedicated collaboration with Michele, so stay tuned for more ideas and videos from this talented creator. 


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Get unlimited high-quality music for your videos

Cache_bunny and Hok

This next collaboration from Cache_Bunny and Hok features the music track OMW by Jane and the Boy. The impressive video utilizes a range of techniques and technology to create a mind-boggling composition that’s difficult to figure out exactly how they did it.

Fortunately, Hok (Director) and Cache_Bunny (VFX) have created a behind-the-scenes to show precisely how the video was created. There is no doubt that these content creators have all the talent and creativity needed to create such a complex composition consisting of 360 cameras on a rolling rig, greenscreen backgrounds, synced performances, and a ton of editing work.

The music, performances, direction, and visual effects all work together perfectly to create a unique and exciting music video. We’re glad they made the behind-the-scenes video, or we’d have no idea how this was done.


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Simeon Harris @Master_Sims

Simeon Harris, aka Master_Sims, is a talented sound engineer specializing in Podcasts at quailaudioediting.com. Using his sound design skills, he creates hilarious Instagram content based on popular music artists such as One Direction, BTS, and High School Musical.

When filming music videos, singers will sing along to the prerecorded track, and the onboard sound will be removed in the editing. Simeon reimagines the finished video by stripping away the studio sound and adding back in sound effects and vocals.

In this video, he shows how he does it, with the help of the Artlist sound effects library. While each video might only be 30 seconds long, much work and attention to detail goes into each, adding sound effects for the environment, performers’ movements, and lyrics. The precision and imagination behind his work are what make it so funny for audiences.


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Calling all creators

Want to get your videos seen by over 200k people? Simply create a video using Artlist assets like royalty free music, footage, sound effects, or video templates and tag us @artlist.io #ALCreators and you could be featured on our social channels and next Blog post. 

We can’t wait to see what you create. 

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