After Effects 2016 Gets a Big Performance Boost & Improved 3D Workflows
April 13, 2016

After Effects 2016 Gets a Big Performance Boost & Improved 3D Workflows

By Robert Hardy 2 min read

Adobe this evening lifted the veil on the latest versions of its Creative Cloud applications. Though no sexy new features were added to After Effects this year, it got some under-the-hood improvements that take its performance to the next level, as well as deeper integration with Cinema 4D for improved 3D workflows. Here's an excerpt from the Adobe press release that delves into these enhancements:

A new video and audio preview engine delivers superior playback of cached frames for a smooth experience. Get immediate feedback when navigating the application or working on compositions with overall efficiency improvements that make you feel like After Effects is keeping up with your creativity. GPU-accelerated effects for Gaussian Blur and the Lumetri Color effect enable you to render your creative choices faster. Faster image sequence import gives you the ability to import images up to ten times faster over a local network or shared storage.

And here's a video in which you can see them in action:

After Effects' Improved 3D Workflow & Integration with Cinema 4D

Adobe has been pushing towards tighter integration with Cinema 4D for ages as they compete with Apple Motion's 3D capabilities, and this newest update takes it one step further for those of you looking to incorporate more 3D modeling into After Effects.

Transition a project from After Effects CC to Maxon Cinema 4D with new export options. Animated text and shape layers can now be saved directly into the Cinema 4D file format. Add depth and customizations to your text and shapes in Cinema 4D and changes are automatically updated in AfterEffects for a roundtrip 3D motion graphics workflow.

Here's a quick video which shows off the new features:

Although Adobe has not commented on the release date for this 2016 update, they've historically released in mid-summer, so I would expect the same from them this year.

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