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The web’s coolest new music licensing platform just got even better.

Even though Artlist is technically still in its public beta, the developers are releasing new features and adding new royalty-free music on an almost weekly basis at this point. Since the last time I wrote about the new features in Artlist, not only have hundreds of new songs from artists all over the world been added, but there’s now system for subscribers to make their own folders and save music for later use. In the latest update, however, the Artlist interface got even prettier with a new main player at the bottom of the screen that allows you to keep listening as you browse the rest of the site.

On the performance side of things, the engineers at Artlist just performed a massive upgrade on the company’s servers. Depending on your location, the performance of the site should be up to 2x faster, especially when previewing and skimming through a waveform. Last, but certainly not least, a handful of new artists are now part of the Artlist family, and a few artists already on the platform have released new royalty-free music.

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  • We’ve now got Ian Post’s new album Eternity, which provides beautiful orchestral soundtracks with delicately-composed piano lines and string arrangements. The songs on this album are a perfect fit for dramatic narrative and documentary pieces striving for the middle ground between melancholy and joy.
  • There’s a new album from Ian Locke called ADV3N7UR35, which has an ethereal, upbeat 80s synth-pop feel to it. From ballads to pumping beats, the album features wide synth pads, harmonic vocal arrangements, rock guitar and electronic leads. All in all, it has a distinctly introspective mood.
  • Then there’s the addition of Michael Vignola‘s album A Place Between Time‘ The talented composer weaves together a string of immensely powerful classical pieces with symphonic instrumentation. If you want to make your audience feel the darkness, complexity, and beauty of a moment, Vignola’s music can help.
  • And lastly, we’ve got Assaf Ayalon‘s new addition Feet on Wood. The songs of this album are all peaceful ballads, full of bright acoustic guitar, mellow piano lines, and serene flourishes from lap steel guitars. It’s a great choice to create a hopeful atmosphere in your next project.

So there you have it, your August 2016 update for all the cool things happening on Artlist right now. Be sure to check back often because they’ve got plenty more awesomeness on the way in the coming months.

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