What would you do with $100K?



What would you do with $100K? We’re giving one visionary creator $100K to bring their out-of-this-world creative video idea to life.
Whether this is your first video project or you’re a seasoned pro, all that matters is your creativity.
Discover our top tips to help you create a compelling video pitch.

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Calling all video creators — what would you do with $100k? We’re giving one visionary creator one hundred thousand dollars to bring your out-of-this-world creative video idea to life. 

Could it be you?

Now is the time to dream bigger than you’ve ever dreamed before. We want to see your most creative ideas. Show us your unique perspective, tell your story, or amplify diverse voices from the global community. 

Whether this is your first video project or you’re a seasoned pro, all that matters is your creativity — we want to hear from you!

How to apply to the Artlist $100K Fund

1. Show us your $100,000 idea

    • Post a video on your socials (90 sec. max) showcasing your concept. Tag @artlist.io and use the hashtag #Artlist100kFund

2. Fill out the application

    • Tell us more about yourself and your vision 

3. Submit to win

    •  Get in on your chance to win $100,000 and make your wildest creative dream come true

Applications close October 12, 2023, at 11:59PM EDT. 




Tips for creating your pitch video

Creating a captivating video or written pitch is an essential skill for any video creator. Often, it’s the first step for securing funding, support, or interest from stakeholders. A strong pitch will communicate your idea, any help you need, and the potential impact of your project in a clear and engaging way. 

The first step of the application process for the $100K Fund is to create a 90-second (max) video explaining your concept. Here are our tips to help you make a compelling video pitch for the Artlist $100K Fund or any video project. 

 1. Start strong with a hook

The first few seconds of your video should grab your viewer’s attention immediately. You could ask a question, use a thought-provoking statement, a powerful visual, or a captivating sound. The goal here is to make your viewers want to keep watching. 

2. Define your concept

Your audience will need to have a clear idea of your concept by the time they finish watching your video. But the faster you can explain it before moving on to the resources you need and the impact of your video, the better. You’ll need to clearly and succinctly explain:

    • What is your project about?
    • Why is it important or unique?
    • Who is your target audience?
    • How will it be executed?

This will show potential supporters that you have a well-thought-out plan and understand the nuances of your project. 

3. Showcase your visual style

Here’s your opportunity to show rather than tell. Include any visuals, snippets, or teasers that reflect the visual style, mood, and tone you’re aiming for. You can use story-driven footage, SFX, templates, music, and more to help present your concept.

Find footage fast from Artlist and the perfect sound effects to bring your idea to life. 

4. Keep it brief

Time is precious, especially when potential supporters are viewing multiple pitches. Keep yours as short as possible. Aim for up to 90 seconds. This will help you focus your video and only include the most essential and exciting information, ultimately making your pitch more impactful.

5. Focus on quality

While your video pitch doesn’t need to be the highest quality production with expensive equipment and professional setups, it should still be clear and well crafted. Nowadays, you can shoot quality videos just using a phone, and simple audio additions like a microphone can make a world of difference. Pay attention to your audio quality, stable visuals, clear graphics, and good lighting to give your video the best chance of being received well. 


Remember, you’ve got to be in it to win it, so start creating your entry video today.

Good luck! 


What would you create
with $100,000?

What would you
create with $100,000?


See the full terms and conditions 



Frequently asked questions

The application is open to all video creators worldwide above the age of 18. You can be a beginner or a seasoned pro – what matters is your creativity. So dream big and share your idea! You don’t need to be an Artlist subscriber to apply. The application is open to both individuals and teams, but only one application per creator or team is allowed. Multiple entries will be disqualified.

First, create a short video (up to 90 seconds) that showcases your $100,000 USD concept. Post the video on one of your social media channels: YouTube, Instagram or TikTok. Tag @artlist.io and use the hashtag #Artlist100kFund. Afterwards, fill out the application form on the Artlist 100K Fund website. You’ll need to provide your full and accurate contact details, a link to the video you posted on your socials, and share a few words about yourself and your concept. That’s it! You’ve grabbed your chance to be the Artlist 100K Fund grant winner.

Your $100,000 idea can be about anything. Go out-of-the-box and submit your wildest, biggest, most creative idea you’d want to make. It can be a YouTube video of you blowing up a tank while parachuting, an insane music video done all in 3D, an experimental short film that only your mind could conjure up, a feature-length film you’ve always wanted to shoot, or even a whole YouTube channel you want to start from the ground up. How much will Artlist grant? How will the Artlist 100K Fund winner receive their grant? One grant recipient will receive $100,000 USD funding to bring their passion project or creative dream to life.The grant money will be delivered in installments, based on the progress and needs of the grant winners’ project. Please note that the grant may be subject to a tax deduction.

The Artlist 100K Fund is here to make one larger-than-life creative project happen. So what matters is your creativity and originality. Based on those two factors, Artlist will compile a shortlist of the top applications. If you’re on that shortlist, you’ll need to create a more in-depth pitch deck and be available for a short video interview. Your pitch deck will need to include a more detailed outline of your project and production needs. You’ll be contacted with all the relevant information beforehand. Due to the expected volume of applicants and our commitment to reviewing each application thoroughly, the selection process could take some time. We aim to announce the Artlist 100K Fund winner by the end of November, 2023. Creators selected for the shortlist will be notified via email A notification email will be sent even if your project was not selected.

Absolutely! The Artlist 100K Fund is open to all creators and you can join even if you don’t have an active Artlist subscription. It’s important to note, however, that the final project will have to include music and assets from Artlist. A 1-year Artlist Max subscription will be provided in addition to the grant money.

Once you submit your project pitch via the application form on the fund website, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Our team will go through each and every application form submitted.

You must submit your pitch by October 12, 2023 at 11:59PM EDT. Any application submitted after this date won’t be eligible

No. Only one application per person/team/company will be accepted. Creators who apply multiple times will be disqualified.

The Artlist 100K Fund is here to make one larger-than-life creative project happen, so dream big! If your concept requires funding of less than $100,000, try to go even further and justify the full grant amount.

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