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SFX Packs

Cinematic Hits Vol 2 album cover

Cinematic Hits Vol 2

Dramatic Impacts & Transitions

Door Central album cover

Door Central

Hatches & Doors

Freaktion album cover


Wood & Concrete Friction

Just Liquids album cover

Just Liquids

Water, Bubbles, Froth

Massive Crashes album cover

Massive Crashes

Collapsing Structures

Smashing album cover


Glass & Metal Crashes

Big City Life album cover

Big City Life

City Vibes

Just Transitions album cover

Just Transitions

Booming Impacts & Fiery Whooshes

Kids Shouts album cover

Kids Shouts

Kids Shouting

Starship Interface  album cover

Starship Interface

On Screen UI

Speedy Commute  album cover

Speedy Commute

Trains, Cars, Motorcycles

Rural Life album cover

Rural Life

Countryside & Small Town Ambiences

The Switch album cover

The Switch

Switches, Levers, Buttons

Weather Effect album cover

Weather Effect

Rain, Wind, Nature

Antique Furniture album cover

Antique Furniture

Old Rusty House Objects

Focused Sports album cover

Focused Sports

Basketball, Badminton, Billiards

I Monster album cover

I Monster

Monsters & Creatures

Mechanized album cover


Mechanic and Hydraulic Movement

Unsettling album cover


Vintage Clicks album cover

Vintage Clicks

Buttons, Switches, Latches

Gym Day album cover

Gym Day

Weightlifting, Boxing, Gym

Everyday Elements album cover

Everyday Elements

Home Appliances, Tools, Vehicles

Misplaced Items album cover

Misplaced Items

Old Gadgets

Fun Fair album cover

Fun Fair

Amusement Park Rides

Just Stones album cover

Just Stones

Throwing & Rolling Stones

Just Whoosh album cover

Just Whoosh

Wind, Cloth & Rope

Male Struggle album cover

Male Struggle

Men Shouting & Grunting

Just Impacts album cover

Just Impacts

Glass, Metal & Wood Hits

Attic Findings  album cover

Attic Findings

Antique Clocks & Devices

Female Shouts album cover

Female Shouts

Woman Shouts

Freaktion Metal album cover

Freaktion Metal

Metal Scrapes & Friction

Just Gore album cover

Just Gore

Bones Breaking, Blood Splatters

Monster Mash album cover

Monster Mash

Monster Growls, Snarls, Roars

Empty Rooms album cover

Empty Rooms

Indoor Ambiences, Roomtones

Crashing Wood album cover

Crashing Wood

Wooden Impacts, Chops, Snaps

Home Props album cover

Home Props

Household Objects

Notice album cover


Alarms, Notifications, Ringtones

Power Tools album cover

Power Tools

Electric Tools & Industrial Machines

Spellbound album cover


Magic, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Designed Passbys album cover

Designed Passbys

Various Whooshes

Just Metal album cover

Just Metal

Metallic Scraping & Dragging

Rummage album cover


Friction & Handling Objects

Sci Fi UI album cover

Sci Fi UI

Data Process, Interface, Robotic Blips

Bowling album cover


Balls, Rolling, Strikes

Cinematic Hits Vol 1 album cover

Cinematic Hits Vol 1

Mind-Blowing Impacts

Cinematic Textures album cover

Cinematic Textures

Logos & Transitions

Gore Fight album cover

Gore Fight

Whooshes, Stabs, Chokes

Just Chains album cover

Just Chains

Chains Jingling & Clunking

Antique Mechanics  album cover

Antique Mechanics

Old Typewriters, Phones, Cameras

Creepy Transitions album cover

Creepy Transitions

Mysterious, Haunting Whooshes

Kitchen Props album cover

Kitchen Props

Lids, Caps, Corks, Covers

Noah's Ark album cover

Noah's Ark

Animal Vocalizations

Tomorrow's Transitions album cover

Tomorrow's Transitions

Sci-Fi Spaceships & Whooshes

Tiny Transitions Vol 1 album cover

Tiny Transitions Vol 1

Whooshes, Scrapings, Swings

Tiny Transitions Vol 2 album cover

Tiny Transitions Vol 2

Acoustic & Designed Whooshes

Building Site album cover

Building Site

Building Sites & Tools

Drawer Central album cover

Drawer Central

Wood & Metal Drawers

Good Dog album cover

Good Dog

Dogs Barking

Hitting album cover


Rocks & Plastic Debris


Sound designer, field recordist and mixing engineer Saro Sahihi is the founder of SoundBits. Since 2011, the studio has been dedicated to recording, editing and designing high-quality sound effects libraries for a wide range of uses, and has recently added music production to their offering.

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