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Front Row SFX by Pole Position

SFX Packs

Dirt Bikes album cover

Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike Perspectives

Assault Rifles album cover

Assault Rifles

AKM, Heckler & Koch

Mini Cooper S Sports Car album cover

Mini Cooper S Sports Car

Compact Sports Car

Vehicle Screeches album cover

Vehicle Screeches

Car Burnouts & Skidding

Classic Vintage Cars album cover

Classic Vintage Cars

1950 BMW Veritas & Bugatti 51

Alfa Romeo 8C Sports Car album cover

Alfa Romeo 8C Sports Car

Competitive Sports Car Driving

Bentley Continental Supersports Car album cover

Bentley Continental Supersports Car

Luxury Sports Car

BMW M3 Executive Car album cover

BMW M3 Executive Car

BMW M3 E92 Interior & Exterior

Battle Rifles album cover

Battle Rifles

FN FAL, Heckler & Koch G3

Chevrolet Silverado Tow Truck album cover

Chevrolet Silverado Tow Truck

American Muscle Towing Truck

Machine Guns album cover

Machine Guns

M1919 A4, Browning M2, L7A2 Gpmg

Light Trucks album cover

Light Trucks

Pickup Trucks, Military Trucks, Jeeps

Jeep Cherokee album cover

Jeep Cherokee

American 4X4 Horse Power

Vintage Fighter Planes album cover

Vintage Fighter Planes

WWII Combat Airplanes

Antique Ford Cars album cover

Antique Ford Cars

Vintage Ford Cars

Artillery album cover


WW2 Tanks & Cannons

Machine Pistols album cover

Machine Pistols

Semi-Automatic Hand Guns

Bullpup Firearms album cover

Bullpup Firearms

Assault Rifles

Uzi SMG album cover


Light Machine Gun

Jungle and Rainforest album cover

Jungle and Rainforest

Wild Animals & Nature Ambience

Black Hawk Helicopter album cover

Black Hawk Helicopter

Chopper, Interior & Exterior

Maserati GranTurismo Sports Car album cover

Maserati GranTurismo Sports Car

Luxury Sports Car

Big Boats and Racers album cover

Big Boats and Racers

Speedboat Ambience

SMG album cover


Submachine Gun & Firearms

Lamborghini Sports Cars album cover

Lamborghini Sports Cars

Luxury Car

Coach Bus album cover

Coach Bus

MAN Lion's Coach Perspectives

Heavy Trucks album cover

Heavy Trucks

Volvo F12 & Peterbilt 379

Jeep Wrangler album cover

Jeep Wrangler

Sports Utility Vehicle

Light Machine Guns album cover

Light Machine Guns

Light Support Weapons

Bolt Action Rifles album cover

Bolt Action Rifles

Sniper Rifle Mechanics & Firing

Mixed Watercrafts album cover

Mixed Watercrafts

Varied Sea Vessels

STRV Battle Tanks album cover

STRV Battle Tanks

Powerful Heavy Tanks

Vehicle Action album cover

Vehicle Action

Cars, Aircraft, Boats

Scooters and Mopeds album cover

Scooters and Mopeds

Riding, Revving, Idling

Weather Front album cover

Weather Front

Rain & Thunder

Semi Auto Pistols album cover

Semi Auto Pistols

Modern Handguns

Beechcraft Baron Light Airplane album cover

Beechcraft Baron Light Airplane

Light Aircraft, Different Perspectives

Koenigsegg Agera Sports Car album cover

Koenigsegg Agera Sports Car

Luxury Car

Porsche 977 Sports Car album cover

Porsche 977 Sports Car

Porsche 997 GT3 RS 2008

Robinson R44 Helicopter album cover

Robinson R44 Helicopter

Light Utility Chopper

Hydraulics and Pneumatics album cover

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Mechanical Air Release

Revolvers album cover


Magnum Handgun Revolvers

Nissan Skyline Street Racer  album cover

Nissan Skyline Street Racer

Turbo Street Race Car

Sports Bikes album cover

Sports Bikes

Extreme Speeds, POV Perspectives

Volkswagen album cover


Compact Sport Cars

Heavy Vehicles album cover

Heavy Vehicles

Exterior & Interior Perspectives

BMP 1 Armored Vehicle album cover

BMP 1 Armored Vehicle

Army Diesel Engine Vehicle

Combat Shotguns album cover

Combat Shotguns

12 Gauge Rifles

Wreaking Havoc album cover

Wreaking Havoc

Destruction & Fire

Classic Antique Cars album cover

Classic Antique Cars

Cadillac V16 & 1938 Chevrolet

Fighter Jet album cover

Fighter Jet

Jas 39 Gripen Flight


Front Row SFX by Pole Position Production is a high-profile sound effects brand by an experienced team of field recordists and editors. They've contributed sound to award-winning video games and Hollywood feature films.

Their collection includes a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from rare military vehicles and modern sports cars to a mix of bikes and mopeds, as well as dozens of weapons, rich ambiences and sound design elements of gore, metal, stone, ice, and many other focused recordings.

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