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SFX Packs

Hi Tech Logos album cover

Hi Tech Logos

Musical & Audio Logos

Audience Reactions album cover

Audience Reactions

Crowds Applauding & Reacting

Transportation Collection Vol 2 album cover

Transportation Collection Vol 2

Trains and Subways

Slot Machines album cover

Slot Machines

Slot Machine Mechanism

Animals Making Noise album cover

Animals Making Noise

Puppies, Cats & Sheep

Top Gun album cover

Top Gun

Firearm Action

Industry & Machinery Vol 1 album cover

Industry & Machinery Vol 1

Construction Tools & Machines

Transportation Collection Vol 1 album cover

Transportation Collection Vol 1

Cessna Airplanes & Helicopters

Cars & Motors album cover

Cars & Motors

Up Close Engines

British Female Voice album cover

British Female Voice

Short - Female Voice Commands, Greetings, Phrases

Breakage and Crashes album cover

Breakage and Crashes

Metal Impacts & Debris

Shenanigans album cover


Various Cartoon Effects

Serious Shooting album cover

Serious Shooting

Burst and Single Shot Firing

Traffic & City Ambience album cover

Traffic & City Ambience

New York City Sounds

Giddyup album cover


Horse Vocalization & Trotting

Lego Sounds album cover

Lego Sounds

Playing with Lego Pieces

Too Funny album cover

Too Funny

Musical Phrases and Silly Hits

Too Scary album cover

Too Scary

Creepy Creatures and Monsters

Metals & Glasses album cover

Metals & Glasses

Metal & Glass

Our House album cover

Our House

Household Appliances and Interior Activities

Sporty Vibe album cover

Sporty Vibe

Winter Sports, Crowds & Miscellaneous

Space Oddity album cover

Space Oddity

Sci-Fi UI & Atmosphere

Basketball Cheers album cover

Basketball Cheers

Basketball Game Crowds

Billiard Sounds album cover

Billiard Sounds

Cue Sports

Break & Fall album cover

Break & Fall

Body Falls & Bone Breaks

Casino Sounds album cover

Casino Sounds

Mobile Casino Games

Different Crowds album cover

Different Crowds

Crowds, Different Locations

Blasted album cover


Explosions, Big Bangs, Gunshots

Hits & Swooshes album cover

Hits & Swooshes

Punches, Cloth Foley, Whooshes

In Chains album cover

In Chains

Metal Chains

Industry & Machinery Vol 2 album cover

Industry & Machinery Vol 2

Construction Tools & Machines

Injured Male Vol 2 album cover

Injured Male Vol 2

Dramatic Pain Reactions

Injured Male Vol 1 album cover

Injured Male Vol 1

Pain Reactions

Everyday Kitchen album cover

Everyday Kitchen

Home Kitchen Appliances

Let's Drive album cover

Let's Drive

Modified Cars

It's Natural Vol 2 album cover

It's Natural Vol 2

Stone Blocks & Wooden Planks

It's Natural Vol 1 album cover

It's Natural Vol 1

Water & Leaves

It's Magical album cover

It's Magical

Spell Casting

Mr DJ album cover


Turntable Scratches

Multimedia Vol 3 album cover

Multimedia Vol 3

Gaming & Digital Interfaces

Multimedia Vol 2 album cover

Multimedia Vol 2

Operating System & Company Logos

Multimedia Vol 1 album cover

Multimedia Vol 1

Digital UI and Phone Ringtones

Retro Memories album cover

Retro Memories

Grandfather Clocks & Marbles

Office Stationary album cover

Office Stationary

Office Actions

Open and Close album cover

Open and Close

Doors, Drawers, Windows

Pinball Sounds album cover

Pinball Sounds

Pinball Machine

Sounds of the Body album cover

Sounds of the Body

Footsteps, Human Reflex Responses

Dark Production Elements album cover

Dark Production Elements

Horror Textures & Transitions

Unique Ambiences album cover

Unique Ambiences

Festivals & Ceremonies

Sci Fi Logos album cover

Sci Fi Logos

Futuristic Musical Logos

Trailer Elements album cover

Trailer Elements

Cinematic Impacts & Transitions

On Hold album cover

On Hold

Female Voice Reading Numbers

Retro Future Vol 2 album cover

Retro Future Vol 2

'60s UFOs & Electronic Devices

Retro Future Vol 1 album cover

Retro Future Vol 1

'60s Sci-i Fi Machines & Guns

Creatures of Darkness Vol 1 album cover

Creatures of Darkness Vol 1

Scary Creatures

Sci Fi Elements album cover

Sci Fi Elements

Science Fiction Transitions

Creatures of Darkness Vol 2 album cover

Creatures of Darkness Vol 2

Scary Monsters

Flameable album cover


Fire & Flames


Bjorn Lynne is a Norwegian musician and sound designer. He began composing, playing and performing in various local bands at a young age, while exploring a multitude of genres and sounds in his home studio. His career in sound started in the early '90s, composing music and producing sound effects for video games. He later went on to working as a sound effects recordist, sound engineer and audio manager for video games, before establishing his own music label. Among his clients is the popular game series 'Worms', which he created the music for, as well as the sound design, Foley sound and voiceover work, from 1995 to 2006.

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