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Trailers give your audience a sneak peek into the highlights of your project. A good trailer will introduce your story, and a great trailer will excite your audience and leave them wanting more. One of the most important parts of any trailer is the music. A good soundtrack is essential for building the mood and anticipation. This is true for any trailer. So whether you’re producing a trailer for a video project, movie, or even a video game – picking the right song is super important. 

Artlsit has just released a whole new category of music to help inspire you and create the most epic trailers possible. Take a look at our Top 10 trailer tracks and see what you can create. 

1. Andromeda (Instrumental Version)

Amir Marcus and Stephan Fischer are an incredible musical duo producing cinematic background music for movie trailers and videos. Amir and Stephan have made 9 tracks for Artlist, filled with emotion and drama.

The instrumental version of Andromeda is a classic full-orchestra sound with grungy percussion and a touch of synth. Andromeda is also available with haunting-choir backing vocals, adding a foreboding feel.

Download Andromeda Now

2. Forged in Combat

If you’re looking for action music for trailers, look no further than musician Idan Kupferberg’s tracks. Idan uses a unique style and mixes fast beats, synths, and classical strings. Idan’s work has been used by big names such as HBO and Toyota.

Forged in Combat is an exciting score filled with synth, electric drums, and backing vocals, the ideal epic music for trailers. The track is also available in 2 stripped-back versions – without drums and backing vocals. 

Download Forged in Combat Now

3. Fighter

Tristan Barton describes himself as a proud Yorta Yorta man with a distinct style and approach to composition. With 6 albums full of hits, you’re sure to find something to suit your video trailer project.

Starting with a classical orchestra sound, Fighter quickly moves into heavy percussion and synth before combining everything to a stunning conclusion. The beat creates urgency in the track, while the strings give a hopeful, melodic vibe.

 Download Fighter Now

4. The Grand Chopin Nocturne

Sebastian Pangal is a classically trained musician and composer who has turned his talents into a modern classical-synth fusion sound. Based in Chile, Sebastian takes inspiration from world music, producing cinematic background music for movie trailers and videos.

This classic score from Frédéric Chopin is incredibly recognizable and has been used across many movie genres. Sebastian’ take on this classic includes 4 repetitions, each building with instruments and scope. If you’re looking for more famous pieces, check out the Artlist Classics collection.

Download Chopin’s Nocturne op.9 No.2 Now

5. On-Off

Fjodor is a new-classical musician based in Germany and Canada, working with big brands and productions such as BBC and Amazon Prime. If you’re looking for a modern take on classical music for trailers, Fjodor has 5 full albums available to download at Artlist.

Movie trailers should be exciting for audiences, making them want to see your project, and the constant rise of On-Off makes this track the best background music for trailers. Filled with piano, vocals, orchestra, and keys, On-Off is nearly 2 whole minutes of build-up before a drop brings a sudden and dramatic ending. 

Download On-Off Now

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6. The Hitman

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Ikoliks produces video-oriented music in various genres, from powerful rock compositions to experimental electronica. With over 80 tracks available for download under Artlist’ simple music licensing for trailers, Ikoliks has produced some of the best background music for trailers.

The Hitman is a stunning composition of electric guitar, strings, claps, and snaps. The hi-tech synthy style makes The Hitman ideal for use in sci-fi thrillers, action movie trailers, and neon-noir projects.

Download The Hitman Now

7. Storm

Shaheed Mostafafar is a composer with an impressive resume and back catalog of tracks, including the epic music for Disney’s The Jungle Book (2016) trailer. Hailing from Israel, Shaheed creates powerful, dark, and tense video trailer scores.

The storm should be on your list if you’re looking for fantasy-epic music for trailers. The tremendous track conjures thoughts of difficult quests, fantastical creatures, and plenty of adventure.

Download Storm Now

8. Can’t Explain

Ziv Moran is an Israeli composer and musician with over 60 music tracks for movie trailers available at Artlist. Ziv is a talented and versatile artist, creating video trailer music for everything from comedies to horror films.

Can’t Explain is an exceptional track with a classic Western sound, filled with acoustic drums, guitars, and brass. The rolling drum beat brings visions of dusty orange horizons while the brass and keys are tinged with melancholy.

Download Can’t Explain Now

9. Birds of Paradise

Will Van De Crommert is a multi-instrumentalist and composer based in Minnesota. Will’s unique sound fuses cinematic underscore with classic pop-rock and has been used in recognizable TV shows and movies, such as Saturday Night Live and Netflix’s NOVA. 

Birds of Paradise is an upbeat world music track with happy pop vibes. Filled with percussion, woodwind, and backing vocals, the lighthearted track is ideal for video game trailers, cartoons, and family-friendly adventure movies.

Download Birds of Paradise Now

10. My Lord

Taking influences from hip hop, jazz, and 80’s pop, Yarin Primak is an electronic music producer and he has produced over 20 original music tracks for video trailers.

My Lord is a fast-paced infusion of gritty trailer scores, hip-hop beats, and strong vocals. The modern percussion and quick changes give this track an unpredictable feel, ideal for futuristic action and thriller video trailers. 

Download My Lord Now

Creating a trailer for your project can be challenging, but with Artlist’s super easy music licensing for trailers, you can find something to suit your video project. Along with music for trailers, you can download footage, sound effects, graphics, and templates, all under Artlist’s easy subscription. Check out the full collection if you’re looking for more epic music for trailers.


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