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Every May 4th, Star Wars fans show their appreciation for the movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Whether you like the franchise or not, on May 4th, there is no escaping Star Wars and its effect on audiences and cinema-goers over the years. As content creators, it can be a fun and easy trend to get involved with, so we put a list together of our top 10 assets you can use in your videos to give them a Star Wars look and feel.


If you’re looking for Star Wars music, you can’t get much closer than Skywarriors by Tilman Sillescu. This fast-paced and dramatic track gives you over two minutes of glorious brass, percussion, and strings.

The classic scores of John Williams span Superman, Indiana Jones, E.T., Jurassic Park, and Star Wars; as different as each one is, they are all full of wonder, hope, and adventure. Tilman’s incredible track takes inspiration from all of them, and it’s an audio love letter to the works of John Williams.

Download Skywarriors

Outer Space Animated Universe

The Outer Space Animated Universe Collection is a fantastic example of the high-quality VFX in Artlist’s library. With over 45 incredible compositions, you can create new fanfiction around these location shots.

Creator Piotrek Naumowicz’s haunting compositions detail beautiful alien worlds of dunes, barren landscapes, and mystical floating orbs. You can also choose between warm, golden sunsets and cold moonlit landscapes.

Download Space Logo

Shoot – Laser Gunshots, Crossfire

Blasters and Lightsabers are a big part of Star Wars, and their sound effects are instantly recognizable to the fandom as they have distinct and unique sounds. This set of Laser Whooshes wouldn’t sound out of place in a frantic battle in Andor or The Mandalorian.

From narrative film to fun social updates and stories, these cool and recognizable laser sounds are ideal for highlighting actions, jokes, or transitional movements in your projects. Check out Boom’s SFX collection if you’re looking for more laser, warp, or explosion effects.

Download Shoot Laser Gunshots

Desert, Sand Dune Blowing

From the unforgiving lands of Tatooine to the treacherous climate of Jakku, Star Wars has no shortage of barren sandscapes, and this clip is the perfect mix of dry emptiness with dusty sand.

Shot by Jorden Hatfield, the clip is part of the more extensive Middle Eastern Desert Collection. Unsurprisingly, these clips give a Star Wars feel, as many scenes from the sequel trilogy were shot in the Abu Dhabi Rub’ al Khali desert.

Download Windy Desert and Sand Dune

Teleportation – Sci-Fi Engines On

Be it a Podracer firing up, an X-Wing taking off, or the legendary Millennium Falcon majestically soaring through The Kessel Run, the call to adventure often starts with an engine. 

This 5 Engine On sound effects set is full of low rumble sound, creating scale while feeling high-tech and futuristic. You can also use these SFX to add audio cues to your podcasts, animations, or creative sci-fi projects.

Download Teleportation Sci-Fi Engine Turn

Get unlimited high-quality music for your videos

Elegant Cinematic Titles

Available for Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and After Effects, the Titles Elegant Cinematic template offers 9 clean and straightforward title animations, each including a light leak design.

The Star Wars movies and shows are filled with light leak effects, creating tone and atmosphere in nearly every shot. The light leaks in this pack are fully customizable to match them to the colors in your shots easily.

Download Elegant Cinematic Titles

Stars Video Clips

Of course, Star Wars is about space, so however you celebrate, you’ll likely need some shots of stars in the night sky. Fortunately, Artlist has many star-related clips, from long shots over the Earth to fast-zooming star fields, black holes, and nebulas.

These interstellar compositions are ideal for use as backgrounds for your logos, titles, and end screens. You can also use these clips to add simple visuals to your podcasts and lyric videos.

Download Stars Stock Footage

Fire at Will

Fire at Will is another Star Wars-inspired score from Tilman Sillescu, a raging battle cry filled with tension and drama — the haunting choir and strings perfectly back the big brass sound.

Tilman’s work is exceptional, and he has a huge collection available on Artlist for you to download, with many other Star Wars-styled tracks to choose from.

Download Fire At Will

Aura Space Streaming Kit

The Aura Space Streaming Kit is a fantastic Final Cut Pro and After Effects broadcast package, giving you a range of graphics to use throughout your content. The pack includes a 3D editable intro and logo reveal, a looping title, a schedule title, and a countdown timer.

If you want to create your own Star Wars Template video, these assets will keep your design elements consistent while giving your videos a futuristic, intergalactic look.

Download Aura Space Streaming Kit

Talking Robots – Little Droid Scanning, Beeping

The boops, beeps, and chirps from droids R2-D2 and BB-8 are as iconic as any lightsaber hum or force push whoosh. Star Wars is littered with original robotic characters, each with a distinct voice and personality.

The little droid scanning sound gives the sense of a cute and friendly robot that can be crafted into its own robotic language. The more extensive Talking Robots collection from Systematic Sound includes over 45 unique voices and effects to build entire droid conversations.

Download Talking Robots

Artlist has a vast library of assets ready to download under one easy license – if you’re looking for more assets to suit your Star Wars Day content, check out the Space collection.

If you’re looking for even more inspiration and some cool ways to use Artlist assets in your videos – check out this clip made by the @macfarlanebros in collaboration with Artlist.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top 10 space assets for celebrating this Star Wars day, and may the force be with you.


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