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The FIFA World Cup is underway, meaning content creators are gearing up for Soccer (aka football) Season with sports-related content.

Artlist is introducing the World Cup 22 Collection so creators can access royalty-free sounds for every occasion. Check out the collection for yourself and see the massive variety of effects you can use in your upcoming projects.

The Best Royalty Free Soccer Sound Effects

soccer sfx

As fans worldwide gear up for the FIFA World Cup 2022, content creators should be getting their sports-related content ready to share. High-quality sound effects can help improve your work’s quality and the audience’s viewing experience. Artlist has put together this incredible collection of Soccer/Football sound effects; let’s check them out.

Crowd Chants Singing by Stringer Sound

The Crowd Chants Singing is a fantastic audio clip of thousands of Soccer fans chanting and singing in unison. At just under 2 minutes, this clip is ideal for making a realistic scene with football supporters in a stadium.

Brazil Crowds – Big Crowd Erupting, Chanting, Soccer Game Fans by Felix Blume

The Brazil Soccer Crowds clip is another incredible sound effect creating a packed stadium-style sound. The direction sound gives the impression of standing amongst fans as they cheer on their team.

Football Kick by DB Studios

The Football Kick sound effect is a powerful and clean recording of a general kick-off kick. The 2-second clip is ideal for adding foley effects to your content, but it can also make fun punctuation to logo indents and motion graphics.

Goal Crowd Cheering Clapping by Sonic Bat

As you can probably guess, this Sonic Bat sound effect includes 34 seconds of crowds cheering and clapping after a goal is scored. The cheering sounds are general, so this effect could be used across a range of different sports.

Soccer Ball Kick Side of Foot by Airborne Sound

The Soccer Ball Kick with the Side of Foot sound is another fantastic foley effect, ideal for your narrative and documentary football stories. 

Ball Hit Goal Metallic Pole Rattle by Vadi Sound

Another sound effect for Soccer related foley is this ball hitting a metallic goal pole by Vadi Sound. The impact and rattle can also be used for various soft-hit style effects.

Around the World Excited Group of Soccer Fans Cheering by Felix Blume

Felix Blume has created this incredible audio of Soccer fans cheering in a large open environment. The whooping and whistling aren’t limited to football content; it is ideal and celebration cheer.

Soccer Ball Header by Stuart Duffield

The Soccer Ball Header sound effect is a simple, soft impact with a small echo, ideal for foley work. The dull-sounding thud is also ideal for other soft-impact sounds in your narrative projects and animations.

Sportsmanship Football Hits Post by Echoto Sound

The Sportsmanship Football Hits post effect by Echoto Sound is the ideal companion to the Metallic Pole Rattle. The soft impact sound of a football hitting a post can be used as a realistic sound effect or an audio cue in podcasts and animations.

Loyal Fans, Football Fans Yelling at the Referee by EVG Sound FX

No collection of Football sound effects would be complete without Loyal Fans Yelling at the Referee. Ideal for your Soccer related content or use as a fun audio cue in comedy podcasts and vlogs.

Filmmaking Props Blowing a Whistle Long by Ni Sound

A frequent sound you’ll hear at Soccer Games is whistleblowing, and this clip by Ni Sound is the perfect addition to a sports sound library. The clip is 1 second long with a continuous short burst of whistleblowing.

Balling Small Ball Dribbling by Boom Library

The Small Ball Dribbling sound includes 11 seconds of soft kick sounds in quick succession—another fantastic option for foley work in narrative projects, documentaries, and short films.

Canada Sports Stadium Crowd Various Chants and Reactions by Jungle Sonic

The Canada Sports Stadium Crowd sounds offer 2 and a half minutes of crowd reactions, ideal for any sporting videos. The audio includes boos, cheers, whooping, clapping, and disappointed sounds.

Ball games Referee Whistle Coach Variation by Michael Anctil

This stunning collection of whistleblowing sounds offers various patterns, including short whistles and long pitch-changing blows. The clip is only 6 seconds long but includes a range of whistle sounds you can cut and rearrange as needed.

Cartoon Nonsense Boo Audience  by Omnibit Sound

This short Cartoon sound is ideal if you’re looking for booing sounds for your reviews, vlogs, or podcasts. A small group of exaggerated boos offers a unique and comedic audio cue for your projects.

Soccer Ball Hitting Net by Stuart Duffield

The Soccer Ball Hitting Net sound is a short clip that includes a soft impact and net rustle sound. The clean audio is ideal for adding to goal-scoring replays and slow-motion shots.

Worldwide Crowd of People Applause in Street Event Cheering by Articulated Sound

The People Applause in Street sound includes 12 seconds of a small group of people cheering. The fun cheering sounds would work well as foley audio but are best used as audio cues in your Podcasts and Vlogs.

Aww Audience Disappointment  by Omnibit Sound

If you’re a Soccer fan, you’ll be only too familiar with the near-miss goal disappointment. This sound effect from Omnibit Sound perfectly captures the groans and awws of an audience feeling let down.

Sports Announcer Play-by-Play Goal by Apple Hill Studio

The Sports Announcer sound effect by Apple Hill Studio offers a male American voice calling Goal. The voice offers a formal sound, lacking the excitement of other fan-based crown sounds.

Soccer Game Football Crowd Ambience Upset Chanting by Stringer Sound

The Soccer Crowd Ambience track by Stringer Sound is over a minute of realistic football fans in a stadium. There are no district voices but rather a cacophony of cheers and chants creating a brilliant match day backdrop.

Spain Football Game Ambience Huge Crowd Cheering Chanting by Junglesonic

Junglesonic brings us this 3-minute clip of a Spanish football match, complete with cheering, booing, chants, and singing. While voices can be heard, the language is indistinguishable, making it ideal for worldwide use.

Crowd Cheers and Applause Cheering Horn Blowing and Clapping by Airborne Sound

This 5-second clip from Airborne Sound is ideal for use as an audio cue in podcasts, vlogs, and radio shows. The clip fades in and out as people cheer, clap and blow horns in celebration.

Small Crowd Cheering Whooping Stoked Sound Effects

The Small Crowd Cheering and Whooping effect are perfect for those watching football matches from their homes. The audio includes a handful of voices in a small space joyfully cheering their teams’ success.

Mexico City Football Stadium Parking Lot Match Mad Robot Sound Lab

At 1 minute 43 seconds, the Mexico City Football Stadium Parking Lot sounds perfectly capture all that happens right after a game. You’ve got a crowd leaving a match after a well-earned win, including cheerings, clapping and movement effects.

Net Moving Swoosh Scoring by Fusehive

The Net Moving Swoosh sound from Fuse Hive is a short, impactful audio clip. The crisp and clear sound is brilliant for mixing with other foley audio or creating goal-scoring sound by mixing with other elements.

Outdoor Sports Boys Playing Soccer by David Vasquez

The Outdoor Sports Boys playing Soccer clip is what you might expect. Nearly 2 minutes of street football games in a city environment or for adding an ambiance backdrop to any city-based scene.

Football Hits Fence Referee Whistles by Carlos Santa Rita

This incredible audio clip from Carlos Santa Rita offers a wide variety of sounds all in one space. The clip is only 6 seconds long but includes voices, whistle blows, and impact sounds, ideal for small, local football match sounds.

Public Spaces Street Festival Ambience Fireworks by Inspector J

After a successful match, fans take to celebrating, and what better way than with the Street Festival Ambience. Complete with distant fireworks and happy voices, the ideal backdrop for a celebration.

English Sports Crowd Football Match Fans Reactions by Echoto Sound

The English Sports Crowd Football Match Fans Reactions audio clip includes 36 beautiful seconds of real British Soccer Match crowds, a mix of voices cheering and whooping in a large stadium.

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While the World Cup sound effect Collection has been created for Soccer based content creators, the effects on the list are incredibly versatile. From crowds cheering to soft impact sounds, high-quality sound effects can improve your content and offer your followers a unique and fun viewing experience.

soccer sfx

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