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With the ever-increasing popularity of workout videos, it’s a great time to be a fitness creator making premium content
Sound is a necessary component to set your videos apart, which is why Artlist is introducing their Workout SFX Collection featuring a wide array of gym sound effects
Check out the collection for yourself and see how royalty-free effects can enhance your videos and give them an edge in the current marketplace

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Interest in fitness has exploded in size and variety. Content showing various forms of exercise has only increased the demand for videos with expertise and cinematic skill. But while perfect form and awesome physiques are welcome, nailing all the filmmaking elements ensures that the viewer knows they’re watching premium content.

Sound plays an integral part in placing the viewer right with you in the training environment. Whether you’re in a barbell gym, a boxing ring, or doing cardio at home, executing the right effects will ensure your viewers are focused on your knowledge, professionalism, and artistry.

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Why royalty-free gym sound effects

Last-minute effects can become a worrisome expense at the end of editing. No one wants to run afoul of copyright lawyers or face minimal options on Community Commons. For a single subscription, royalty-free music gives artists peace of mind that they have access to a wide array of artists and effects to greet them during the mixing phase. 

Artlist has released its Workout SFX Collection. Below is an overview of some of the effects it offers. Look for yourself and see how royalty-free gym sound effects can beef up your next video.

Artlist Workout SFX Collection

royalty free gym sound effects

1. At the Gym – Treadmill, Running, Footsteps, Rumbling, Marcello Del Monaco

License now

Every step in this run has a sense of urgency and direction. With the right amount of ambient noise, hard-hitting footsteps and a steady increase in speed, it captures someone with a goal in mind and the tenacity to achieve it.

2. Gym apparatus, bench press, adding weights, Carlos Santa Rita


License now

These weights are heavy, landing on the barbell. You hear the right amount of impact with the other plates as the bodybuilder loads up, and there’s an exhausted sigh at the end. This goes well with any tutorial or scene showing a chest workout reaching its limits.

3. Boxing – Busy Training Gym, Speed Bag, Shoes Squeaking, Walla, Echoto Sound

License now

While the speed bag features prominently, you’ll hear the whole panorama of a boxing gym. Shoe squeaks, sparring, howls from the sidelines and intermittent clips of jump rope as boxers do their conditioning.

4. Home Gym – Putting Workout Gloves On, Borrtex

License now

The hands load like weapons into holsters in this succinct gym sound effect. The ripping of Velcro, hands fitting snugly on, and the pattering fists for fit make this gym sound effect pop and gets your athlete ready for battle.

5. Boxing Gym – Jump Rope, Craig Carter Collection

License now

This exercise should not be overlooked, as it’s a staple of any boxing regimen. The rope whirs and cuts through the air nicely while the thudding hops hit the gym floor. This perfect sound bite shows your athlete is disciplined and focused.

6. Gym Day – Trampoline Jumping, Landing on a Mat, SoundBits

License now

A perfect effect for videos of kids in the trampoline emporium or to show off your gymnast acumen. The canvas bends without rattling the cables too much, putting the focus on the bouncer on the screen. Use this section alone if you care to, but the ending on the mat provides a crashing resolution for the taking.

7. Punchy – Boxer, Hits, Breaths, Artlist Original

License now

Body blows get delivered with precision on a rubber surface in this clip. The fighter’s rhythmic breaths provide a nice interlude and show his poise in training.

8. Around the World – Skipping Rope, Gym Training, Felix Blume

License now

An excellent choice to feature your jumper due to its versatility and length. You have the option to try out different movements, speeds and levels of intensity. The breaths steadily climb with the skips, and the fatigued athlete at the end means you can feature this clip with someone at the very end of their session.

9. Gym treadmill, athlete exercises, breathing, Carlos Santa Rita

License now

For a treadmill, this is an intense run. The heavy, atmospheric sounds and unforgiving wheezes of the runner play well off one another. The pressure rises, but the athlete persists, giving a sense of overcoming. Perfect for videos featuring the uninitiated or the skilled runner at the end of a very long workout.

10. Adrenaline – Gym, Pulling and Releasing an Old Cable Machine, BOOM Library

License now

Old machines provide great sound effects because you hear every rep. Here, someone tangles with a rattling machine, so each pull gets marked. Perfect for scenes in any vintage gym or even in humorous videos with an exhausted trainee at their last gasp.

11. Shoes, jogging in the dirt, Foley Walkers

License now

Finally, stepping outside, this clip is excellent for any trail running, forest ventures, or footraces on gravelly terrain. Each step provides texture of the shifting dirt and pounding thuds, blending the power of the outdoors with the swiftness of a man on the go.

12. At the Gym – Weight Scale, Adjusting, Marcello Del Monaco

License now

Checking progress is a necessary part of gym-based wellness. This gym sound effect gives you the necessary cue as the dial slides and drops to each marker. 

13. Boxing Gym – Pad Punches, Craig Carter Collection

License now

For videos featuring trainer and trainee, this effect covers an essential base in any boxer’s regimen. The punches pop and synthesize with the fighter’s quick, sharp breaths. An excellent companion to your modern version of Rocky or behind-the-scene promotion for an upcoming bout.

14. Step it Up – Footsteps, Sneakers on Sand, Running, Fly Sound

License now

This effect is a great choice whether your featured athletes are in the armed forces or just like an ocean breeze. The meshing sand moves nicely while footsteps hit both ground and a wooden walkway. The wood prevents the sound from getting muffled while generating enough power with each stride.

15. Muay Thai academy, fighter training, punching bag, continuous punching, Carlos Santa Rita

License now

Fists fly with a vengeance here. The quick, cutting punches smack against the bag mercilessly. A perfect gym sound effect for any video featuring a skilled fighter training to beat his opponent with speed.

16. Punchy – Hitting Padded Surface with Bare Hands, Artlist Original

License now

Without the cushioning of gloves, bare-knuckle training provides a higher volume on collision. This long interval clip is great for any video featuring focused, steady jabs focused on form rather than ferocity. 

17. That’s Metal – Heavy Chain, Lifting, InspectorJ

License now

For those working out in industrial settings, odds are you’ve seen chain workouts. Whether through pulling, dragging, or weighted exercises, their popularity makes them a likely candidate to feature in your next video. This heavy, chinking sound effect makes its presence known and will cue the viewer that serious work is about to happen.


Workout videos are in high demand, which makes it necessary to produce the best quality content in a flooded market. In addition to knowledgeable insight and eye-catching shots, the right gym sound effects will give your videos a professional touch. Royalty-free gym music at Artlist ensures you have high-quality effects from talented artists with a single subscription. Check out the Artlist Workout SFX Collection for yourself and see which effect you can use to supercharge your next video. Until next time, stay creative.

royalty free gym sound effects

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