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Watching all your submissions has been a roller coaster ride, so give me a second to catch my breath.

Ok, better.

First, we’d like to thank all the amazing creators who took part in our Showreel contest; we hope you had as much fun making them as we had fun watching them.

Our creative team has picked the best showreels based on editing, storytelling, song choice, and technical abilities, and the winner will get a slick MSI Prestige PS341WU Monitor, a lifetime subscription to Artlist and will be featured on the site. The 3 runner-ups will win Spiffy Gear Lumiee lights and will be featured on our social channels.

Let’s remember the rules:

  • The showreel needs to be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • It needs to have Artlist music.
  • You had to upload it to YouTube, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #ALshowreel.

To inspire you, we curated a Showreel Collection, full of great songs that add intensity and excitement to any video.

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Let’s get to the winners already!

Here are the 3 runners up in no particular order.

Daniel D. Moses

MusicBroken Radios by Stanley Gurvich, Brotherhood by Young Rich Pixies

Instead of your usual footage-heavy showreel, Daniel chose to do his video in biographical style, telling us through hilarious voice-over how he got into filmmaking, his philosophy and hobbies. The result is a highly original and funny showreel that really brings out Daniel’s character and makes you want to work with him. Bonus points for liking alliterations, Bruce Springsteen and using the word flâneur.

Samádhi Production

MusicTake it to the Top by Ofrin

Starting with the banging song, this Czech production company’s showreel is incredible in every way. It does an excellent job marketing themselves as a one-stop-shop for creating commercials. Not only their footage looks cool without being too flashy or over-the-top, but they do it with subtle humor (the best kind of humor imo). The addition of behind-the-scenes footage – with some hilarious bloopers on top of that – takes this showreel almost to the top (pun intended). It gives the showreel authenticity, humor and also shows off their filmmaking skills.

Ars Zayan

MusicFlying Kites by Phototaxis

This Russian VFX artist specializes in 3D animation, compositing and motion graphics, and his showreel is just off the hook. The music is a perfect fit, and his work is highly creative, but what sets this showreel apart from all the other submissions is the visualization of the post-production process that brings his awesome creations to life.

And the winner is…

Kieran Hodges

MusicContinent by ANBR

Although this is showreel’s style is not unique, the British filmmaker more than makes up for it with striking imagery from all over the world, a powerful soundtrack and emotionally impactful moments. With breathtaking landscapes, thought-provoking voice-overs (of Sir David Attenborough, among others) and the truly heartbreaking account of a fireman who was at the Grenfell Tower fire, every shot in this showreel will leave you with a lasting impression. A deserving winner.

Congrats to Kieran and all the other winners. We hope that even if you didn’t win, the showreel you made would serve you well in attracting new clients. Stay creative!

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