Find the Best Songs for Your TikTok Videos

Find the Best Songs for Your TikTok Videos



Use Artlist music in your TikTok videos to avoid playing the same music everyone else does
Browse our ‘Perfect for TikTok’ collection featuring Latin, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic and Indie grooves
The Artlist license allows you to use the music on any video platform as many times as you want and lasts forever

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DJ Pangburn is a multimedia content designer with 12 years of experience in online and print publishing and is currently working for NEAR, an Open Web platform. He focuses on copywriting, editing, video production, and the occasional graphic design. DJ's work has appeared in publications like Vice, Fast Company, and Dazed, as well as on the brand websites of Polaroid, Ableton, and others. DJ is also an electronic musician who records and releases music under the name Northern Telekom.

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