Find the Best Songs for Your TikTok Videos

Find the Best Songs for Your TikTok Videos


Use Artlist music in your TikTok videos to avoid playing the same music everyone else does
Browse our ‘Perfect for TikTok’ collection featuring Latin, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic and Indie grooves
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When making TikTok videos, whether of dancing or other video content, the social media platform lets users select songs cleared for copyright holders’ commercial use. But some users might not be interested in using popular TikTok songs that have already gone viral in a TikTok dance. If that’s the case, you might be wondering where to start your search for songs.


In our latest music collection, Perfect for TikTok, we’ve curated a list of hook-filled tunes across multiple genres like hip hop, Latin, and various types of EDM. These TikTok songs will give you everything you need for dance videos.


If you like Latin forms of music for TikTok videos, then Reggaeton is typically a great option. A genre practically invented for the dancefloor, reggaeton is internationally popular, with artists like J Balvin burning up the charts.


For your next TikTok dance video, consider checking out Litos on our curated musical collection. Although he makes music that is firmly in the reggaeton genre, Litos also has a notable hip hop vibe to his music. You can get a taste of Litos’ style on several tracks that he’s uploaded to Artlist.

Litos' Coqueta is on Tik Tok songs collection

As on his other tracks, Lito sings in Spanish on ‘Coqueta.’ It’s a really upbeat reggaeton tune, but the beat hits hard like a hip hop track.

Litos has several other tracks with a different sound that would be great TikTok music. ‘Recuerdos Mios,’ in particular, is a really atmospheric take on reggaeton. Yes, the tempo is slower than a lot of reggaeton tracks. But if you want to play around with a slower dance, this might be a great chance to do it.

Hip Hop

The ‘Perfect for TikTok’ collection has several rappers and producers working in the hip hop genre. The curated collection features songs from artists who work with trap beats and rap verses, while others explore UK hip hop subgenres like 2-Step and Garage. Some tracks nod to the more adventurous hip hop production of J Dilla and Flying Lotus.


Vic Sage

Vic Sage is a hip hop artist who recently put out a new EP called No Way. On it, he explores topics like success, defeat, self-confidence, and others. Musically, No Way is rooted in Trap, but there is an atmospheric quality to these tracks. This gives Sage’s work some cross-genre appeal, like the late Mac Miller, with electronic and pop music fans.

All of the qualities mentioned above can be heard on Vic Sage’s title track. The beat and rapping are trap-based, with deep, warm bass. But the tune also calls to mind the work of Drake. So, if you’re looking for Mac Miller and Drake-like vibes, this Vic Sage track is your boy.


Rapper Skrxlla is on Artlist Tik Tok songs collection

On his Cold Fashion album, Skrxlla blends the UK genres of 2-step and garage with American Trap. The tracks are full of hard grooves and edgy, sometimes dark production. If you’re looking for versatile sound for your latest TikTok dance videos, then Skrxlla is definitely a producer and rapper to check out.

This track begins with a deep and gritty bassline that rumbles. The beat alternates between hip hop and something close to reggaeton, with vocals and overall production steeped in 2-step and garage influences.

Other TikTok Hip Hop songs on this collection are the playful No Lie by Niann ft. GRP, the carefree grooves of If You Wanna by Montythehokage and K. Sparks‘ Slavin, or the dark beats of Nate Rose‘s Chess and Theevs‘ Kingdom Come.


Looking for something more in the realm of modern pop for your new TikTok video? This collection has several infectious tracks.


Saar Twito, (aka Moon), a music producer out of Israel, has plenty of pop hooks for TikTok dances. His music is notable for its instrumentation and high-end production, and when he isn’t singing himself, Moon often enlists the energetic vocal talent of Su De Mi. Moon’s music sits nicely within current pop trends, but it’s also sonically adventurous, especially for TikTok creators looking for something new.

On this track, Sun De Mi lays down a really catchy vocal atop Moon’s equally catchy melody and rhythm. It’s a groove built on a staccato piano melody but the other rhythmic elements.

Sarah Kang


A Korean-American singer-songwriter, the New York-based Sarah Kang blurs the lines between genres like jazz, soul, RnB, and pop. Although Kang’s vocals are always soulful and effervescent, her music is typically nestled in a confident pop music production sensibility.

True to her influences, this Sarah Kang tune is a hybrid of jazz, soul, and RnB. Pleasant and thoughtful, A Thousand Eyes has a classic sound, but one updated for modern listeners.

In this collection, you will find many more great TikTok Pop songs for every mood. If you’re feeling romantic, you can go with Michael Shynes’ Back to 95 or Ethan Dufault’s Kryptonite.  If you’re looking for a more sensual feel, check out Lance Conrad’s Shame on Me featuring Ashley DuBose, YNKE’s ‘Back to Reality, Above Envy’s ‘Good’ and Body on Fire by D Fine Us with Maya Isac.


Lemon J

Nashville, TN-based producer Jared Foldy (aka, Lemon J), makes highly emotive, melodic, and groove-oriented electronic music. It’s designed for the dancefloor, which means it will be a great tune for your next TikTok dance. Lemon J has a background in DJing house and other types of electronic music, and you can hear that sensibility in his music.

The melodies and grooves that characterize Lemon J’s music are upfront on this track. Built on a house music foundation, Same Side has funk and atmosphere and impeccable production. The tune is ideal for TikTok dances that demand a seductive yet nostalgic vibe.


The music made by Berlin-based artist Ofrin blends Eastern and Western influences with a cinematic sensibility. Ofrin’s songs are definitely rooted in pop music and hip hop, but it’s fair to say that Ofrin’s music kind of defies genre labels, making it something great if you’re looking for fresh sounds for TikTok music.


Bunker Buster

Similar to Ofrin, Bunker Buster’s music resists categorization. The features you typically find in his music are uptempo production, danceable beats, and great overall sound design. And when Bunker Buster does downtempo, like on the song Advice from a Caterpillar, it’s highly seductive and full of danceable groove.

For our collection, we selected Humdrum Life, which features the vocal work of Inbar Livne. It’s a really uptempo and genre-hopping track, perfect for someone looking for TikTok songs for their dances.

More banging hook-filled Electronic tracks available, like La La La (Love You Like) by Duce Williams. Do Your Thing by Guesthouse and Nbdy Nprtnt’s Tokyo.

Get everything you need to create the perfect video


This collection also features several indie crossover artists that would elevate TikTok dance videos. By crossover, we mean that these artists create music that can also work for TikTok music that requires hip hop or electronic sounds.

Mac A DeMia

Mac A DeMia is a musical shapeshifter. Building his tracks layer by layer, his songs blend the sounds and textures of Glitch Hop, African grooves, electronica and other genres.

The Album Power Play by Mac A DeMia with the song Real Music on Tik Tok music collection

The sound of Mac A DeMia’s track Real Music is a frenetic type of sampladelic that recalls the work of The Avalanches, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus at their most playful and trippy. If you want to stand out in your TikTok dance, this tune will definitely help make your dance moves pop.

For other Indie TikTok gems, check out Egozi’s trippy Cookie Dough and the rocking Howling at the Moon by D Fine Us.


Ryan Prewett

Nashville-based producer Ryan Prewett creates a fresh and unique Pop and RnB sound that combines Electronic and organic analog elements,

With a fun brass section, a lively beat and a Retro sound, Hit the Ground Running is an exciting Pop Funk anthem.

The Originals

Part of the Artlist Original label, The Originals are a group of masters, each in his own field; Assaf Ayalon and Peter Spacey, producers extraordinaire – connecting decades of funky grooves together with the dream top liners Roy Young – a vintage Soul master, Ofrin – Pop experimental diva. Together, they combine old school and new school sounds into one funky fresh melting pot.

The Originals; Freedom is on Tik tok music collection

Featuring powerful vocals and infinite groove, this track is an uplifting and exciting blend of soul, funk and pop that’s bound to set you free and send you straight to the dance floor.


There are many more songs on Artlist’s curated collection of TikTok music in genres that range From Latin, through Hip Hop and Pop, all the way to Indie. Check it out to find original TikTok dance songs and royalty-free beats in your favorite genre to make viral TikTok videos while avoiding using the already popular and overused TikTok songs.


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